The Fuel Source Powering Iowa's Political Dialogue

ABC News' Josh Haskell visits the Lincolnway Energy ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa.
15:18 | 01/13/16

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Transcript for The Fuel Source Powering Iowa's Political Dialogue
ABC's Josh Haskell Lincoln way energy in a paid up Iowa. Not on the campaign trail today but kind of on the campaign trail as he should look at. Hearing. Right I'm. You know where I am I'm. Ethanol plant and as I was saying that he should Bethel. It's become one of the centerpieces for the especially the GOP race here in Iowa and New York right now at nineteen days the office these trucks behind me. They're full of course they're hearing that word from farms in this part of Iowa then a thirty mile radius of the plant. That's warned we're gonna follow it it goes to this ethanol plant and I want to bring in Eric free instead he's with fanatics. Group America's renewable future he's the executive directors and it tells little bit about. Where we are what's happening here and why it it'll become such a big issue so aired live on ABC digital things were talking to us and tell us. This truck behind me caring corn what happened to it at this point it's going to be. Turned it into the go into that building behind it going to get at it it's going to be here in college Hampshire didn't you. Turning to fit as well as the other Coke products hill we'll talk about it and quickly where viewers what is sentinel. Ethanol is here gasoline is fuel needed derived from this darkness from. Good morning the white part. You guys do a high octane. High quality people. They're you tell us why don't be such new issues especially in this election nineteen decent. We're looking at I would biggest. Brown Nancy value. We'll learn about them. Like that but that value. But what you really means is to I don't let it needs 73000. Jobs in. The end he me. Billion dollars late not to mention finally is now I've had next quarter about it. You heard that seventy route 73000. Jobs but capitals. Responsible for it and number one at the moment. Some people here at island nineteen days out from the pockets. Eric and I in the rest of our team here Lincoln way energy. We're gonna take you on this golf cart gonna go inside the plant. Let you know how this works and hopefully by the end of this you guys have a better idea of why ethanol has become such an important issue to the selections of come on board guys. And the other Eric come sit with me lipstick right onto the players. Whole operation starts here. Delivery of corn and Erica honey tell our viewers will learn about yourself in Lincoln way energy so my name is Erica act. Miller Milligan manages its 2013. A bit processing grain one way the other for about when he hears now. Minute and went milling business. The nominee of the moment. Incredibly intelligent. The industry. Morning here. And beyond all out. Farmer. Still available. Why. ABC's Josh Haskell here when Aaron Abdul on the back of the gulf war right now we're going into the Lincoln way energy plan. To show you how. Corn from those trunks trucks right over there I'm this plan using you said natural gas. It's turned in June gasoline and tell us why ethanol. Is good for the environment and it is good for America. Nothing else corn and corn is renewable resource. Very plentiful here. Iowa. It's. Floating around here in New York but. We process the morning here. Breaking out the starch using enzymes to break it starts at sugar and then. To turn that sugar and alcohol. Which recapture a day facility Iraq and Amazon a plan. They can present you and that's the only one more time in the refrigerator. Pardon me back room. I ask you to return here so essentially this yeah. Here has been here. Some months ago. Eric what do you tell us what we're seeing right now is Beecher. Minded. I'm pretty large from the land now look at that earlier in order coming from what was your. See their name isn't quite what we call on applied for. Yeah. What the facts and right now we're going into the pages of our communities are dried distillers grain there's arguments. We tried to celebrate their animals you bitches and cows chickens and pigs really the world around. We load about 80% of our product the rail cars and we ship them. So it's all happening right here data that's a tree behind it says we can play energy. Still it's many plants near highway and around the country. They have closed their close proximity to rail track so they can bring in the product it would bring it out. This actually rude on the plant's property. And behind me you can just see those corn trucks that are lining up from the farms taken to this plan and then loaded onto these trades but. Let's continue to follow the group has. We go inside right now in and see exactly what's happening. There are takers and where are we. All of the products in the corn that is not starting. And up. We're really trying nutritious and high protein and fiber product that is ideal from Phoenix housing. Smoothly branded content isn't very nice knowing. Does your prices don't visit him. Up here and we footed the hardest time. It will help parents who gently shipment. Did to California to Mexico through large complex. Dawson trucks into the gets loading containers and shipped to China but we shouldn't. It's a very fine granular product ideal for city of animals. The big game misconception about ethanol is that mark comes into an ethanol