Florida senator to Trump: 'Listen to the kids'

Sen. Bill Nelson visited Stoneman Douglas High School to advocate for "common sense" gun regulations after the nation's most recent school shooting.
6:49 | 02/16/18

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Transcript for Florida senator to Trump: 'Listen to the kids'
Victor okay go here in Portland water wet outside of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school where seventeen people were killed on what state let's bring in Florida senator Bill Nelson here. Talk about this of the report's editor in your time we've seen a number Washington's. Pulse nightclub. Full article airport shooting and now this what makes this so different. Well. Fortunately it went to the point it's. All of these students are now speaking out so boldly. And maybe just maybe this is the turning point. That we role. Give the courage. Of the people that are voting tends toward the gun manufacture. Give them the courage to say it's not common sense that you don't have a criminal background check. In the purchase of it's not common sense. That you would sell an assault life. Because. I'd is a hunger. Or that it's not for honey it's for killing. So hard to pass legislation quite so hard to get these schools. It calls friends. Are. Gun manufacturers they won a civil war guns. And so locked down and say we go an issue it the next election if you don't. And thus far there's enough. To block legislation. And by the way is not just in Washington. And a lot of the state capitol's room. It's great that the students are speaking up and want people Arty Miller's yourself but right now all lines. On the people in positions of power like yourself here's the number of issues we expect to hear what students all's will be Constance. Well we headed to us let me tell you come incidents this war. A couple of years ago. Both hall and if you all of the terrorist watch list UK while on an airplane fuel and that once. Which in my. So we had legislation's passage to bug you but there's one outcome coincidences that. And we could. Just. But you're software that. Senior members say here. What have you done since you. Can point you. A whole bunch of other pieces of legislation. We held a fourteen hour mosque which it is. We've got another piece of legislation. Says that you cannot buy an assault rifle. Unless there's a legitimate for us. Collector's items excluded. But ar fifteen is included and so is this exile which would see assault weapon that killed 49 people away. Big issues. Alone it would take take mental health treatment that pictured here he would go ahead and eat world and buying an assault weapon a weapon of war. Well there's a spectacle that's correct you see the result. Carnage. Same thing it holds like. Lot of people in a confined space. You put in automatic. Or semi automatic assault rifle. And you're gonna have massacred. He went to the senate floor along Marco Rubio yesterday right we've a moment of silence news. And I suppose. Marcos. What did you sit. I said just exactly what it's. It's time it got to change enough is enough sore the next steps forward. Next step soul to bring up the legislation. On something has come and sentences. Criminal background checks try to pass it. Something else that's his common sense. We can't buy. An assault weapon. Common sense. See if we can pass it. Do you have a message made it to president presidents from about possibly changing his stance we're here's Arnold this. Mr. President. Listened to the student. Listening. They're speaking out boldly lightning never. This is why. Is aging and therefore and they would match. What do you be doing here drop dead well I've been in the briefings. Officials want to share. Multiple. You know that are now starting. The day of the shooting mention that the at a gas masks on possible smoke grenade. Mills did the shooter in fact where you told the Pentagon's cost yes. He did not have a guest missile instead he had an investment. I was told that by the headquarters. Of the FBI. Wins the nine six. Might she. And high and headed real world. Yes. He had a yes. Remember you have a backpack and Vinny have long. Assault case a solid case that he would with the right. Going back to the legislation called common sense a lot of people agree you. Plus it's a difficult just to get that path even if the president actually contains why not just. You know. It's yours. Attention right now it's all. Positions there's a lot of questions senator helped make equipment plus here. And a very tough standards a week or once again another mass shooting in your State's senior senator that are below the excellent. Later on today outside of larger summoned Douglass high school police will be escorting some students and parents finally back onto the campus that can retrieve their cars they've been left there. Since Wednesday when it's not shooting took place Nicholas who's nineteen years old allegedly. Going in. Killing seventeen people's books students and teachers he's now being held in the Broward county jail without bond grew up more updates. Throughout the week right here at ABC news and abcnews.com. Picture of Indo ABC news Portland Florida.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"Sen. Bill Nelson visited Stoneman Douglas High School to advocate for \"common sense\" gun regulations after the nation's most recent school shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53145759","title":"Florida senator to Trump: 'Listen to the kids'","url":"/US/video/florida-senator-trump-listen-kids-53145759"}