Georgia home site owner denounces Arbery shooting

Attorney Elizabeth Graddy discusses the response of the owners of the home under construction where Ahmad Arbery was believed to be seen on video before his shooting death.
7:08 | 05/12/20

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Transcript for Georgia home site owner denounces Arbery shooting
And joining us tonight for exclusive interview is Elizabeth granny the attorney for Larry English who owns the home construction site where the video was filmed. Table look this is believed to be a mod just moments before he was fatally shot allegedly bind to make Michaels. Now as miss grad it want to bring in think you wrote that the homeowners English family were quote not part of what the make Michaels did can you elaborate on that for us. Well the family's concern is debt this duty it was somehow. Going to be years in some sort of false narrative in a way that morning. Perhaps Santa justification. For an Michael's gym which is open from Michaels. Took it upon themselves to do arm my clients. Did not know me my goals on this video could not have been the justification for anything that bulls did it because. No one even saw this video until after mr. artillery was. You can kill bottoming is winning not on first saw the video. And shortly thereafter. And are we hadn't cure or any do not recognize that the more solid mr. Marbury. Com in. Subsequent to the yes. Being in person not even know it was the same person's arteries edge. Believed it was termed their son in in the house. Yeah any cattle are English find out about this video and that the shooting that happened moments later what was his reaction. Which he said and the video because he had a camera set up in the air it was a construction site so we just need to camera just make sure things were okay should there had been an. A few occasions in that. Are few months starting in October when someone had Cummins in the house and we don't let it was not clear from the west on it does not appear neat being sir mr. Arthur Murray. It's not. Clear is all night. And as a result he camera there and any time the camera operated it was motion activated so it would operate in he would lower on his ranch and mr. English was. The way we're currently. He was outside it was more than risk. These he. Isn't honey honey I'm his touch any doubt the worst eager look at it right away in when he gets the lower the company has immediately sent and insert an us all much analyst Alex Jimenez the poor eating stop and wash his hands clean out. What you looked at video. And solve it appeared to be somewhat frozen in Tom house or construction. And he telephoned the neighbor on the news or streets aren't aunt who is not the neighbor who. Has been without children from across the street not that in March an Austin and Michaels does he had. Not spoken with and Michaels did not know them that morning touched he called and heard on the street is that hey you know got a video alert. On somebody's in my house I'm do what needs to call the police are. And and in tell him he's well. Eased in teasing him. And that's the first you heard mr. arbor and no damage. You know who the person wasn't and did not know where the person in the video was the person who had been you know. Somewhat different and when he first off voters afterwards he's I don't think that's. Man on the video but I muse tell us. The and from this video the construction site looks rather bear has mr. English said if anything was taken from their property. He said absolutely nothing has ever been taken from the property when he initially did. Months ago Allen back in October 1 contact. Local law enforcement through but not emergency numbers I am someone's been Aardsma property. And we lighten that was on the he's not here are under as a burglar or robber earned anyway shape or form as. Has not been west. And or something then. I was eight. Mr. English has been very clear that he would never importance and this happened that even some. Property was damaged. Or stolen I'll want is there. Well as much imprint the police at what he would never want. Deadly force used to protect property he's been very clear he's been very distressed. That can't happen and then it. Somehow he and his name here importance do it but I. People suggesting that it was the result of this video or some other video from his home or error happened on because he was not involved in this. In his video could not have been instigating factor wore the patent. And you just briefly touched on about what has life been like an English handling the past few days. And really really hard for so long mr. lynch he is suffering from some pretty severe health problems and a reason that they purchased his home was set I'm in it and it was a list thanked her hands and he had to go and the mirror and be in peace and umps and his time as new seeing into an H and he's very and it didn't they may not live in the house this point because eighth inch how her arm a lot of hostility. Understandably. Burned Dickson here is mr. arbor and will be the first pitch and calm but still as a result of what the mic Michaels. The result they are not being arrested for. More than two months. I'm the anger and that anger is being directed not only an apples to our use of this. Whoever that other video during the an actual shooting but people are starting it's your turn that anger on the extremely good here are seeing. I'm from what may Michelson. On. There were some how involved that they are not act on it asks pertinent Michaels this note in my balls and never went and asked. Or any of this to hat and in the end they are. Deeply sorry for the pain that armories are are born as a result the let me Ingles. Uncertain Michaels and. And just one under scored two points that you may just to confirm. Nothing was taken from the property and also the make Michaels had no idea of this video that it even existed prior to the shooting. I'm nothing that's ever taken from the property and as far as we know them Michaels should not have not yet because. My client did not even see the video until after mr. Marbury had been killed so for then Michelson not video. They wouldn't hats and added directly from the security company in an intercept it before my client even. All right Elizabeth grandy thank you so much for your time we appreciate it. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"Attorney Elizabeth Graddy discusses the response of the owners of the home under construction where Ahmad Arbery was believed to be seen on video before his shooting death. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70627888","title":"Georgia home site owner denounces Arbery shooting","url":"/US/video/georgia-home-site-owner-denounces-arbery-shooting-70627888"}