Harry Benson on the stories behind his iconic photographs

Photographer Harry Benson discusses the stories behind his famous images.
21:14 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for Harry Benson on the stories behind his iconic photographs
Hey everyone on the net buys here let's and talk about living history. Our next guest has pretty much been there every major modern historic event and photographed all the people. Along the way for us to enjoy now Harry Benson the iconic photo journalist joins me live here. In arts studio thank you so much for being here it's known the place. And congratulations on your new book you published a lot of books the fourth your work this is an incredible look at the full scope. Of your career called persons with interests. Tell me a little bit about this book why everything's it was my life. It she didn't. I'm cheated got the pictures together. Was of no help community. Feverish Walt was it'll that was filled cities in. Now hinges on you did it as a way to Huntsman thank god everything is well no law and she did it QB together. And and go to all cookie and in if we need paged through without it is such an incredible collection that you and I are chatting about this earlier because. There are just so many huge moments captured in that book I curious now. How you got into this line of work in the first place what me to pick up a camera well. I would then used the tone of her wasn't. Then if you deal. I was lucky to get. We get into newspapers. And and then eventually a life magazine. Flee if photographing all the time. This monolithic can influence. He who marched along fat that Dr. Martin Luther King in there that's you never taking his father going in this bad night and then. Kenton Mississippi. And then James Meredith moment. And then. We get tear gas to in the laws and get beaten up. Monolithic king with few area. In I'm glad I come from. The civil rights. And the race riot and. We'll look Huber riot in the US at just an incredible turning point in American history to. And it was a strange thing that brought to having here in the first place is in the time that you never expected to get right Tommy that story. Not result home 198 overs. A moment I was today to go to Africa the following game because it was a story on independents. Light the uncle who ruined. And independence. In Kenya Ugandan Tanganyika. And I was going to do a story on a year thereafter the role and get Nolan who get non terrible but. I wonder if deduce story. Economists serious John lone bright end zone yet theory. That call came a live look well. And it it was the night and that these we want you to go all. To Paris in the moaning with the beetle. And I explained that I was going in the moaning and was going to Africa. And explain to Bowman Shawn send the thing. In this and then just didn't mind and you could to be told well yes and quite rule. Broke you know. It right where you a fan it and no light leg kick it wouldn't you know would morning too and I wanted to go to the wanted to go to Africa right. So excuse me. So. Hung out for more than five minutes late it would be additives saying. You go to you go to pattern no choice he notes that when you do you're told it's clean and I'm Wayne meet The Beatles. And and that in light of not happy and then that you do we have told the that lie I go to. He did a gig. In and funk and blow it. This an off me hall. And then went back. We thought they stop to that went back and got another piece of equipment. For my com. The winner will then the beatles' most daunting to play. You know close your eyes and confused. With. On the right story. Union this is it that worked to refute. And. I'm waiting there to Paris. On a music story. But within two days it became a news story that couldn't be feel like a king. Old the high numbers one and number one's. All over the world. It was an incredible time for music as you mentioned just for social change happening at the time you came with them mean to the states in 1964 part of this. British invasion right you and I should warn you I I was raised on the music of The Beatles I wrote a sixth straight hits you report about the British invasion because I'm fascinated by this time. What was that like to arrive with them. Yes. Well you arrived on time which would actually be good for America. Because it wouldn't loan. Aimed Jack Kennedy and being shot. And he definitely they would definitely a lift. You know all over the place Colombia beat two. Yet we do have been there. Everett correctly. But to be alongside them to witness those huge crowds of screaming people that kind of hit the area. Had you seen anything like that how do you process that is someone stated document. Never but the music was so good they want and they were doing it they were funding all of these. Incredible song that you Landon and McConnell me you know. And you took this incredible photograph I want to show you and ask you about too because you mentioned that the two things colliding there is The Beatles. Coming to America and making themselves known. And then there was also this civil rights movement that is really gaining momentum. You