Girl, 9, Accidentally Kills Instructor While Firing an Uzi

Investigators in Arizona say the girl lost control of the Uzi sub-machine gun and accidentally killed her instructor.
4:18 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for Girl, 9, Accidentally Kills Instructor While Firing an Uzi
A firing range -- a nine year old girl learning how to shoot an -- when the lesson backfires leaving an instructor dead. Was she too young to even be there. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York so many questions about this developing story today and want to get right to ABC's Marcy Gonzales for the latest Marcy. Hi Michelle police say charges will not be fired but. Filed but still they are investigating looking over everything. Including video were told was recorded by the girl's mother. Of what happened leading up to the accident. This video showing a nine year old girl according to fire an automatic Uzi taken just moments before this lesson turned deadly -- if you. Soon after investigators say the -- kick back over her head and a bullet accidentally hit her instructor Charlie vodka killing him. But like us it's like losing a brother. These are these aren't employees or associates of -- -- -- these as these -- family were all family. It happened Monday while the girl from New Jersey was vacationing at this outdoor shooting range near Las Vegas her parents reportedly white -- when the accident happened. It's really didn't -- a lot of people's hearts go range operator explains instructors are trained to a lot of guns from Greek boiling into the air especially when training children adding that -- this girl is only nine years old she was old enough to fire the powerful weapon. 09 year old -- an -- in her hand when. When they're -- berth in the criteria seniors over to shoot firearms we instruct kids as young as 522 rifles and and -- to to handle -- firearms with their under the supervision of their parents and the horror of our professional range masters. And we're told -- 39 year old instructor had more than a dozen years of military experience and was enlisted in the army reserve Michelle. Marcy thank you very much for that report we now want to bring in ABC's crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett. In our Washington bureau Brad of course being a parent it's a very personal decision whether or not so allow your kids to be around guns. We've heard that this nine year old was old enough to be at that range what do you make of this accident. Well I think you have to start -- show with light as anybody and issued an automatic weapon in particular a nine year old but if you're determined to do that. Then you stay right there with them on the ground where you literally control the Mosul and that starts to move stop it. But that -- -- the real key what this is. Is it appropriate for a nine year old to be sure you know automatic weapon and I think the over the board answer would be no. And Brad that we know are there any. Widespread or general sort of regulations. At gun ranges -- to do they have their own sort of policy that they can make. I will tell you it's not a routine. Situation -- you let a small child -- an automatic weapon for starters. But the idea that she's standing -- alone with a weapon on automatic and there's literally not an instructor literally beat. Controlling her if in fact he needs to. Is a real key component. But again the real question is should. -- any of this occurred in the first place fortunately this is an isolated incident you don't hear occasionally people do you get shot -- ranges just because of carelessness. And Arnold -- ever heard of another case like this as far as potential laws. I doubt it and mean the parents probably signed a release before the child was allowed to shoot the instructor was certified. You know was there a question about how he did this or how we approach it may be. But I don't see anything from a criminal standpoint that can be potentially charged at this point. I imagine investigators there will be looking into this much more thanks so much Brad Garrett for Wayne and and you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news happen starring this story. For exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":25148482,"title":"Girl, 9, Accidentally Kills Instructor While Firing an Uzi","duration":"4:18","description":"Investigators in Arizona say the girl lost control of the Uzi sub-machine gun and accidentally killed her instructor.","url":"/US/video/girl-accidentally-kills-instructor-firing-uzi-25148482","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}