DC Crews Rush to Repair Water Main Amid Heat Wave

Officials warn of severe heath risks as areas throughout the United States see temperatures soar.
11:24 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for DC Crews Rush to Repair Water Main Amid Heat Wave
This is this special report from the EC. Well I'm Dan -- -- witness ABC news digital special report. We are just three days into this blazing heat wave. It's been targeting most of the northeast but today the -- has leaked into the rest of the country. Parts of all 48 contiguous states will -- highs in the nineties today. The National Weather Service has heat advisories and warnings in place like New York Chicago Washington DC all affected. And joining us now from Washington DC's ABC's Karen Travers Karen and fortunate to make matters worse. There are hundreds of thousands of people down there without water what is going on. Dan there is a water remain -- 54. Inch major water main in Prince George's County that's accounting it's just south of Washington DC and officials determine this week that there was a damaged into this water main that they need to fix immediately. And they decided last -- at -- to shut off the water twelve to fifteen hours later is right about now. All water was gonna stop to about a hundred to 200000 residents and Dan attempt -- right now are already in the nineties down here. And for those people not having water at this could not come at a worse time. It's us scorcher out there. Temperatures above ninety degrees across the entire continental US heat watches and warnings and advisories in effect for eat -- states. Anyone Maryland county just outside Washington DC. Residents will be really feeling the heat. -- may just 54 inch water main in Prince George's County is in desperate need of repair yesterday. Rose to the level saying we -- knew something about this. So -- midnight officials shut off the water supply leaving 200 to 300000 residents high and dry. Across the affected area people scrambled to stockpile water before the taps trickled T and T just. Making -- we read. This woman was delivering water to Ratliff for us. I just want to make sure that they will be will. Hydrated. He had to take -- -- -- -- even though personal hygiene stuff. Many officials urge residents to be prepared. What we want people to do with -- -- -- and available containers -- tonight. Had a stamp got creative with her backyard inflatable pool. We -- it was it was women. We're gonna have to make -- that being used it look let's not bullets and water companies said -- best case scenario what if that's wrong. I think it's this and that price priority right now. But we don't know what we're going to find exactly. Given the -- Dan emergency centers have opened up in Prince George's County in that affected areas -- residents can go there and take a shower or use the bathroom get some water. And get some relief -- I mean obviously it seems like it's -- a lot of people could be a -- -- to -- to have water but when you're talking about temperatures that are in the ninety's I can cause serious health related issues. And we've been hearing of any emergencies that happen either Prince George's County or in the DC metro area. Not yet -- now the water was shut -- at midnight last night and officials are saying that it would take about twelve to fifteen hours for it to completely stop so it really overnight people were still getting water through their faucets through their stake its. And that's why officials are urging them to take advantage of that time. Get as much water as you can you saw that woman putting in her backyard -- we can't use it to cool off from the heat but you could certainly use that to fill up with a -- bring that into potentially -- for your -- so you might he do that over the next couple of days so right now the next couple hours will be the critical time once the water does start dripping out of the faucets to see what people do but so far we haven't heard of any injuries or deaths from the the heat or the lack of water. I know you're setting your report that a lot of -- for those cooling centers and those relief centers are being filled up but at the same time though it obviously puts a drain on resources for municipalities. I even hear anything about potentially having to either borrow from other counties are other areas to be able to keep that kind of infrastructure in place and -- and help -- people cool. We haven't heard that just yet Danny had his officials out there really emphasizing to people to start taking precautions on our -- we heard of mini runs at different grocery stores cost goes places like that -- need to get water wholesale. See you go in and -- and stock up for your family may be some of your neighbors. At this point they were bringing in water to some of these cooling centers are people going take advantage of that but there were going to be restrictions on. The amounts of leaders that people could walk away with that they can get for free so they're urging people really pay attention to your neighbors -- -- check on -- older people who might not have the means to go out and take advantage of that water don't wanna leave the house that -- misses one important thing to remember the air conditioning is still working for most people is not a power -- this is just -- water outage so at least it might still be cool inside even if you're drinking a lot of bottled water and using apple in the backyard -- -- -- -- toilet inside. Right exactly keeping those obviously in the back reminds ABC's -- -- in Washington DC Karen thank you for that. The want to turn now to AccuWeather is -- -- from -- what's on tap as we are sweating it out Valerie. Please tell us we are in the middle or at least at the tail end of this thing. Well -- Public safety today where torrent that -- hail and if things and decades. Think the good news is this is not historic this is not something where we're going to be coming up with. -- hundreds and hundreds of records in fact we haven't seen any records here. In the US so that's definitely some good news but the one thing. It is very uncomfortable it's -- very hot and humid when you are outside which makes it worse. So we have a big ridge of high pressure centered over Pennsylvania this the same high pressure that was off into the Atlantic that had been blocking any storms from really leaving. Most of the eastern seaboard. All of the clouds. Basically on the periphery of the heat and where we are going to see some of these clouds could -- some isolated -- drenching thunderstorms popping -- but they're probably more. Misses -- hits here's a look at our current real feel temperatures this is what it feels like outside 103 Detroit Pittsburgh a hundred Syracuse. A 107. In New York City -- even as we head into Thursday we're not done just yet you're still dealing with when you combined heat and humidity temperatures. Thanks -- -- temperatures into the triple digits 110. That is actually Christina -- wants to be outside and that it all but the good news is there is relief. However it's going to wait until Saturday Sunday to hit into the northeast into Friday you'll at least feel and the -- -- but -- this relief. You are going to be dealing with some severe weather on top of that. And back to -- some -- that severe weather Thursday Thursday night across the upper midwest that will make its way from Chicago to Detroit Montreal and -- Friday. And that -- had at least Saturday into Pittsburgh. Albany and over toward bank or this tempering its drenching downpours and also are looking -- -- damaging winds and hail so you kind of have to take -- the -- I guess so that nurture are fortunate to have much of -- choice for that Valerie I couldn't believe this when I first read this but there are parts of every state in the lower 48 that will be reaching the ninety's today. I'm not a passenger a -- but yet at that sadly believable because we are now seeing this. Big ridge of high pressure starting to spread a bit farther to the middle of the country so many places now are getting in on summit -- -- -- I guess some of the good part is where you do see some of the clouds and some of that rain it is actually going to be a little bit of a cooling rain so that's kinda. Somewhat helpful but -- -- where we're definitely -- he. What are cool it overnight as well he's a lot of people are looking for that as relief if there either at work -- -- heads air conditioner in their officer they're building to restore whatever might be. That is kind of the -- during the day and then at -- time hoping -- may be kind of open the windows at least catch cool Brees has that been happening across much of the country. Well that's kind of a problem because if such humidity you're not getting all of the cooling at night that he would generally hope for you know you think the sun goes -- and -- gets a little cooler. But were still dealing with some temperatures into the upper seventies and even eighties last night in DC and Philly. We temperatures only dropping to the -- so you're not really getting relief at -- Islam. All right so we will be keeping an eye on the skies as well -- spot from -- thank you so much for being with us appreciate that. What I think temperature one more place in the nation today and that is at the windy city and it looks like from our conversation Jason -- Got good assignment have been on the beach today which seems like the only reasonable place to be on a day like today. And you know that's right Daniel right now and actually feels -- out here I'm standing in the water right now and it feels cool but I'm sweating still -- -- 11 AM right now in the windy city and Chicago. It's already super hot we are dealing with the heat index of 400 in -- -- possibly. Even a little higher at least above -- hundred degrees and that -- there are plenty of people here already here at north avenue beach. They are definitely getting in the water they are trying to stay cool you know we do get a little bit -- -- -- here usually on the -- front. But that actually not be the case today it doesn't look like we are going to get much of -- priests of people actually be able to go inside -- water you know. Many times you try to go in the water and that's overtime period Chicago. And it's it's -- -- even when it's warm but just being in this water right now I can tell you that it's it's it's very warm it feels good. There are also some cooling centers that opened up in the city and we are being told that many people are going to those cooling centers to -- some relief. We're also being told by doctors -- eighty yards a hard definitely seeing a spike in people going there for -- Related illnesses so people really are on alert here in the windy city of this again is one of our first real heat -- -- -- cool summer. So people still getting -- and the ice cream man is right there -- It looks like a lot of people have another option to cool off. I think that -- immediately I think he's obviously very busy these -- any shortage of business. But obviously -- series -- in the thing is that we do complained about that it is so hot his than adults but at the same time it really -- a great -- stress and pressure. On infrastructure and they have the power grids as well have you been hearing about your cooling centers or any of those kinds of zero people -- -- -- -- -- But having any kind of problems about keeping their operations. -- -- we haven't heard anything about that at all as far as power is concerned and I'm sure you know that may be an issue as the heat wave. Goes on for the next couple of days but as of now we haven't heard of any power outages the city runs those cooling centers so. And they usually don't have any problems at all keeping people cool and getting them in their -- you know the danger is whatever you have. A heat wave like this one or that lasts a long time is when it does indeed cool at night when it doesn't pull off night. That is when folks really are at risk and many people without air conditioning and many people who are older. May you know and eventually not not be able to deal with it after a couple of days and and they may not be able to handle it he -- -- you. Right entity -- -- was secretly checked and those -- earlier that night either be at Pollard I have access to air conditioned area. Makes -- they are. Still there and keeping them hydrated it's not about supplies as well all right well we certainly appreciate that water or heat index certainly nothing to joke -- even at the beach today Jason. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you for that it's been an ABC news that the special report on this East Coast heat wave I'm Dan Butler -- This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":19690288,"title":"DC Crews Rush to Repair Water Main Amid Heat Wave","duration":"11:24","description":"Officials warn of severe heath risks as areas throughout the United States see temperatures soar.","url":"/US/video/heat-wave-2013-dc-area-shuts-water-repair-19690288","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}