Glamour Magazine celebrates its 2017 College Women of the Year

ABC News' Lana Zak talks to Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive and recipients of the magazine's annual College Women of the Year Award.
24:21 | 04/25/17

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Transcript for Glamour Magazine celebrates its 2017 College Women of the Year
Tell me other women you're honoring in the college women at the year award and likely hammer continued to do it. Six decades yet it extraordinary is competition actually start in 1957. And at first it asserted devised to honor the best dressed college girls but over time. It involved as it obviously needed to. To honor that incredible achievements that women are realizing everywhere in this country and and the accomplishments that so many women now Adam theory young age are pulling and snow. We honor women who are achieving in science and arts and activists and you know they go on to a whole variety of careers Martha Stewart is a past winner of the competition she was aimed right at this tyrant and she. Senior at Barnard in 1960 lines and England and sixty line it would. That's stress and ease the stress but I will say that if you go back and look at those winners the competition. They've been behind the times and how was describing them but the women themselves had a tremendous amount going on any part is the perfect indication she went on to be an entrepreneur support of other women entrepreneurs and in some ways and it paved the way for the hall. Trend we see now so many women wanting to head. Stricter and businesses and really kind of carve out there packed and life. And Hartnell girl every diet so now I don't think that's an exaggeration she really wasn't original girl bots. And I think what's so interesting about the competition week at you know thousands of submissions from applications from women all over the country is that. So many women now are waiting for someone to tell them like here's an organization and you should be part of it they are starting there things that are lunching. Philanthropic initiatives they're starting organizations where they'd done it says they're doing reporting even when you know. With their journalists even when nobody is telling them that got. They're just not asking for permission leading to be tapped on the shelter there's this huge amount. Just initiative and a feeling like okay if there's a problem I'm gonna Gasol. We at so I think it's inspiring. It still find full disclosure for anybody at home I'm very proud to consider myself one of. These. What former acts and and I couldn't read my day I love it award. A woman he loved Lieberman being L'Oreal Paris continue. You say that this is something that's very important in liberating women in celebrating the beauty of women. Called me and in the rubble on that night ET TU. Here listen I think you know it's not like I look at these women and think I was someday they're gonna go on to greatness I look at then and think that as someone who is twice their age they are role models for even the air and eating the way forward and that's probably. It's frightening and you know an and and by the way I also think that. The fact that this competition has rotted the sun like once upon a time with certain about you know did you join groups on campus digit lead groups on campus where grades. You know all the when we honor tend to have those things going on it's really not that that I have they identified there passion. And happy. Followed anyway it's a difference where women everywhere. Ari you said thousands of women apply every year it's hard to still lacked. Ron those thousands just. It is hard it's also signed I love reading applications. I will say that we are now taking applications if you get a glamour dot com you can apply for next year's competition so often women out there Adams and seniors please please please apply we wanna be able to recognize your accomplishments. Upset yeah it's hard that I mean. That's the on the job. Q so. On at this luncheon celebrating the sixtieth anniversary. What was once the best dressed college women that top ten college women now college woman at the here. We did have Martha Stewart in attendance at ABC and Robin Roberts here. We have many other just distinguished women and all different fields science in politics and journalism and that's part of whites and Glamour Magazine continues to recognize Indies in the extraordinary women. And we are going to be joined by two of those extraordinary women tell immediately I want you to introduce them rob the need to get I want you to tell me. Now he. And they are just a sampling of the incredible it definitely either go online or pick up or what do yourself a subscription to Glamour Magazine. Incredible women. There are ten in total and these are two my personal. I'm so excited thank you I didn't know I was gonna get him to use them I don't think which joins these two women is that there as advocates for causes that they believe in very passionately and I think that's such an inspiring example for all young women you know. To be able to see you've folic your dream in some way Eli apparently. And I should continue to talk into the cellmate. And really using her own experience to create a Platt harm. So that other