Gretchen Whitmer gives Democratic response to SOTU

The Michigan governor spoke of the Democrats’ mission to make healthcare better and increase wages: “If the economy doesn’t work for working people, it just doesn’t work.”
10:46 | 02/05/20

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Transcript for Gretchen Whitmer gives Democratic response to SOTU
Good evening. I'm honored speech here and grateful that you are tuning in I'm Gretchen wherever the 49 governor of the great state of Michigan. Tonight I met my daughter Cheri and city's public school East Lansing high school. We're here today with theme ways and parents teachers and most importantly students. And Rick fake you all for coming but tonight and we had talked to those of you were watching at home. I'd need a lot more than ten minutes to respond to what the president just sat. So instead of talking about what he is saying. I'm going to highlight what Democrats are doing. After all you can listen to what someone says what you know the truth. Watched what they do. Michigan owners are no different from Americans everywhere. We love our families and want a good life today. And a better life to her for our kids. We worked hard and we expect our government to work hard for us cancel out. We have incorrect and value loyalty. And we still root for the Detroit line. We and all Americans might be wary of today's politics but we must stay engaged. Our country our democracy. Our future demand debt we're capable of great things when we worked together. We cannot forget that despite the dishonesty and division of the last few years and now we heard tonight from the president of the United States. Together. We have boundless potential. And young Americans are proving that every day. By taking actions. That's what I want to focus on tonight. Money Scott is thirteen years old and lives and Muskegon heights Michigan. Money street was covered in pop halls there were ankle deep and he got tired of waiting for them to get facts. So he grabbed a shovel and a bucket of dirt and filled them in himself. During my campaign people told me to fix the damn roads. Because blown tires and broken windshields are down right dangerous. And car repairs take money from rent child care groceries. And we. The Democrats. Are doing something about it. In Illinois governor JB Pritzker. Pass a multi billion dollar plan to rebuild their routes and purchase. Governor Phil Murphy is replacing lead pipes and New Jersey. All across the country democratic leaders are rebuilding purchase. Fixing roads expanding broadband. In cleaning up drinking water. Everyone in this country benefits. When we invests in infrastructure. Congressional Democrats have presented proposals to keep us moving forward but president trump and the Republicans in the senate are blocking the path. When it comes infrastructure. Mining has try to do more with a shovel in a pile of dirt and the Republicans in DC have with the Oval Office and the US senate. Bullying. People on Twitter doesn't fix purchase it burns them. Our energy should be used to solve problems. And it's true for health care TO. For me for so many Americans hope cures personal. Not political. When I was thirty and became a member of the sandwiched generation. That means I was sandwiched between two generations of my own PMI for whom I was the primary caregiver. It's holding down a new job caring for my newborn daughter as well as my mom at the end of her brain cancer battle. I was up all night with a baby in during the day had to fight my mom's insurance company when they wrongly denied her coverage for chemotherapy. It was heart. It exposed the harsh realities of our workplaces. Our health care system and her child care system. And it changed me and lost patience for people who are just talk and no action. So as a state senator I worked for the Republican governor and legislature to expand health care coverage. To more than 680000. Michigan nurses under the Affordable Care Act. Today Democrats from Maine to Montana. Perks standing coverage and lowering costs. In Kansas governor Laura Kelly's working across the aisle to bring Medicaid coverage to tens of thousands. In New Mexico governor shall Lou Hun personal enshrined EC protections into law. Every Democrat running for president has he planned to expand health care for all Americans. Every one of them has supported the Affordable Care Act with coverage for people with preexisting conditions. They may have different plans but the goal is the same. President trump sadly has a different plan he's asking the courts to rip those lifesaving protections away. It's pretty simple. Democrats are trying to make your health care better Republicans in Washington are turning to take it away. Think about kids like seventeen year old Blake Carroll from Idaho. Who organize a fund raiser to pay for his mom's colon cancer treatment. We're nineteen year old ebony Myers from new top the cells are to help pay for her own rare genetic disorder treatment. No one should have to crowd source their health care not an America. But the reality is not everyone in America has a job with health care and benefits. In fact many have jobs they don't even pay enough to cover their monthly expenses. Doesn't matter what the presence sends about the stock market. What matters is that millions of people struggle to get by for don't have enough money and of the month after paying for transportation. Student loans or prescription drugs. American workers are hurting. In my own stake our neighbors in Wisconsin and Ohio. Pennsylvania and all over the country. Wages have stagnated washed CEO pay has skyrocketed. So when the president says the economy strong. My question as strong for whom. Strong for the wealthy who are reaping rewards from tax cuts they don't need. The American economy needs to be at different kind of strong. Strong for the science teacher spending her own money to buy supplies for her classroom. Strong for the single mom picking up extra hour's so she can afford her daughter soccer cleats. Strong for the small business owner who has to make payroll at the end of the month. Michigan independent middle class so we now if the economy doesn't work for working people. It just doesn't work. Who fights for working hard working Americans. Democrats do in the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats passed a landmark on equal pay. Another bill to give thirty million Americans are raised by increasing the minimum wage in hand. Groundbreaking legislation finally get Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices for America's seniors and families. Those three adult. And more than 275. Other bipartisan bills are just gathering dust on senate majority leader Mitch McConnell steps. Senator McConnell. America needs you to move those pills. Meanwhile Democrats across the country are getting things done Pennsylvania's governor Tom Wolfe is expanding the right to overtime pay. Michigan's Tim. Because if you're on the clock. You deserve to get paid. Nevada governor seats to select North Carolina governor Roy Cooper are working to get hard working teachers are reais. And speaking of the classroom Wisconsin governor Tony you first unilaterally increase school funding 65 million dollars last year. In Colorado governor chaired polish have missed an active pre. All day kindergarten. In 29 states we've helped pass minimum wage hikes and law which will lifts people out of poverty and improve flights for families. That's strength. Bass action. Democracy takes action. And that's why I'm so inspired by young people. They respond to mass shootings demanding policies that make schools safer. They react to a world that's literally on fire with fire and their bellies. To push leaders to finally take action on climate change us. They take on a road filled with potholes with a shovel in center. It's what gives me great confidence in our future. And that's why sometimes. It feels like they're of the adults in the room. But it shouldn't have to be that way it's not their mess to clean not its hours. The choices we make today create their reality tomorrow. Young people I'm talking hero and your parents and grandparents. Democrats want safe schools. We want everyone to happen path to a good life whether it's through union apprenticeship. A community college a four year university. With out drowning in debt. We want your water to be clean. We want you to love we lost. And to live authentically Esther true selves. And we want women to have autonomy over our bodies. We want our country welcoming. And every once vote counted. Twenty Tony is a big year. It's fear my daughter Cheri will graduate from high school. Is also figure shall cast her first ballot along with millions of young Americans. The two things are connected. Because walking across a graduation stage is as important as walking into the voting vote for the first time. Her future. All our kids futures. Will be determined not just bide their dreams. But by our actions. As we witnessed the impeachment process in Washington. There are some things each of us no matter our party should demand. The truth matters. Facts matter. And no one should be a buffalo law. It's not what those senators say. Tomorrow. It's about what they do that matters. Remember. Listen to what people say but watch what they do. It's time for action. Generations of Americans are counting time costs let's not let them down. Thank you for listening. God bless America. Good night.

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{"duration":"10:46","description":"The Michigan governor spoke of the Democrats’ mission to make healthcare better and increase wages: “If the economy doesn’t work for working people, it just doesn’t work.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68767500","title":"Gretchen Whitmer gives Democratic response to SOTU","url":"/US/video/gretchen-whitmer-democratic-response-sotu-68767500"}