Ginger Zee Food Forecast Facebook Live: Maine Lobster

Ginger Zee talks about "Food Forecast," a new digital series on
25:30 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for Ginger Zee Food Forecast Facebook Live: Maine Lobster
I activity. And good morning but it. He is I imagine Jerry and you're my home. And it's a very small. Apartment so well done. And we're really talking about food forecasts. Show I want to bring you here because once it is that the eighties but the baby's sleeping. So eat now you know that now it's not this time eat it up and perhaps a wake up while doing this but. For now let's go into court that's right why we're here is that the new digital series it's something I think that apple TV either broker. Quick hot. ABC news it'll be but it's also where online east east. And really. Really exciting attacking me because. That passion I have been pitching this story at this idea for eight years so as resentment but decency act package. And that. She'll Wear during afternoon. Cute and you're out to. Despair for questioning how tightly packed and it's the job fair and very important and that's important. About for now let that. Sell for four yesterday. Eight coming home it's it's it's it's my and catch this. So. We're asking me used to Wear it's. Eight pre are well. Because investors are. To look at our class actually. Needs somebody obviously it's now that. Department study. Well. And acted. By. Atlantic and let's check distinguished rightly short for doctor basically. I started looking into. Whether it's pet cat she silently. Record line as it stops. Is still 21. Hello it said while incorporating other things strike me. For each species. That are you know. What yeah. Stories that's the forecast that first one you'll see it right here at eight. It pops that is something and now we did. It yet. Yet. It national acts of frisk. Me pat is. A huge part but. This. Why he's so different why it's so. Very well water the tree rich art the the ocean how different it is in some cases and these are looking into the cops adult. Cats we. Shocking. That declined her lobsters. You Rhode Island says. It's that 70%. Last. Time you a statistic. That their ops. Where lots and are not. Share up. That had so. He. He helped us understand why did he switch lobster. They also talked up lobster why city and that it. If the threat that happens it happens. It means that and Ceres. Where I'm. Pictures to share it. Fiction. The first that is from means that this is actually from against him out so we went to Galilee. And this is Mike has the senate candidate and David and David. The issue at this base so beautifully if not for the beautiful. Shas these gorgeous places that are in each and you need glasses or for that but it can learn something too. So here's where we are learning about why might have to change the way he finished so she was a lobster men his family lobster. Lobster boats. Get boats of course that yet since high school it didn't find lobster. That our island and it over the last he really said that 20012. Six these thoughts are declined. In the lobster not what you won't necessarily see in through port Texas longest four I think talk about this for dollars. So what we didn't get to talk much about. He did mention overfishing especially parts it's me but it didn't happen laws and the and he adds that's part. There's something called flax seed ask other factors. That has moved in it he said that there Black Sea that's that he believes come from New Jersey coming eat lots of active agers. So it's well you know all of the place and then there's also this shell disease and that's another talent book over all the story about why. Really want to address this can get anything out of this I want it takes away. I don't like most other scientists I need something to be the ports features and something like computer model we are out and it's just not. That rate of science yet. That's that. I look at a story like this where it needs lobster I interview several people to GAAP. Weird guy who stopped blustering says it happened at 8002. Six. And the guy Payne says in 2007. Our best numbers that office since then. Antony I don't know that you need a ton mart except to say neither he nor. At least in this case. Why you're doing that it's water temperature at least you know element of this absolutely not I am not saying that. Water temperature warming is causing all that's how letter it's part of and and you know. I think what's important to is taking that information and payment stuck to meet most out of all of this is late mark my senseless. He doesn't believe that water temperature that much warmer he doesn't think it's changing the number of lobster that's not like he doesn't have lots and he believes. A lot of it has to do with the poison water and there are insecticides is telling us about that it sprayed for mosquitoes along ox. There where there aren't that snow clouds that dot. Chops oil and all of that stuff from the roads in which it epic set Frontline I see. Well the rocks. That