students can can have more resources and where available and to her when when she was what's younger. So I want you to describe your working I and the organization that uses that you started. Saint Judy's Allen. Greatly get Cindy is such. We'll speak girl bosses like she's been here in New York city's that she asked also. Continue running publishing scene here at New York's wicketkeeper the entire time. I just go ahead and you're injured you Allen is trying to say that I'm recently leaving a night she's the main thing I'm lucky I have panic and and Alan and has started an organization that she will describe it can do better than me that day op. Helps children in her native Mali and L and I think he made such tremendous strides and also really really pleased to say that Allen is our 20000 dollar grand prize winner. This year it has been eased those funds to be able to further built her organization and I think at a time when. And we're really more aware than ever of how we're all connected. It's really exciting to me to see that that you use your platforms. You know not just to make life better in your most immediate community that. Make things better for people and ever eat yourself acting that's. Part of that evolution I think which so interesting that six. Six decades. This award and to see the two that you represented. Line. The 20000 dollar grand prize. Award didn't exist in my time that's something that's a more recent. Innovation and also understanding and acceptance of trans women being and being part of the celebration of this award I think it's something that. Is is. Definitely. An evolution from where you were and then we're Glamour Magazine rather with in in the 1960s went with wrecking company. That best dressed women. On college campuses that little bit with air. First trans woman to be recognized is ours and yeah. With certainly there in any way and debate. And then I I'll give you guys a chance to talk about your belt and making art. I. But before you liking and that's something that uncertainly has permeated. Into the conversation. About what needs to. On May. And for glamour magazines and recognize that as part that the most extraordinary and I think that lie about. Clamor about where we are in a society about war. Accomplishment on its own so. I want you to have to talk a little bit about how I mean needed to answer your question but did we go out looking furry that we want having a chance when it didn't happen at all like that you know we Wear impressed by he lies. Advocates in her achievements as a college student achievements as an organizer and somebody who had built an organization found. From the ground and so you know as we've looked airport winners and began to Eric down to our unit to our final ten. Yeah her application was clearly the clearly belonged in that pool. You know that having been the head. That having been said you know if seeing trans woman recognized as one of the top ten college students in the United States sends a positive message to other trans. People who may be watching particularly the youngest among us then I'm thrilled about you also did something very powerful I think. Jerry. During this events a ballot the number of trans children who attempt suicide somewhere in the range of 40%. Now seeing. Glimmer magazine recognize. Strands and and all trance children patents. As unique and worthy of celebration I think it's something that really goes to that central yes Katie Couric said this in fact in presenting Eli with her award today that the suicide rates for transgender youth are astonishingly. Dismaying Lehigh transgender people act not just. Not just use and you know I I certainly I don't I don't wanna a grand dies the importance. One media brands giving an award. Because certainly act exceed people like he liked you on a daily basis is so much more important. But I do think that if he that we can't even in this always send the message that. All women are different. You know near here to celebrate all women out beautiful home. Aren't valuable all women or then that's apps in message that we once and glamour also have a history. Making. Those profound waves in cultures. One of the very first. Meeting he first African American women to ever be on a magazine cover her. Was because of this war yes the one of those the winner of the competition back in 1968 was young woman named QTD confronting who has student at Harvard secrecy and she was on the cover as part of her recognized the tradition. Then and that every year there'd be a winner of the competition on on the cover. And that issued by the way went hunt the best selling issue of glamour in the magazine's history up until that time that she was the first. Black women suit to be on a major women's magazine cover. And you know of course now. To us that looks like well you know Ashok anything that was at Purdue and of course that should be right you know all women are beautiful and all women deserve this kind of celebration it certainly my hope that we have that same attitude towards seeing a trans woman covered in national. In this context. Years. I don't think you so much and I know she needs to relations Tibetan new year extraordinary. And we. You and you back in the day I can't track. Or. And I'm a proud alumnus so. But mark. Yes