High School Students Become Heavily Divided After Election

The students discuss how their school went from being united to divided.
4:05 | 01/16/17

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Transcript for High School Students Become Heavily Divided After Election
This election has torn this country in half. And if you think your children aren't feeling the effects you need to pay attention. A high school in Iowa was thrust into the national spotlight once student protests erupted after the election. So I went there with our friends and correspondent Clay Aiken to find out how they're handling a school divided. Take a look. The 2000 students west titles they are snapshot of America. A diverse cross section of cultures and races for the most part it's pretty tolerant city and community. And lots of people very accepting and welcoming. After the presidential election. This is the night for Donald Trump he's now going to be the 44 president of the United States there world changed overnight. It's really suffocating. Normally speaks there are kids who want to talk about it I was one of those chest it was awesome kids who. We're completely silent throughout the day or they were crying in the hallways and then of course there's kids are happy about it there's nothing about your own school they should tell like. From my gosh is that junior president and those who really crucial if there's a lot of my friends and who not a conservative when it didn't really toxin that day whenever they look at me. Which it was heartbreaking. The dash of the action during lunch I was walking. Away from. Likened the line and some kid bumped into me Mason oh sorry Richard going in he said. A back home. And Blake whose group of friends kennel and laughs to the side. I don't let your tummy that somebody can turn it was like oh he has an ultra when you're gonna get reported. And I don't live here anymore you need to go home without expediting this renting in the tells us when it's there finalists. Hole and they had. So there's a swastika the results of the election we're waiting for people to really show that you colors trumps election tango. Woke up. Variation in America plus plus is knowing that. People think it's okay now to go out and called me to Connolly texts to and kind of like. The sun and. I feel that people who supported chopper voted for trump are okay with racism but just for the Republican doesn't generation of stone due to know me I'm actually Linda. I was called on member of the Hitler youth. And not see and just because you like trump just because I supported John from the election. Why do you say to people. Bid being because your Republican because you voted for damage from your racist. People do have very negative views towards Republicans like to think or close minded racist woman haters so I. It's simply not true. They're nervous today Hamas. Chisholm and I'm afraid that's the people who have seen us and stay in America thinks that. I might just I'm not breaks this conservative or Republican buzz which I'm not I'm. I wore my chances are for the election ends in January afterwards and now my. Because I did not want to be lumped in with dean she Waldrop as students who were making. Horrible comments some listings you're saying like to go back Sharon country go back where you came from they're calling utilitarian. Stand. Big just gave me like knowing that she thanked my parents think if my mom was supposed to start someone say something tech. That X she. And sag should. Just may need to take me the shot that some polling that could become Brett. He now selection was this. It's still pretty tough men are still in touch with tension I see every day. The couple months after I still feel that it's very tense and Bauer and room that's good child support around my own extraordinary ten.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"The students discuss how their school went from being united to divided.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44812679","title":"High School Students Become Heavily Divided After Election","url":"/US/video/high-school-students-heavily-divided-election-44812679"}