Health care clash heats up

Members of Congress respond to the Trump administration's request that the court strike down the Affordable Care Act.
5:34 | 03/27/19

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Transcript for Health care clash heats up
So a huge move as we reported the DOJ. And the entire charmed administration now want to kill all of the Affordable Care Act a move that will significantly impact the people of this country and after Mueller. The Muller according puts the health care debate. Back in the political spotlight so here to break it down is Karen Travers at the White House and we have John parkinson's on Capitol Hill. Caron and can you just give us a recap. YA in how this is going to impact. The people of this country. Well the when is the big question to Kimberly because right now this is not an immediate change but what happened earlier this week is that the Justice Department filed a legal briefs saying that the administration agreed to the federal judge's decision in December. That becomes the individual mandate of obamacare is unconstitutional. In this judge's view the entire law should be struck down should be invalidated. And that would mean. It goes away everything is scrapped. This now sets up a very big political fight to the president yesterday was asked by our colleague Mary Bruce what is messages to the millions of Americans or worried now about their health care he said. Republicans will soon be the party of health care but when she asked him. What is the Republican plan if obamacare he suddenly invalidated he didn't answer that and Kimberly that's because there isn't a plan right now. And this is an interesting move by the White House at this time given that the president is on this big victory lap from the Muller investigation ending and that complete if moderation in their view now Democrats say were the talk about health care and they're in us and the administration for what they say. Going back on promises to protect people with preexisting conditions and also what happens to those millions of Americans who get their coverage through obamacare. Yet parents I wanna go to John John here on Capitol Hill how in the lawmakers reacting to this. Yeah I've really been surprised that they've been talking about this just as much as the Muller reports conclusions. And with the attorney general's letter there. So I think that you know we're getting a lot of members of congress that are upset about this in the house democratic majority. Yesterday we saw that Democrats are looking to find ways to strengthen the Affordable Care Act. Introduce legislation that would lower drug costs and docile. You know support. People with pre preexisting conditions and this morning I was watching around in just trying to see if I can get some sound from members of congress. And I think we've got that teed up some video here sounding off your on the. DOJ's decision. Well you know Latin what we're Hannity like this is respond immediately eons have a legislative response. As things for their way to the courts or cash demonstrate that. We'll talk that the administration this week. I'm not shocked because this. Republican Harry and health and health care more expensive in skyrocketing prescription drug ring pregnant. Weekend they hear more at a time. Corporate profits teach you about electability and cost of living at the American people. Obama care hasn't worked for the American people we've seen rising prices we've seen worse health care outcomes in many cases. We've seen a private market collapse in terms of choices for the American people so. We definitely need a better system and hopefully will be able to get that going forward this can tell us imports expected view it will issue. You ready to go. It's. Well we have yet to see the timetable that the portal happen. Looking at these issues frankly I think the American people suffered under Obama care for far too long. And we should have to wait for the courts which it. Get legislation moving that can improve choice and the can lower cost. Yeah I heard Republican backing it's right there are talking about moving forward on some sort of other plan but we've got to see any sort of teen tells. From the Republican Party there in windows in the minority here in the house so you really think that anything that's gonna get some momentum here in congress is gonna have to come from the senate. From senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and his you have to come up with something with the White House. That can fly. And if you're looking to replace that you stole the house democratic majority which is gonna complicate things that's why I really think this is gonna play. Through the court's going to Swanee Swanee become a huge election issue. And then you know maybe at some point you can get something not divided up congress and government and see if one party can she can change it in their own direction. Yen down it's looking like it's going to be in the issues so. I want to go back to Karen carrying you do a a lot of interviews with some rate radio affiliates while where they focusing on today when you were speaking with them. Question Kimberly isn't what happens right now is there any immediate change with this move by the Justice Department. And this new position by the trump administration answer to that is no there is nothing changes at this moment. But now this is going to be a very big topic that Democrats and Republicans are going to be debating as John said. For now until the election year and did it last year on the campaign trail in the mid term election season. Said that Republicans would not get rid of protections for people it preexisting conditions president promised this at almost every campaign rally sensing that this was going to be a big issue for voters. Annals is seeing that Democrats are talking about this at every stop. And now that's a promise that he made last year and they're gonna have to figure out a way to keep that. It obamacare is invalidated. There's nothing waiting in the wings to guarantee that those protections would stay in place. Right here in thank you care and thank you John we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Members of Congress respond to the Trump administration's request that the court strike down the Affordable Care Act. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61982804","title":"Health care clash heats up","url":"/US/video/health-care-clash-heats-61982804"}