plant hall 100% it's turning to capitol. And nothing is love don't. Nutritional part of the foreign. We bad news. So that's the whole process your corn comes in use to make at the moment what's left over right behind us what would you call that again. Dried distillers grains are evils are indeed genius and then that's fit to animals on the farms here in Iowa and I would imagine throughout the country all through the country. Suit where we headed next they're right we're gonna go around the corner here's where courts delivered to them so. Just also gorgeous demands that we should from corn belt. Great. ABC's did you all taken at Stewart today of Lincoln way energy and an ethanol plant here in Iowa thinks for coming along with the Austin. It's the tour continues its Erica Miller beer brands that would be equivalent to some group in the state. And they're going tell you what candidate so far are strong on ethanol and who's not. Yeah really and all of the candidates have come a really long way and since coming to Iowa and being an island they've spent time with us. And they learned all about this great and important industry to Ireland. All of the two candidates are. Are on our good listener have gotten on our report card. Put on the good list. All the candidates on the Republican on the democratic candidates except for two. Senators crews and senators Paul. If you guys just heard that Republicans and Democrats and that's something it's. Rather interesting about the of the militia that is a bipartisan issue that Democrats running for president. And especially here in Iowa I know in the state government. It's become an issue that people on both sides of come together so water these two Republicans Ted Cruz and Rand Paul holding out. Yeah they really have not taken the time to come to one of these lands in. Recently spent time with the us and industry leaders like Eric your really. You learn about how important it is Iowa how important issues. And how important it it. And so. What do you think Ted Cruz his answer reason is. For wanting to phase out renewable viewers fuels in five years I understand you said that he has taken the time. But he you know if someone that is against subsidies. And that is obviously a stance he's had for many years and what he's been exploring and Rand Paul do so how do you change. That has fed cities where had been on Hannity on December 31 2011. That there are no more government. We're thundered through. I'm not Philly. You all the time comes Thailand says during an athlete we'll work this year were breaking headline wal. We're doing anything but he's. In order to break down 1 morning eight get complicated when way to get things. I. He's done he's tried he's trying to have it both ways that power and air do you think dead takers as diplomats at all maybe. Part of the reason slight drop a little bit about what register poll in Iowa which police morning or. He doesn't have a ten point lead against Donald Trump only a few point lead. We found out on a blustery here in Iowa last week and I believe every single one of you. Apparently they're. Farmers there are plants and lay there is someone who's going up. About it again and dance. That that organic grass roots. Operationally it would together it's really working. And you're gonna find that out you know we found that out in today's news all I think you'll find that out here. Don't let second. In my truck. Rumors of these those same trucks that we saw earlier that we followed now on out there and die. More and tell us what happened. Inside before them. Over here. We'll take it up. What little weight. So how can we show our viewers the grain. Nobody here. Go right behind me you can feed it forward it. Truck that comes from farm in this part of Iowa thirty doubt. Thirty square mile we. It plans they've come here you can go there and we're gonna follow the cross that. Next there. Watching ABC. He didn't feel they get a pure ethanol plant here I think we're gonna add up going to get away. Beaded neck brought that. So this is not an adults only be used the gas station throughout Iowa did. And bill that will be used throughout the country and as I mentioned earlier Iowa the number one would. Serve at all in the United States Nebraska the next big doesn't even come close. What he's done here in Iowa crack. Absolutely. Capital assorted things here and it's here it's 200 for. It does have a teenager and in and so it's a little bit of gasoline that we by law abhorrent to every download. Above all we produce. And it's the guests of a double cannot be. But it's and we put that gasoline in there we'll read your weird thing thing. And manufacturer. Manufacture. There are. Three to take a quick break here ABC digital to get reset for the second leg of the tour but. Just to show you behind me got through those trucks were coming in. And over here behind me that's where the ethanol as is stored. Once it's finished and then. Also behind me the trains that the ethanol will go inside and it's taken as you just heard throughout the country. So stay with dust ABC's Josh Haskell on the data Iowa and at an all plan.

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{"duration":"15:18","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell visits the Lincolnway Energy ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"36273851","title":"The Fuel Source Powering Iowa's Political Dialogue","url":"/US/video/fuel-source-powering-iowas-political-dialogue-36273851"}