Foster parent shortage dire as heroin overdoses rise

Child removals have more than doubled in Florida's Circuit 12.
6:18 | 05/24/17

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Transcript for Foster parent shortage dire as heroin overdoses rise
And they didn't clean pain. Then the last year. This seems to be a substantial. Amount of children and coming into plastic can't. Especially in babies who bonds has substance abuse issues. And we have a 159. Foster homes right now with an. And we have been averaging now for the last year year and a half seventy to eighty children a month from a system that was built. To remove thirty to forty children a month. In 2015. Harrell went. Listen rattle off Warren then it opiate painkillers. Every it is easier to get. And at pretty much inject anything negative he. Pena getting arrested December 30. And later they later. At a San Gabriel he is a lot of muscle. The so he was not born sober. And cherish you know when he slept. Kyle. He. The little ones in Foster care they're coming in at enormous rates right now. Because that their parent. Parents Carolyn. Addictions or substance abuse addictions and we're over the cap here just because we have not had. Enough Foster homes replace them and generally act half this size. But we really haven't had you know a chili's. Gabriel is an a couple of different bus appears before used this Janet. I didn't have any idea if financing and sent him. They can be extremely tough on these little ones to be removed and to put into Foster homes that. You know they don't know the people they have no idea what who they are they don't know what's happened to them they don't know where their parents tired. Sometimes they're separated from their siblings so they don't know where they're siblings. And the cluster Hank you have to go into it knowing that the goal of fussy kid is far. These children to be reunified. And it means going out of the lane something's taking a little bit away from your own family you know it rescheduling things. It's amazing too much. Children especially Gabriel. You know I'm loving this appointment ten changed how well they can develop. Nineteen. Then ground. IE. Back from the hospital. And I found out that I was not gonna get out of jail sentence and an officer at Condit asked me if I want to go to recovery. Which is the programming conferences county jail. And I'll say yes you know and beginning I think that you get instead. I renegade. We'll chew the Sarasota county jail. So that she could see him. Because they felt it was motivation for her to see how beautiful he was and how happy he was. Again the unions saying is that he was doing my plane friends and a shepherd rattle him had been rattle on the screen after her. And McAllen this is video visitation. His knees and forwards their personal time so every two weeks. To. In matter. So he can see my his. According to federal law they have eight years to work their case planned like such outcomes and care it's very hard to get clean and stay clean. And it's the relapses I would say that's creating the biggest area and what we find with many of our parents is that they. I have had unresolved traumas in their lives and that have never been resolved that it never been dealt live. And I spend her last night once I covered. And I must say he worked through several different kinds of programs and I did. Parenting class. Pain. Really aren't so working my somewhere. And sponsors said. And then. Celine. Things started looking up and we'll have. You don't come see me. Not getting here sobriety and I believe every educational the end singing Montana. Say about a month and a win. Slowly transitioning him home and I am very happy for molesting me and and it it's still bittersweet. For us. We love immediately you know as we deal all our children and but we know it's the right thing we know it's the right thing and gave it belongs with his mom dad. And because of her love and her commitment to him. Were able to successfully reunited with her son. And that's not always something I can hear about. And I just been so grateful for his. I'm.

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"Child removals have more than doubled in Florida's Circuit 12.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"47588423","title":"Foster parent shortage dire as heroin overdoses rise","url":"/US/video/foster-parent-shortage-dire-heroin-overdoses-rise-47588423"}