High School Students Divided by Election Share Thoughts With Each Other

The students realized that they were all virtually saying the same thing: that they were fearful of the other side.
6:47 | 01/16/17

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Transcript for High School Students Divided by Election Share Thoughts With Each Other
Last segment we showed you what happens when we went to an Iowa high school with students who are so divided by the election they didn't think they could sit in the same room. The take a look at what happened when they did. Flew in here. Supported Hillary Clinton just treasure have these supported Hillary Clinton and then who in here supported elsewhere. As I can tell you you told me earlier that what. Offended you was that Donald Trump said that Mexican ends are criminals and your Mexican. How do you feel about people at the school lets say Nace then or Colin. That are supportive of Donald Trump like if your supported under kind of supporting all of its pop formula just like saying. Foley family support certain aspects because you're also supporting everything else that he stands were by saying oh yeah I like him. I would guess Syria would say that fact that you can support someone. But you do not just for every single thing they say or every single thing they do but can you ignore all that rhetoric that can you look past all the yes because I firmly support child. And a lot of this policy stances. We're not addressing the issues are not addressing that most of the things he sat are inappropriate and degrade some human groups. It's not really about one for Donald charm it's about how. Your friends of your peers how everyone's gonna see you because I don't see you as oh he voted for Donald champions racist I see you as oh he won't take recommending to consideration. Didn't think of all the native think that's gonna happen to me are my family. I think one of the things that I discovered and talking to Collin and Mason is that there are some people who aren't Donald Trump but. Feel like they're being accused of all the bad things that Donald Trump to just the costs. They supported him is that fair dealing. I don't think that's not necessarily fair because you not to support a candidate Foley. You can look past some of the things they say it but it's that action of looking past that really gets that people will. Cullen you've been nervous about. Talking about that's right yeah I mean I have been also frayed speak out for my own opinion. Because I didn't want politics to get in the way to my friendships he's afraid to talk about his open. Does that bother you. Angers me that your trade Ilie and deadly don't want you to be afraid but I feel like he should think about how. Millions of other people in the United States. Like what fear they're going through on the Friday of the election me my family was targeted the fear that were feeling and how intensified it is. I'm gonna call you out for sex. So the question was does it bother you and he feels afraid to give his opinion. And instead of responding to that you turned around and told him how he what he needs to do. Must trying to explain my views in his news and mad because I don't want you were trying to kill chip in because you were talking about how your family was targeted. Her because of what -- saying about Muslims. And he was feeling afraid to speak out so you like what might Kim is also afraid to speak out who I was only trying to show on the other side of the story there's two sides in court Philip what we have to focus on now. It's not Donald Trump it's hate. And that's great but there's also been hate against people who sported charm as well when the well it's certainly not to blatantly that we're in the easily parent you're in my gym class last trimester it. And well I wore in the make America America great again had also on Halloween and then when I explain we knew that. I need right glory you said you lost all respect for high humanity. I averaged I lost respect for you. And that's when he came out with the eye grabbing him by the generals and all that and I don't see how I can understand how you can look past that still have respect for. I ain't I don't. It's not that a guy respect for Perez like is human being or anything it's just that I can never seen myself. In a teacher like relationship the friend with terror or as I just I know I can never. Understand right and you and could look past I don't him average he can't not censor anything for you respect me again. And I don't want respect they just one understanding. You said that your father was worried. About you wearing make America great again have to write because he was afraid you my tibia yes and you said this morning. That you're worried about your siblings and your family being able to walk into school I bet you heard if you constantly. We're also set that there are your friends that won't Wear to his job anymore and will Wear a hood instead because they're afraid you all here. How you're all really saying the same thing. So how do you move forward. Where are you all well and where does the country come. We have to continue this conversation that's the only way we can move forward is to air are different it's just look at it from my point of view has ever Lou allow me it's a learned stuff which is why it's that kind of talk with other people and financier of their viewpoints it's a kind of like. Why is there is saying and what they're kind of thinking is our country definitely needs more unification. And not more division didn't agree. Yeah. Whatever that evidently a deadline ingredient yeah. It doubts about the only agree that we got held up at the end of birthday. It felt anything similar app and yet haven't not in my stomach ailment since we came back from IO because it was. This sort of eye opening. How much kids are talking past each other and and how much they seem to be in that room a lack of empathy on both sides are. On both sides big big definitely spoke past each other and I was also just surprised at how involved they weren't with this election only one. Kit that we spoke to was able to vote she voted for Donald Trump the other once. Aren't old enough to vote. But they are in it. Just as much as anyone at and atlas. Eye opening when you said that line about how you're all saying the same thing that was eye opening for me and for them because I think it's really hard when you feel what you feel. Few if you're afraid. It's really hard for you to step into someone else issues and not only because you're scared yes you're scared but if you can. And you just cross that bridge for a second and you Stefan divisions and see why they need to be feeling next scene feeling. That's a way for those two kids adults Weber may be to come together. And you made that happen and that moment and that that's something that we all need to do together on a daily basis because the division is real we can come together. But the thing that I'm thrilled about and I hope will continue as I help this group meets. Once a week every week until everybody's her. Because what you saw there was big just then this scene of beginning to understand. That you know we are all in this together and we got to go to school and get her favorite and now.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"The students realized that they were all virtually saying the same thing: that they were fearful of the other side. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44812711","title":"High School Students Divided by Election Share Thoughts With Each Other","url":"/US/video/high-school-students-divided-election-share-thoughts-44812711"}