Grandmother Testifies About Fatally Shooting Her Grandson

Sandra Layne, 75, says shooting in her Michigan home was in self-defense.
2:10 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Grandmother Testifies About Fatally Shooting Her Grandson
Yeah yeah. One center -- was answering questions from her own defense attorneys she seemed to remember most details about the killing. She says was self defense but what it was time for cross examination by prosecutors. Who think she murdered her seventeen year old grandson. -- often said she could not recall. Injuries to your feet. Some of the most interesting questions they came from jurors who want to know why Sander Elaine thought arming yourself with a gun. Would come down her grandson who she says at that point had not hit her but was yelling about his failed drug test and fearing going to jail. Bear. And jurors wanted to know more about Santa lanes -- -- her grandson was chasing her after she shot him. It appears. Shaq is -- master bedroom. And kitchen. Longer Jonathan. -- you chasing. Town -- was -- chasing you. -- -- San -- never called 911 or ran out of her Condo for help she says she went to the basement to hide from -- after she shot -- at least once. Then went back upstairs with a gun to check on him she said he grabbed her and so she shot him again. Long and then -- I'm asking you live to base that. Case. Inspire. Standard lines they will still be in the hands of the jury closing arguments begin Monday morning in Pontiac Kimberly Craig seven action news.

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{"id":18733033,"title":"Grandmother Testifies About Fatally Shooting Her Grandson","duration":"2:10","description":"Sandra Layne, 75, says shooting in her Michigan home was in self-defense.","url":"/US/video/grandmother-testifies-fatally-shooting-grandson-18733033","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}