Heatwave to scorch the country this weekend

Most parts of the country will be affected by dangerously hot temperatures this weekend.
2:55 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for Heatwave to scorch the country this weekend
Severe weather more than 200 dangerous storms last night including one right here in New York City. In a few tornadoes but things are also supposed to heat up like it really hot so I wanna goats and Alex friends in Chicago with more. Yeah really hot just kinda sort have begins to describe it Kimberly I you mentioned storms what we're dealing with. A couple severe thunderstorms are indictment be able to tell it's cloudy and raining here. Right now which is a cooling things off for the moment of but that's not really going to help in the next. Few hours and in the next few days because the temperature is going to skyrocket we're talking about. Heat index temperatures that will feel like well over a hundred degrees possibly a hundred in fifteen. Degrees the feel like temperature in Chicago this weekend and it's not to Chicago it's a huge part of the midwest. Huge part of the north east almost 50% of the country were talking about. So millions of people will be coping with these very very hot and dangerous temperatures. Of course officials are saying you have to be extra careful you have to take it very very seriously. He spent too much time outside the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke is a real thing. We were in emergency room we talked to doctor there said their said they told me they're bracing to see an influx of the number of heat related emergencies because people just don't take it. Seriously so it's not a small area it's a big area and it's going to last a couple of days those two things combined how officials and everyone on alerts and warning everyone to be ready Kimberly. An Allen how rare is this type of heat in Chicago I mean it is summertime. Yeah it is summertime and accurate middle class Lichen or these and other. Parts of the country if we're used to dealing with hot temperatures Chicago had a big heat wave in 1995 that one was a very very scary frightening ones and 700 people died. Back then but a lot of things have changed since then the city's reaction. Too hot temperatures has changed and the preparedness. Of a lot of people here and how the city reacts to the temperatures has all changed. Over the last several years so we're not expecting anything like that but. Part of that reaction of that changes that we have to be ready for it and so no one's taking any chances. You know in the south sometimes are used to hundred degree days all the time but up in the midwest and parts of the northeast it's not an everyday thing and so everyone has been. Put on alert right now it's going to be hot stay out of the heat get inside one thing. I learned I didn't know what the doctor I was talking to keep your drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated. You can still be at risk for heat exhaustion or heat stroke the key they say not just drinking water but did not have it getting into some AC. And staying cool Kimberly. All right Alex thanks for the information and definitely stay inside our right we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Most parts of the country will be affected by dangerously hot temperatures this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64418683","title":"Heatwave to scorch the country this weekend ","url":"/US/video/heatwave-scorch-country-weekend-64418683"}