Myanmar at and deeply who I was privileged to get the chance to talk to thank you missed. And we're gonna continue organization does she go anywhere out. I am not as actor ABC and how to turn over to these incredible women who were just disgusting. We'll start. Tell me about yourself introduced yourself to eighty uses viewers and and how. Well. I mean you buyers link I am the founder and director of trans student educational resources you can ever got MC dot away. First began. We'll pay Rick. Is incredibly personal to me I make him our as a councilman Len it was sixty years old in very rural community in earning California. And I've read about that so we'll have this conversation. In glamour at said the case that you told your teachers in the third grade. That you were at her job and they punched me right out. They and they made fun of me in front of my class the me told me I couldn't Grammy happen because I was doing it nobody else could either return topics students against me and really made the outcry and a very isolated in my community. I Kansas. I can't even imagine and a third grade student what it's like to go through to already out. To have those tremendous. Feeling that you're going to deal with yourself and then to have a say in the position of the Brady leading your happening in. And how did you channel that into you are today. Well I mean I I consider myself lucky that I'd been able to use. Opponents excellent attendance Arlington on the even entering a Ph.D. program and cities I'm studying some studies that used Hispanic. It's really exciting. I ongoing athlete when it was an elementary and middle school I didn't companies of where her husband. I mean trans students are hired not being support at lake they should be ED percent feeling comes jubilant school of perhaps have been physically assaulted these numbers that are at least I. And so when it was sixty Ian IAE. Co founded camps and educational resources to help change that educational environment around the country forward Gramm's students through a throughout exceed within our own communities and currently gripped the only national organization run make Nancy and along with not only months focusing on and students so we have a lot of great detail. Well good to have you leading the charge on it and Allen went to introduce yourself and hi everybody my name is violence in them the fund and they're right slotted to one aide that he did it look to other developed. A bit about salon is so I'm from Malawi and in my home country which is kind you don't want poorest country on the arm. 9% to 600 school east deals likes need to get Clinton some race was so. Easy do you have many people attending primary school which is read my but then that's it was a school age which is on twelve. You have this much copilot and she is because these of feed that comes. Seven as the education since these mobile enforcement team we'll witness and with nuts because of that the most fun he's. But my real you sound as they see that as an auction was something's up young women entering. It's just association and so because of that we have the sludge population women that I can be unemployed. With education and 21 it would work with women in this circumstances until it's that businesses. But also giving it wouldn't sympathetic and community education students. So you received a 20000 dollar grand prize winner right there. On what to do with that money Howell have you already sort of figured out where it's which allocated how to advance that mentioned a while. So we've been building that isn't helpful of the costs you. And we. I Acxiom budget would cost the US knows. And we did. Mine and Munis by now than I did so we started construction and listen don't now. It is just let them own that assignment in sunny but it reminds me. And that it. We don't live well and we almost a level but what what we need with. So eloquently to actually. Get it running by August this very exciting. Sometimes you feel it all. You've hit you hit you it Rudman and then this comes through and now a bottle and one synthesis. Still. The guy's. Hubris line well let me start did you respond when he found out that you watch. IA allay. Is really excited and I and I kept on checking my emails mixture it was real. I mean it's it's really an honor and to be the first councilman to be receiving list of where it is also really amazing at times of passage councilmen are lawmen. What's it should be that simple but for somebody and that's its it's not especially during. This very harsh political time. How let's look at into that since you opened that door. The South Carolina bathroom bill a conversation. A balanced. About chance rights. When you're when you're working as an advocate in the east field. How do you feel about the current political climate where do you think we're having this country. But yeah. I I really shouldn't be laughing at because it is very serious player trapped students rate now. Donald Trump just revoked. Are there our ability taxes title Langford actions. Throughout the country Annan's. We are really facing unprecedented violence in our community news. I say I know even personally I had been targeted with increasing death threats from from neo Nazis and you accidentally hit him on the night. That. That is