of course we sewage rates theaters. Those would be immediate threats that they were hearing from people who do this every single day. That is things that I believe we could potentially change the oceans they're weird Terri has little area doesn't get left out. He's at that the weight of the type work that we that there. It was. And tied the top where they just don't lots and says that type of lies if there. Even if there is an expert species that that you can finish what you want to eat and that is the questions here sleeping. Being realistic. Yes it could be put it here but being realistic about what we put in water. He actually ask for me it's so it. Is. It that. And here is. Burlington was great but in flew into it stayed in which. Eight. It eight. It. It was. It was it back. And think about. But. It's. Why there is need to prepare. Let's hit. There's your receiver. Acre property are applicable. To us sites or products. In that lab where they have Salt Lake also are. This is almost eight. He museum a CNET since every sad. Even verse that says certain that we are accurately here is. Yes and opulence appetite as a story. I don't know about you. But I thought that's my eyes let it. It's called that apparently. Like that. Most of it insert. It are just like that but it. I was. That carry. This apple. Your art but he. Still eight. But how changed how it's changed and I actually see. It. It. This week's he didn't start it. He says here it. And finally the latest check at 82. That's the thing that's. Well that's our. Sister goes. It's which it. I'm. In. Why start Nate you better part of valley and other. With the drought has anything changed I'll tell you one little teaser. Are like our last year's yes clot. But its quality has actually. It's. Is that future our. Our party that can't. All quit. I. If he. That I have. He'd say it doesn't but you can't do that and try our technique but. Vineyards and I had costs. Sounds. That tested tactics. Its outlook it's been thirty. And it's eighteen incidents but if you love these products. Lovely affair her love. And it's and if you don't like something you I still do that questions and. This. Month. Should not and it. Two people were problems. Doing it now. I think that that they this is just putting also. Here. That her hair cleared it up is it sees. Cluster. I. Expect summer. But do you lots out there it's. It's our. If yes it is ice time. To channel age. What I found with our it's our footprint. And what I ES. Always. How much. We all sit in just about how are at. Aren't your. And and don't or outlast that it they're always asking so there. Answer. It. Water and places mr. Nolan. Loved to tell me no one. Street will just be it naysayers but I think that's but I am for easily carrier. Ups. Healthier he notes expensive that's. So neatly packed that you tell me. I had any cost more why I want know we care I'll what's happening and that's. And this and it. Around farms. It's all laughs but it let your ticket. And it's. But I think I expect. Ours I expect. Respect how much work it takes me when and and yes. It's. I think it's. Is the American must wondering. Since this. Is something and it's a fitting end. And because in a way in the slightly controversial but we're looking at is the number lobsters Hertzfeld. And that's the controversial part at least for some vision and let her tell I'm since 1968 so I am and I mean it. You see. I'll I hear they. Little pockets little pockets it's going on in the eighties and with what happens is that really popping up here. Southern new England and order LA area. Districts moved our friends that call me. And that's where population really excellence. A new line. That's. Relatively well. It's it. Hearing us. Mr. beer. Favorite movies at a and that's why. They. And that gave it. Something he really. Guess what I would love to do anything other ones that explores I want you truffles and instantly that something had some significant. Attention lately. But it may but it had a lot of attention any season is changing and it's up is looking. So I have a friend her. When my best friends they have dancing daily and they had it won here anniversary basically in Italy as a big party and he is truffle. Distributor says he knows all chuck hunters and I think wait too much about couples and whether it. And I think that would be nice next step. He's been asking where where lines. It's one. I'm line ABC. The there I think. Let me that where last year you know it's now there ain't got out he is but there are any of it acts. Just let it act. And that's where. The act as a shout justice who lives. On it. DS upkeep and aging and he's sleeping. Week OK let's. Actually become up. It's because you. He's not less I. I know that hurts. The Oscars for best that he believed that 3 am. It's great that we have full access is that an extra hour evidences. That. Span Wright expects fall. In. People Easter I'll be. Rock yet. It's it's much. Past and aids. He it. This neatly here is. I. So I try to answer. That hot spots in. They questions. To