Hawaii’s COVID-19 shutdown hits tourism hard

Hawaii Gov. David Ige discusses his state’s plans to reopen and whether the travel and tourism industry can recover from the coronavirus shutdown.
5:13 | 05/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hawaii’s COVID-19 shutdown hits tourism hard
Let's bring in the governor David he gay of Hawaii. A state where the economy is of course driven by travel and tourism. Governor thanks so much for joining us. Thank you then see I appreciate the opportunity. So we just heard in that report did Greece is as done relatively well containing a corona viruses now looking to reopen their country ahead of the summer tourism season. Here say has also been able to keep cases low as you put in place a fourteen day quarantine on anyone coming in to Hawaii so. What would you need to see the four year state can more fully reopen including for tourism. You know Lindsay we are really focused on the health and well being of our community at this point in time. You know we want to ensure that we have our systems and processes in place pick in BV keep our community state. So we are work in the industry to talk about come all week and re in bed hospitality industry into a pole scoped world. Recognizing that there will be in pictures BC's this. And how we create the beef layered and structured way of screening out those trouble PPI ninths. Being identified those who may become sick or art bill. Henry Lee Kirk protect being both visitors and our residents. From becoming infected. By a bid ninety. Singer decided on the strings he agrees they screen all passengers in airports as they came into the country some officials in your state have proposed the idea of Kobe testing and anyone flying into Hawaii is that even feasible and will your state look to put such a policy in place. You know that really is not feasible and Lindsay right now. You know Ari entire testing capacity and we really feel bad we are in a good place right now. Weekend tests more than 3000. Individuals on a daily basis and we inserts a bite out. Which is more than what is necessary according today's CDC guidelines. But if we were requiring. Every single income me up person. Lindsay up height of our success in the visitor industry we were receding more than thirty ballots in rifles. Each and every day allow and I. Yeah and there's no way that we could be in a practical way tests all incoming travelers. I'm just curious when you talk about there are three what is it 30000 arrivals today was a 30000. How does that number dropped now. During the pandemic. We have been successes Boe in turning away 99%. Of the travel to a BI and ends. The Dalia right pose our. Between 50800. Per day now. From the peak of more than thirty. Outs Alex so a lot of people didn't actually. Make good on their ideas to quarantine in Hawaii seem like it was it would have been the hot spot had he not turn people like but not on a serious no unemployment has hit your state hard. During a pandemic of course with a drop off in tourism described the scope of the impact there and how concerned you are the travel won't come back quickly. And that some jobs may be lost long term. Sews sewed Lindsay on a couple of different fronts. You know Hawaii went from have been dubbed voice unemployment rate in the country. To the highest unemployment agree in the country in a matter of 68 weeks. Are at unemployment creek and now is about one out of three individuals in this state is currently unemployed. Almost at that fight student visitor industry directly. And there are bin arrests of visitors who violated the State's fourteen day quarantine. Why does that level of enforcement necessary and how are you trying to now strike announcer protecting lives while also bringing back the livelihoods of those who depend on people visiting your state. You know serenity we. Work very serious about our mandatory quarantine and nets. As you are me know all around the world. The first. She says I'll cope in nineteen board tied directly to travel. I'm so we were very serious in implementing aren't team and yet we. Rick oh rule violated. And aren't ordered because we were committed to protecting our community. Up from increasing it. Right now all rubble an iroquois. Is subject to a mandatory or T we've beat any of us to allow a troubled between art and first death. And that night as I said a working with industry to ensure that. You know trees being an identifying codes individual or. And really being able to provide bin treatment and keep them isolated. It's what we need to do to reopened and r.s eight travelers coming from around the world. Governor he say thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much for having me on a law.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Hawaii Gov. David Ige discusses his state’s plans to reopen and whether the travel and tourism industry can recover from the coronavirus shutdown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70801515","title":"Hawaii’s COVID-19 shutdown hits tourism hard","url":"/US/video/hawaiis-covid-19-shutdown-hits-tourism-hard-70801515"}