almost I mean it's been almost every day for the past few weeks back I ain't been. I've been receiving death threats on lying in. I mean our organization husband threaten us with. I is committed as someone you came out really gotten to Lee. Two fairly conservative and anti trans community I I had to deal at the Cincinnati needs an island. I've been fortunate instead of letting this really sad he found I'm using an ounce part of my activism apartment looked experience to. Shubert for other students who are facing similar and she it's. And I like he's had it been very fortunate. At least strip gears I haven't been physically attack to our. Where pushed out of my college fairgrounds to cousins because some tense because of a councilman and importantly adamant that trip and the gentleman in the position of ours is very outspoken about it on any. Some people are watching at who are still. A bit. With the idea. Save it. And they allowed to say this on TV. Really there are heightening. I think you know better than. That there are people out there. Brilliantly they are even willing and keep. The night don't have. Don't have experience and just ill inherently un. Man and woman hurt him man is a man. Well in any. The chance to immediately after this freeze Google is your friends. And really just doing some research about councilman learning about X immunity is. Learn about the chance to India's only can he ever really apartment experience or it even going out of your client like making attempts grab incidents sentence of ridding our classes and they can be a learning experience it and then be something. It is. That's I mean really inspiring him because we are wary eve. Rick great efforts to. The end come from all sorts of different backgrounds. And also URD medical grounds person a fire if you think you're hot and humid at just not known it. Because we wrap for you Larry and we're living our clients desire John Dave's. Ellen I'll ask you. What what inspired you to apply for this award. And he went. No. So actually analysts out I was listening to be reached out by them. Buy it three two from Iowa and when it looked at the proposal the possibly knows cycle of vehicles and other applications. And I'm ready for the rejection of that led but. Just quit when in this alleged. Four view has been very convenient tens of you know. Oh I'll await what we're doing is actually be. And I'm aware of the event that we it's it's been very encouraging that we should continue with if what's without women's center because I guess it Lewis stuck. Construction of the Nile having this award and knowing that we're going to open in August is this is just. It's very exciting and a fuel that's beautiful. Thinking of Malawi and that they get of the African continent and even over the it's notably that I've seen people can initiate and can get going and so for me it's very exciting to continue. Provided space. Wade Boykin keep playing people we and we benign polyps to. Create greatest strides in achieving that group which. One word of advice to. One kids at home watching events in feel Blake. There just not. There are night. They. See all the names they have the same concerns as you know under the seal that things going on in the well and they're just as part. With your work but I ask you out. I would say that's don't let us. Anyone apple anything that till as you know. To scene or leave those I'll bid feeds you yes that's common and sometimes you just have to take this more baby steps that and what it let's let's let's let's. You meet in what in what it was more initiative he gets you some wind just those little things up to get that he would up into a great thing. I want Alka diet and it. We ours has girls we're incredibly strong and also as young people leave the art just the future route leading movements rain now. We iron making the use and we are hired being ourselves and doing. Two of the outstanding ten women on this year by clamor magazine. I feel so privileged to get a chance to talk to you guys. Wouldn't please thank you for talking to has with the highlight of winning this award. It. Yeah I don't. It is just as. It is just really exciting to see someone that I have seen. Magazines and we don't want in any stock in. But to see see night in person and that he also bought one month want it back then what's needed now wake and so for me getting that such recognition. Zone comedians. Julia yes so much I'll be of emailing him. Added I think certainly it's been meeting all of the other miners that there are hires to some really incredible people doing amazing we're out there and I a encouraged everyone's view. I'm look at south look up all of the work that we've been doing Annan's. Find its hopes for Aston other people in your local communities here you are doing incredible things but there is some scientific activist them. Organizing nowhere. Starting communities around. Eyes and thank you did Cindy and all of Glamour Magazine there's going to be much more tomorrow on Good Morning America symmetry into that. On behalf ABC news and everybody watching. I'm on a sack in thank you so much for joining us from the glamour top well. We're top ten continent but now it's his college when the of the year award thank you.

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