High-stakes Georgia Senate runoff races

Lizet Ocampo from People For the American Way discusses how Democrats are making a final push in Georgia Senate races.
4:39 | 12/18/20

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Transcript for High-stakes Georgia Senate runoff races
Just 33 days left until the inauguration it is still yet to be decided it president elect Joseph Biden will be working with an divided government. Early voting is underway in Georgia where two senate runoff elections are set for January 5. And joining us now for more on those races in the Biden transition is a set up combo of the political director for People for the American Way was that good afternoon thanks for being here. Things are nineteen. So vice president elect Pamela Harris will be campaigning for Democrats in Georgia this weekend what is the democrats' strategy in the last few weeks before the selection. Look don't turn out. And we've seen already in early vote that we are very similar to the general numbers and early vs very promising in terms of getting out the vote. But a lot of it is making sure to communicate to voters that this election is happening. I'm the stakes that are among the selection and how closely relates all the issues and noticed here. I how good a chance you think Democrats have to win both of these. It is very much. Good chance you know we see like a set an increase in turnout. We see minority communities and an area voters people of color. Really engaged and getting out the vote on they see that they can decide the election. Amen we see you on the Republican side on the seems to be a lot of community as well also there's a lot of things happening in this election and gives a real chance. Good to Africa so what. And I know your organization just launched a Spanish ad campaign how critical of a role could Latino voters play. In these races. Very critical yes we just want some six figure a radio ad campaign and it's critically important that we reach out to voters and talk to him. You don't feel voters made up about 7%. The electorate and and the general election come and it ended up being about twenty times the margin of victory in Georgia. I'm so it's definitely. Critically important that let you know what are strapped to vote in the state you know Latino community should. Then disproportionately impacted by code red onion we have people in the Indian immigrant community groups are in very typical work situations and didn't get anything come to stimulus package in the user agreement to part of the community I'm we have all sorts of issues. That I can ask your health care. I'm an all the ads critically an important an impact in buying any season as he's of course I'm in congress. And biting yesterday announced that he intends to nominate representative Devin Holland for interior secretary now if approved she would be the first native American to hold a cabinet position. How important do you think this is both from a representation standpoint and also from a policy standpoint it. Important I'm you know she will be overseen avalanche has come for example it is. Obviously our moment to tie him and I beyond. Time to have someone from the near me and you need in his position but in other positions as well and you know I remember very well when she made history on his being. One of the first in congress as a new American woman. I'm we want to make sure. A lot of these leaders who the are being elected onto these positions and also have a very progressive views are and aren't mind with Christina progressive agenda that voters want them to special. And so on that note what are you looking out more than as Biden continues building his administration and what do you think of the picks he's made so far. Well I'm there's really Benton. The focus and on having a diverse. I'm cabinet we've seen mission of the diversity we've seen gender diversity. I'm I think that we're looking for I'm seeing that continue and also making sure that progressive values. Are very much represented we have young people have Aaron and Kelli. I'm that we have envelopes who you know support manager for all in all sorts of different numbers of policy issues that our organization it's very. And so how do you balance that. That request for progressive policies and to see progressive leaders. In the cabinet with the administration's goal of also trying to promote unity in trying to come together with people on the other side. Think it's you know. There's a lot of overlap with. I'm what the other side wants the I'm arsenide ones as well also obviously. I'm that is part of the negotiation. Process. We are gonna continue to push progressive values and think that. We should start quit Saddam strong a progressive values as we approach on how to govern and this administration. Knight was set a combo political director for People for the American Way thank you for your time today is that we appreciate it. He's an age.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Lizet Ocampo from People For the American Way discusses how Democrats are making a final push in Georgia Senate races.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74810683","title":"High-stakes Georgia Senate runoff races","url":"/US/video/high-stakes-georgia-senate-runoff-races-74810683"}