Grandma, Grandson Charged in Grandpa's Slaying

Chicago woman is accused of commissioning her grandson to shoot his grandfather to get at his money.
1:26 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for Grandma, Grandson Charged in Grandpa's Slaying
On the block -- 72 year old William Strickland -- for decades neighbors can't believe it. I get headaches from just in about that in some -- Oh my god. It was on March 2 that Strickland was shot six times in the back as he waited outside his house for a bus to go to was weekly kidney dialysis appointment. Shortly after the murder neighbors saw straight wins nineteen year old grandson William. Fusion garage fixing it up and I -- I'm paying back. When I note -- you know until moment you know. David that was their world -- get -- -- -- and who gave it to a woman as with all the speculation was about. Prosecutors say the car was bought by 64 year old Janet strictly the victim's wife as payment toward grandson for the murder. The pair allegedly went on a shopping spree with the victims' money the -- paying for new tattoos shoes and a phone yeah. -- like nothing happened in new home it is. -- -- -- -- -- The younger Strickland was charged in the murder last month but it wasn't until last Thursday that mrs. Strickland was arrested. Neighbors say the teen was sent by his mother to live with his grandfather a retired steelworker who tried to -- -- -- job. He's -- family man even -- -- his wife and let his grandson. While I wouldn't another imagine. The last MIC news -- She evident in his snow announced -- -- -- -- you know don't work -- lot of -- economic take much damage you know so he was a beautiful --

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{"id":18907877,"title":"Grandma, Grandson Charged in Grandpa's Slaying","duration":"1:26","description":"Chicago woman is accused of commissioning her grandson to shoot his grandfather to get at his money.","url":"/US/video/grandma-grandson-charged-grandpas-slaying-18907877","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}