had great photograph that you talk of Mohammed Ali and The Beatles together this photograph right here how did this come about them. Team of bone become in my room. In new dip in the dual veal. In Miami. And the good the TV on. And I hear this. Captive claim wanton and medallion to lap them up by. So he shouted king how beautiful. And killing in volume and fueling these movement. Well. And made me a good hate it when The Beatles. Because they were just down the conduct Romney. Not a bad idea. Filling go to them. And the elves say again. That and John Linden and present that it be Beatles today do you think. Let's the only have to be photographed with the ball and he's gullible aid money. Funny you but that. You know and that I'm. And but John Lennon and it's. They call and he was going to get beaten. The other guy funny lifton the going to kill. And that would basically saying the what people involved in gray. I think you can go and feasts on the list and Sunday list and in the dressing room. And he's tying up. And Sonny's. I don't want meet those bombs. Those bomb components. In an. And it's really meaning Meehan and more than day other than. At and it was a tough guy. That's meant. Anyway. I go by for The Beatles with a big. The old violin the thing that's going to see some you lose than you told no I'm back two and two. A two and two cats used callais new trick of The Beatles into taking that Pratt hateful than when going through the Sony news. I tuned to C. Catch its claim Muhammad Ali hello. And. He completely do all of them. He put them in the late. Lie down on who's the most beautiful old he told what to hit indirect heat children. Underneath and when I see who's the most beautiful youthful go out to see you. Oh and he and we need comfort into lofts them and what are you thinking as you're watching all the people taking pictures. At. My job is to get to keep moving and forward to grab. And after it was over. And John Lennon was not say if they do know he made this loop like monkeys. And issue a full Benson. And then they wouldn't come to me. I didn't care. Because the following day. I went off to Jamaica. To photograph Ian Fleming. Because the adult new and old James Bond movie adult no. And and then when I went back to. Back and win back command me to come of the fight The Beatles and collect. In. And Cathy at clay became Mohammed Daoud. And frightened wouldn't speak to reporters who called them. Few have changed my name and if you call me involved and the death. And my favorite part of this story that you The Beatles angry you. Annoyed them. And then you think about I'm going on in limbo that fit but let. That's what a business that's been my mind just sell them back in London and it was night it forgotten on the bottom look. You mentioned coming into the country soon after the assassination. Unit and is another pivotal moment that you are right there for. He was standing next Q. Robert units at the time it hits that making captured some of those iconic photograph every went years. In there memories. Including this one that. To me is a ninety man. And people have said to me. That the president like cajun meals become a call these it's me. You were saying you weak company knew and you. You think about that night if they do you have not maintenance. President. I would have nite live. At the Hutton a photograph of it. Really think that's true oh absolutely. Yet the codes because. You had so much in but Dallas. And you eat eat and you had so much a boat. The other paths that other factions. And it's out of my hands. It is historic. I think to myself failed to moral. Not to be this is it. But I knew balmy like Bombay. Being. An at least. Twice a year. I have Denham with. With then and fill. And Kerry Kenyon. In Palm Beach what did that and then knowing exactly who. What did she think about that the crash after I adore and I don't. I don't ask you don't ask you never exactly no no I don't. But I'm sure when it whenever. But a little meatball beat you lend your London. And was doing ninety on the you know would they would've been very upsetting if I hadn't afford to go after it but. While I'm changing news in this the place wasn't just KL screaming. And while little. And then I got thrown off a halt plate bigger than the plea to keep did the food warm. Pray I was standing on that I got thrown off it now more on the floor and changing film. And one last thing chaos it's just KF around but one thing he always do with hate the film you camera. And print and you felt like they kind of a policeman safe to use. Someone you know film. I want to photograph a life magazine a don't want to die for it. Then. You don't in this journal photographers tracked again tied it in your sock games. You do do and then have like a dummy rolled and then making me not again thinking they can keep that one out the camera in the we loved it you know loaded up. But then I'm on the floor I see on the people had been shot around me. Your nose a guild this. This tiny youth vote is finally here you know please somebody help me in the blood which the war room mate they all live. You. Witnessed weren't focusing a lot on the