Girl, 10, Banned by Archdiocese From Football Team

Caroline Pla's gender is now keeping her from playing on the Catholic Youth team in Pennsylvania.
1:46 | 01/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Girl, 10, Banned by Archdiocese From Football Team
One look at this footage from a Catholic youth organization mercy -- football team they'll talk a bunch -- -- on the deal. When number ten there -- eleven year old Caroline plot at first everybody is like well is -- girl but that is like everybody -- accepted me. The 110 -- 53 Doyle still in sixth grader has been putting on football jerseys. And playing the game since she was five. The past two seasons she's been playing with the Romans part of our lady of mount -- -- Bucks County. If I feel that I want to stop I'll just stop. As of now -- -- to keep going I can. But a few weeks ago the all star offensive guard was told she wouldn't have another -- them. After the ours dies at the Philadelphia and forced his boys only policy when it comes -- Pope. All it's not just -- safety issues straight girls. It could be seeking issue for anybody as long as we know how to play and play right Caroline's parents' georgians don't -- -- their -- teammates are behind her. And the worldwide support has been tremendous with an online petition. Reaching more than 7000 signatures she don't released a little changed for just herself for the girls who have come up -- -- -- I'm -- -- -- the archdiocese has reportedly said the policy is being reviewed. -- Caroline's father doesn't believe there are plans to change what he calls an archaic and discriminatory rule. The decision whether he put a child on a football field or any other field should be up to the parent to the coach. And the assessment of the kids' -- should be done objectively. While Caroline continues her fight to get back -- the -- -- mother says her spirit has been amazing she's determined and she's positive play. She's had a great great experience and she really wants undergrowth to have that experience is about reporting and oil sound Kenneth -- channel six action news.

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{"id":18149943,"title":"Girl, 10, Banned by Archdiocese From Football Team","duration":"1:46","description":"Caroline Pla's gender is now keeping her from playing on the Catholic Youth team in Pennsylvania.","url":"/US/video/girl-10-banned-archdiocese-football-team-18149943","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}