What will GOP look like after Trump leaves office?

Former GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman on how Republicans can move forward after Donald Trump’s presidency.
4:58 | 01/14/21

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Transcript for What will GOP look like after Trump leaves office?
Well let's talk about some of the fierce politics it driving some of this the Arizona Republican party's planning a vote. Just ensures some of their own members including governor Doug do seat former senator Jeff flake and Cindy McCain. For allegedly abandoning the Republican values. McCain responded earlier on the view saying that it's the Republican Party has lost its way let's listen. The Republican Party was the party of inclusion it was the party added generosity it was a party of country first it lost our way and I I truly hope staged. As things progress on hand and we get. Further away lists this nest that occurred. It's that region due just that we do get back on track and removed and everyone. That we are your country not our party. What happens in the Republican Party is import of the whole country for more on that let's bring in former congressman Denver Ritalin. A Republican who represented. Virginia's fifth district congressman thanks for being with us. Trap me. Now during your your ten years he has had your differences with president trump and the Republican Party even officiated at a gay marriage until you pay the price for all that you lost your bid for reelection. To a Republican and have been a primary convention so what do you think when you hear Cindy McCain says saying that the GOP has lost its way. She's right it's a mess and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that there were many leaders. Until the treated by a prank special of the conspiracy theories. Starting back you know administrations and in each and I'm resolution on top math now announced months ago he ambled toward that we submitted it. We saw the radicalize language was caused emotional issues and by the way you are talking about you know my conventions and I'm the issue that we had was conspiracy theories restarted on me after the same sex letting it were pretty heinous not even. Army air but when I start looking into this tactic and Tony nineteen that's when I started really am familiar with Hewitt on. There are always going on Aaron but my background in intelligence and counterterrorism and sort of fascinated me and then when I started looking into it it's richer. Net and congressman you president Trinidad and fun why impeachment is necessary saying that allowing president trump. To walk away validates conspiracy theories and disinformation what do you mean by that. Well you know I had manager saying that the my Republican colleagues I wouldn't vote for patient because they say the Enid evidence which was readily available to them. But the that is debated erection final stop sealed a 147 boasts. They voted to reject real actors was based on no evidence at all. I want your conspiracy theories and disinformation. Really weaponized. And starting violence. We have to do something about that we can't reward violence. Sort of witness with a piece and I think Garcia issue that I have right now looking at a cascading effects of this is an intelligence officer perspective not a politician. If we allow us to happen and people you don't stop for east. They're gonna think they were right the president trump did have something. Armies individuals there was indeed shake a ball and this is a serious harm and I think I think we really need to. Really but can't stand in the breach and ensure that there were stopping missed arms. Well if I may let me follow up on that it is a dangerous time once is kind of thinking gets into an organization hard to get it out of there are many Republicans. Who responded to the insurrection. By this kind of thing here talking about the aftermath the election. They've left the Republican Party so you you're gonna stay why. You know how. I was not only hand. You know somebody telling Denver you know you wanted to you know vomit from the outsider pictures from the inside and that's the issue of shall try to make that decision to be completely honest with Libya see how how we fix this yet life. But try to fix it from the inside when it looks almost hopeless studio and try to do it as an independent. You know what it would like you here and it thing is this is that. I feel any media can help raise my background and counterterrorism and intelligence and just a committee should radicalization works. Maybe we can bring the Republican Party back to the policy are back to this party of ideas and policy your parameters I guess there's a time limit on that. There's only a few months I've talked to a ought to colleagues of mine. You know we don't have people that start to stand up and state taxes we don't have people. That actually note you know that actually vote for accountability. Going to be very difficult to say and Republican Party in right now. I'm not quite sorry Mike Pence is fly but don't does not quite work out. Sure I'm not quite Sharapova supposed to be staying here I don't know where I belong right now you'll look at tribal us. But I haven't American. And it's my duty to speak out against this kind of nonsense ridiculous that you see in people let their own candidate can perpetuate his stuff steel which is just update. Conspiracy sticky bottom of ridiculous to us that we have to reject. I hate it is. A terrible problem and that that we all face and congressman Denver Roman thanks good luck getting addressing thank you very much.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"Former GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman on how Republicans can move forward after Donald Trump’s presidency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75259051","title":"What will GOP look like after Trump leaves office? ","url":"/US/video/gop-trump-leaves-office-75259051"}