'Handsome Convict' Discusses His Viral Mugshot

Jeremy Meeks was arrested on five felony weapon charges and one gang charge.
6:15 | 06/20/14

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Transcript for 'Handsome Convict' Discusses His Viral Mugshot
Well I appreciate that but I just want to know. But this is really not me who are from some -- -- him. Jeremy Meeks the so called hot convict. Ladies laden but he is not so popular with prosecutors Stockton California say he is a -- -- deserves some serious jail time. I'm Dan Cutler in new York and joining me now from our Sacramento ABC affiliate KXTV. Nick -- -- -- -- the first interview. With Meeks says that mug shot took off across social media nick. Yet again this was a certainly an interesting story because we really weren't sure what we're going to counter once we met -- -- Meeks inside. That San Joaquin county jail first of -- -- question do you ask you know how hot and popular you are on FaceBook. And they found a -- -- -- -- Stockton police arrested four yesterday in a gang roundup it was great police work. But the only attention -- are getting is on their FaceBook page forward Jeremy Meeks. Judges visited my wife and she said that -- -- all over FaceBook. All over FaceBook and all over the world. On Stockton -- more than 24000. Likes and more than 6000 comments that SOB are writing if this guy broke into my house I'd make him forget why you broke in within thirty seconds. -- -- out. Ladies out Tiago -- got fifty shades on that man. Oh god yes TMZ has jumped on the -- convict bandwagon as well as media outlets nationwide. But not everyone agrees for instance Lisa McAllister says. Criminals aren't sexy. Real men work and ladies don't fawn over criminal trash have some self respects the criminal himself didn't know why he was so popular. In -- I told him. -- -- -- Your -- but I just want to know. That this is really not -- -- problem not some kingpin. And that is the only reason -- agreed to the interview to tell people his side of the story saying even though he's being charged with street terrorism. He is no longer a gangster the Stockton police department has also notice what's happening online and is reminding people Jeremy is a felony. Allegedly caught with a gun and he spent nine years in prison for grand theft well. It's a mug shot so and away from the computer and on the streets of Stockton nobody. It's going crazy for -- blue eyes is the -- Now that's a lot of people in Miami -- the happiest he's -- for me. Now -- meets promises me that he will stay away from a life of crime in May -- Dan. A modeling agency will pick up -- photo and even that's a path towards the right direction. It would be engaged in turn of events this Italy's -- as arsenic got to ask giving you some up close and personal air and the question a lot of people's minds -- that actually do him justice does he look like the mug shot. Well he -- got you guys I guess you would say I'm not a ladies' -- I can't go down that line but at. What was interesting -- yeah yeah actually was a very well spoken individual. But again when he got a life of crime like that if you notice that they have that tear drop tattoo on -- -- and I'm not gonna say what that is just in case is not but. A lot of us know what that really means. Let me ask it's on the seriousness of the story the what does -- already been charged with. But he is being charged with street terrorism. Which is a gang affiliation and also in California you can have -- enhancements so if he is found guilty of what they're saying he is. He's probably gonna go away for a very long time because the Stockton police department was doing -- again round up and operation on the streets of Stockton. He was found in a car along with other gang members and they found a pistol in his trunk he said it was -- and obviously as a felon. You can't have that your truck. What -- your overall impression -- sent out of him. At first -- an -- that surprised that he had about it is kind of popularity but just as a person. Well in you know that was the difficult part for me because you don't really know what you're -- get into when you do interviews like this with either be a felon or somebody just picked off topic up off the streets in side of the jail and I I. Kind of struggled to myself what -- asked this guy and the first seven minutes of interview really was all about him in. In his life -- how he says he's got a life now onus on and and to step -- to -- really doesn't think that he deserves this. Again though the police department says he's been charged with -- terrorism. And then I finally was able to give him a question about his popularity because frankly he really had no idea his wife alluded to a little bit right -- finally -- to stop -- and -- -- okay. I've got a random question for you do you realize what's going on in FaceBook and so while my wife kind of told me. Nice and when you've got over you know I think it's 25000. -- 7000 comments that was yesterday. And they -- her -- and the. So last that I don't ask you about that spent all -- -- that's being -- to. When you went and talked to folks in the streets of Stockton -- -- it doesn't advocate disconnect between the partly that he's guide online. And Stockton it is -- that there is such a positive response. While it and we actually have a bureau down in the Stockton area and as you probably well know in new York and across the country. Stockton is one of the most bad areas I should say for -- there in bankruptcy right now they've got one of the worst crime rates across the country. And a lot of people in the city itself I don't think we're the ones posting of comments on basement because they're not happy about that as they see. A criminal who has been terrorizing -- streets of people are free to go outside. They're afraid to go shopping because of gang activity like this so the people Stockton aren't happy that this gangster alleged gangster. Is now famous across the country for his looks inside of being famous for doing what he did. Experienced instructor -- as a -- Clinton saw it -- exceeding Sacramento -- thanks so much appreciate that. Coursing over the -- in real time by -- BC news apps -- -- source -- exclusive updates on the go now. -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"Jeremy Meeks was arrested on five felony weapon charges and one gang charge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24236353","title":"'Handsome Convict' Discusses His Viral Mugshot","url":"/US/video/handsome-convict-discusses-viral-mugshot-24236353"}