Growing crisis on Mount Everest

Christopher Kulish of Denver, Colorado, became the 11th person to die climbing the mountain this year.
3:40 | 05/28/19

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Transcript for Growing crisis on Mount Everest
RA some guys were moving oil and climbing Mount Everest is a bucket list item for a lot of people around the world in fact. So many climbers somebody Mount Everest this spring that there were reports of mass of crowding and unfortunately leading to nearly. A dozen deaths so a Colorado man has become the eleventh person to died climbing the mountain this year. His name was Chris Coolidge so I want to go to James long man who's on the ground in Kathmandu Nepal. James first thanks for joining us in before we get to the unfortunate death of Chris foolish I just want you to help us understand. The conditions that would result in someone dying once they reach the summit. Well what can happen Kimberly is this basically when you'll climbing Mount Everest you're using a lot less oxygen. That and you should in everyday life and before you go up the opt to train up to train yourself and how to use less oxygen not can be by using. Hypoxia chamber like some people Dave. Or it can be which most you would do is they go to face count and they got up. To one count come back down again catch the second camp come back down again today training their ability to use less oxygen at altitude. Unsightly can be on the way back down the can be inmates in effect on your body and you can suffer all the time you can suffer a strike we don't actually show what is that killed. Chris credential any of the others. Who died on Mount Everest the son he got can be one of the ways also it is absolutely a state the obvious that out to be freezing cold up left. Below forty wind chills if the wind is up. And so if you stood still for long periods of time as these horrible of people wherein those images that went viral around the world and that can also be very very dangerous site that. Climbing Mount Everest is what has always been a dangerous game I think that eleven people dead BCA already at this stage in the air as saying people. Just how dangerous it remains and how increased competition to get the top. Has made even more dangerous. Yes and James I know that you had talk a little bit about some of the climbers. I'm not being as experience but that wasn't the case for Chris you were able to talk to someone on his team do we know exactly what happened with. His death. We doesn't mean he was a very experienced climate he climbed multiples peaks before the 62 year old but a friend visited told us that. He'd with keeping up an F 35 year old the forty year old on the trip. I think the main message that I from people it was that did that number of deaths. How is has been as high for two reasons first is the web. Because normally people when they come Nancy climb Mount Everest thinking about 101112. Days of clear weather to get the top. And as an only about 600 people. Who want to do it about the combination of tourists and the people who helped them get off at a shot his supporters and others. But they CAD. Window for getting off. Was shortened because there wasn't that the conditions just went right to they have two windows two days. And then about a week later that another two days that all of those 600 people were condensed into two very short periods of time. I've got to the fact the little people going out now all inexperienced they take longer on some of the more complicated roots they fiddle around with their harnesses when they tried to. Change rights. About means people behind them a waiting for longer outs in the cold in those exposed conditions using up their oxygen. So for those two reasons I think we've seen. The highest number of deaths and certainly a question though authorities here again have to aunts are they going to put a cap on the people who go on to Mount Everest especially when the weather is invited it was. This climbing season. All right James thank you so much right there and upon we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Christopher Kulish of Denver, Colorado, became the 11th person to die climbing the mountain this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63325006","title":"Growing crisis on Mount Everest","url":"/US/video/growing-crisis-mount-everest-63325006"}