work. We should stay in your bookie feature not just you know that the high a profile people politicians world leader is. Celebrities you photographed them all you can name any line you have photographs and you've also want to refugee camps he covered famine. Why is that balance. Important to you. How would you read a thing. In the myth than anything a one this deal on the payroll at the end of the week. We'll have a job and basically your following and camera. You know he. That. And it's. A new rendition. Did take a good picture in you know. To get China to get to the center of long live the Ku Klux Klan. We'll tell me about this agreement on a goodness. There's one photograph and they come appears in his there was that kkk rally like this when he had the Clinton and I like it because of them that don't meet. You know who if it's if they admit it was over. And you had met with second minute who would get quick. US and such and you only photographer who has photographed. All of the last twelve precedent. Not only that Eisenhower meant that photographed right. And of comfortable in Scotland. But 1950. Faith. They were playing golf and Hungary. When he came all from the from the funny picture of them looking he's golf school. And then have to of that photographed them in in. Brings it in a loved one. And we saw the picture the Clinton you've also photographed the reagans and raise another sort of love story for the ages in an area and you know what can tell you. That picture theme Vanity Fair. Sign new homes was going to close the magazine. And T number own. Pleaded with him. This that this picture was going. Well that that they had something that if you can was going to jump ball and used but immediately. That that a crabs and talking I mean I have to feed it. Completely stamp stabbing but it pathetic. But it's true kick it out our own Jack and I don't think of it. That Jordan and we should also mention you have photographs not asked president since he's become president but you photographed our current president and many times over the years all the way back. To this movies right to gain. Did violate. Point for a woman to win Daly tumbling. It's still the same room eat this thing in advance what did you think what was your first impression when you met him as a young man threw that young real estate's. Air. I'd say it's something that that woman who and a asks me knew them. They were asking different people what they thought Obama. You know. And I said. News. There's such break will not can't change we don't know what it is. I said that I know offended them and I golf. And they cut letter from home summing it saying. Very old those kind words. You're not doing. You've got a foot at a photograph. And with these last. Three wives. You've been there for a lot of his mild should the loan and bad. And one of the apps are in bed yes two and two in line on bad. No. With that the way he wanted to set them up or with that the way. They wanted to do. No Israel wanted it didn't know we have to some little light it's funny you can they convince people in that moment in life to fuel. Yes people don't want the path this way on militant. He wanted to be in Finland it. You know Denton than movies. You know how to. It was they have better looking he is. Mend one. We wouldn't bet that. Two and cute but in an all the people you match. You have the ability to them disarm them. To get it could be a little bit more relaxed than me like he had eaten that amount. I don't Dee Dee bone people. You know a month to be Dan. Could take a shot of them. You and AA and among them to be interest than among the Reagan did dozens of them. I won the clintons take care if on one on one Donald Trump to be. When he. Holdman million dollars at the greedy you know minute but. And and two. You said too that you don't like that has set up shop that you prefer chaos. Just like yourself well I don't like Wendy cola and Judy opening yes. Because this but the tone of doing and I whom Gordon do this than that who and then if it isn't right you can go by and do over again. You know. Late in the photographs to be. A glimpse and gone forever it can never and again the mean to be filled we'll never it'll play again. On. Tony one k.s bill late again much. Tooth that you've looked at will be so blah kimono joking a moment. That's an excellent way to put it a glimpse and then it's gone gone that in the way you approach here more units that it's a moment and then if you either trying to put a camera into an into this thing please. Well we are so grateful that you were there every step of the way in that you captured these moments and they are all now. In one place in this incredible book persons of interest. The work of Harry Benson really the life. Harry Benson as well captured there from the pages thank you so much for being here today or Monday inclusion thank you for late meet fuel would. Any time you are welcome here at a time. The thank you and thanks to all of you for watching as well head over to abcnews.com. Any time for your latest headlines for now. I'm on an about see you back here soon.

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