Lansing. Illinois that might she's the one hustled us. Whenever minutes. Cameras out seeing how beautiful is now. Well. As I said it and it sets then I want. Yes. But you're great it. They absolutely will. It must be sick. And this evening. You either act as an earthquake it was injuries. I'm not gonna talk about the aren't in Napa that should be the full line. That broke some of its roots of his that you really just me. Pick. Good news line here. I think theater pop pop will be in Pittsburgh today. One expect. It's thoroughly when you call out what he's. Wherein its fleet. I. Myself. In my head. And heat. That he's that yes that. Where that's that it well. Of course that the tactics and. Why Brett wants to ask what we do food and whether it's on me. Stay. Yet yet each state does have something that's another bookmark this scene the cry. In the folks that live there and he must mean everything to me it is they're number one where there is there cultures three. In Italy Vermont maple at its 339. Sales it. 3000. Jobs. So he's being so important it he and of that state specifically. That's important obviously he it Napa 98%. Of the Napa Valley is one. It's that you. That's a lot and it really they don't growing and pop culture as a prop to and that the White House so interest in the ACP. I don't amp. Big everything accurately as possible. I that's it that's another comment at least he's doing here around ground hearing it accurately and vehicle window it. Eyes. Terrible. War we talk about lobster gets it. Edward Watson do you think we over it's yes apps that are. That's that they think might agree he made sure it and say it's. This week. At certain points and then what the problems and that's what he says in the east tight end time should fix everything he really believes. That these other things shell disease. Let's see that predators. That that warming water isn't going to do it he eight that she. But they aren't so I absolutely think that the controlling our fishing it's only places it's. It's gonna make a difference in east done. What's the best friend my mind only. I ran this man that that's bed early. In my opinion just variety lights I am happy. They're very happy hook Alley. And I'm light is running. I'll say so here's a look. It isn't the end of the Napa Valley it to mount straight day. Today. The it's theater. It's cooler. Six that's ethically best image. That earlier. And check it. I'm really looking at a time. That the so I just I actually married again. If people are so it's cracked you know every art many parts back especially. Specialty. It's such act. So passionate about what they do. Respected. Aspired to something like an eight. Story. CBS. Ends. Just because he puts I think that the F into the Italian stories on C can go to some places. Oh honey we actually eats for the past acts yes. I think that's had a lot. Publicity I really don't care. Something that maybe it's very basic but I didn't know until recently is that the EP itself is not. I needed that you're in it was brought here is armed so it's it's just like any other. Farm. And natural honey bee at her eyes as other evening what would be things that's very different types. But the actual BP about politics crops is moved around silly. Some companies house and Texas which are. Come spring summer and it is going up and move the mountains of California says. Eight years it policy for different. Farmers are a nation that's actually just huge. Again but it's there that they are aren't the be there aren't themselves to the working that you missed. And then having it published that's let me. Event. It's not with the limits he happens to be. Crack she. I didn't do a medium and ET's get silly pain. 88. Minutes and he did something he asking so this is interesting that they could visit practice a lot. Sustainability. Some long eight. That protect our water. Have to protector faster than eaten lobster so. Circus act companies. Take let's check. Eight. Actor. Other example plastic he's okay act he cut his humvee details seems. Strange that you just want to so an obstinate notice. That ouster but never take obvious that that. And they have hat. Lobsters. That we eat that seek it in an eight story. He believes again it's not lot of pitching change he really think that means. You know every evening happy because it's because parents and students to. But. As. You asking about a decade. Flying. Fish and honey cookbook. Who might be paid in society. Honey. An ethical debate that he you know I don't want to see can't have these things so it just happened. I think it's just that took. Went how much effort it takes them and happy. Day here. What you're doing that. Affecting everybody us. Calling. Eight we. That it apple. Did this against an audit. To less than forecast is at Texas. Give me if I would I hope it's do more right now get I plan that expects to keep that glass Clint. So they're accurate but it. They keep as much as it is. Awfully good morning and it might cede my.

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