Flooding plagues Potomac River

After half-a-foot of rain fell in the area in a little over a week, the Potomac River is surging.
1:29 | 05/21/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flooding plagues Potomac River
The power of the Potomac surging over Great Falls off all this praying at the last days. It through defense had to do this. Six inches of rain downpours over eight days and the river flooding its banks. And in people's in my life and never seen it public this one's pretty terrible. The rain free day brought out huge crowds even traffic jams look at the lines to and from the Virginia side volley stopped raining so you get a chance to be Elton. You don't enjoy this much was you can't push starts raining again but on this coastal flood warning weekend there's a down side. We've seen how aggressive the water's been running. It's at flood stage right now it pushed us off the water Michael Stephenson a friend want to bicycling paddling excursion along the river when conditions got just two raw. Along Great Falls a Billy goat and overlook trails are now closed sorted out in places the water itself is covering islands that are usually you know. Pretty pretty pretty clear at at average water level. Along Haines point water has surged over Riverside fences and pathways some roadways are now closed if you see the whole. Bottom actor ever felt annoyed to see hold on there it's no. It's amazing see all that. Orders from bill and then there's the water itself. Filled with storm debris. Some from nature some. Men made the amount of debris that's in the water it's pretty breathtaking.

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{"duration":"1:29","description":"After half-a-foot of rain fell in the area in a little over a week, the Potomac River is surging.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55334572","title":"Flooding plagues Potomac River","url":"/US/video/flooding-plagues-potomac-river-55334572"}