Hillary Clinton Launches Book Signing Tour

The former Secretary of State's book "Hard Choices" may indicate her start to a presidential campaign.
9:43 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Launches Book Signing Tour
This is a special room. She won't say if she's running but it's a Super Tuesday for Hillary Clinton all the same the release of a new book hard choices the hundreds of fans line up inside and out a New York City bookstore. I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York the book coming out after mrs. Clinton spoke. Exclusively to Diane Sawyer about so many tough issues. The former secretary of state saying she has not decided to run for president but to many this all looks like the -- -- start to a long awaited campaign. Here's ABC's -- Gonzales with all the latest. From personal struggles to the presidency foreign policy to her health. Today former secretary of state Hillary Clinton talked exclusively to Robin Roberts about a wide range of topics. Seldom covered in her new book hard -- -- out today. -- not. Including concussion she suffered -- 2012. Which her husband Bill Clinton recently said it took six months of serious work to get over what bill is referring to is that when I have the concussion and it was diagnosed. The doctor said look you're gonna be fine you're gonna fully recover Clinton also answer to some of the comments she made during last night's exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer including this became out of the White House not only dead broke but in death to. Sparking a strong response from critics one commenting between their million dollar mansions in new York and Washington -- ridiculously expensive speaking fees it's clear nobody could be more out of touch than Hillary Clinton. Let me just. Clarified that. I fully appreciate how hard life is for so many Americans today. It's an issue that I've worked on -- cared about my entire adult life and again today Clinton was asked if mistakes were made leading up to the deadly 2012 attacks in Ben Ghazi. There were systemic. Problems within the State Department and clearly if we had. Known that earlier perhaps we could have done and some changes that would have prevented. -- at least. Hopefully could have prevented what happened. And Clinton maintains she does not know if she'll run for president saying she likely won't decide until next year. -- Gonzales ABC news New York. We want to bring an ABC's political director Rick Klein and digital journalist -- -- it's who brave those crowds -- Barnes & Noble today. -- quite the turnout how long -- those Hillary fans willing to wait to get some face time and a signed copy. A very very long time Michelle IA showed up yesterday after work on my way home -- popped by the bookstore and there are people that had been out there. Since 2:30 PM yesterday after news they essentially waited almost 24 hours just to meet Secretary Clinton. -- diehard fans. A you know I received part of that group of super fans that are ready for Hillary and -- and -- eagerly awaiting for her to run for president even tracking -- these past couple of months any surprise at the long lines and do we know how many people actually turned out. We do I talk to a spokesperson for Barnes & Noble who told me that roughly about a thousand people showed out today up today at the bookstore. I know that's not surprising at all -- they said there these super fans the super -- ready for Hillary that's been urging her to run there's been senators and high level endorsements I mean she has -- huge number of people across the country that are excited for her and it's no surprise that they are shut today for her first. -- stop on her nation my book tour and Rick not everyone's a fan let's talk about hash tag Hillary is so -- that blew up on Twitter last night. Especially among conservative types. It is an idea of what's behind all of this -- they're real issue. Well I think there's a sense that that Hillary Clinton the fallout from the Republican perspective is out of touch for more general -- maybe she's a little -- politically rusty she. Made any comment to Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview reference last night about. How how she left the White House and broke how she struggled along the way this is a woman who. We know makes 200000 dollars plus for speak to -- side. In eight million dollar advance for her first -- which was in the works before she left the White House last -- -- the idea that she's struggling in any sense. Of of one that relates to most Americans I think is -- is a stretch I think she realized that. But not before you saw the Twitter hash tag taken over as he said. Hillary is so -- it became -- -- it became a funny thing that developed fire early overnight even as our special was -- last night. Doesn't really matter what we get us. Get an idea of what their financial state was all those years ago we will and we have some sense already from the disclosure forms -- time the United States senate is that as a candidate she runs again not -- file all over and we know something's about the financing of the Clinton foundation but make no mistake they are extraordinarily wealthy right now some people said 200 million dollars. Wealthy I think her attempt to try to did define herself in line with people who are struggling to make ends meet is -- -- -- fall flat. It's a valid point to make that they didn't leave the white house with a lot of money clearly they have a lot of money now and I think -- senior tweak the answer now to talk on how fortunate they've been. Over the last fourteen years. But I'll tell you -- a number of Republicans who heard that and said this is -- against her whenever she tries to talk about working class policies and how. She is someone who can empathize and relate to people in the middle class were struggling to get by Republicans have a weapon. And Rick says the book tour begins -- -- Hillary's been hiding out ahead of it she's been giving speeches around the country. For months now is as part of her overall strategy. She once famously described -- post secretary of state time his speeches and speeches except the beach is never really materialized it's been a lot of time in public life and now. In interviews scheduled it's gonna -- across networks across cable platforms over the next week -- so. And she is going to be around the country -- bookstore signing books meeting people it is going to look and feel like a campaign and that's not a mistake is -- it -- into 2014 and mid term congressional campaigning. And then as she's hinting very strongly it could very well lead into that 2016 campaign she is essentially running now all but for the -- Liberation yes of course looking at the pictures of those long lines of people flashing. The cameras and people next to her how much of about it is also about selling books -- addition to getting that information out to potential voters. Yeah I think that's actually secondary I think the the the finances are are pretty stable right now in the Clinton counseled him making plenty of money she's able to do it with every human speech -- -- she'd like to -- many books. But I view the book as a campaign document in that it's gets her version of events down on the record. This is her four years as she experience that she gets that answer the questions in the -- the critiques now on her own terms a full 67 months before people start -- Larry for president. So I view this more as a campaign book. That is a as an effort has the sellable solo they look it would be nice if she could double from -- perspective. And Liz we've -- the information coming out after Diane Sawyer interview last night and also with Robin Roberts do we know any of those people who got their books signed today. That's actually speak to mrs. Clinton are ask her any questions. Unfortunately. They did not there were some very strict guidelines that are being distributed out to all the people waiting in line there was no photography can not -- -- picture with Secretary Clinton. You could only get one book -- -- And you couldn't have any memorabilia signed their very strict rules I mean it makes sense there are a lot of people and she's -- you know busy busy schedule and -- whisked away right after to go to Chicago for another event. But you know an unfortunate people that waited that long that didn't get the text chat with her briefly but didn't -- -- -- And give us -- -- we've heard about a bus parked outside the Barnes & Noble bookstore where this is all happening give us an idea about this. So going up what -- that there is sort of -- campaign feel to this book signing event. There was a bus there at bus there it wasn't to campaign -- and actually called Hillary -- and it's run by the super pac ready for Hillary that. Is trying to -- get her to run. It's parked right that was parked right outside. The -- store and they -- making its debut today is going to be going around with her following her and stopped to stop on this nationwide book tour. Their whole ideas that they're gonna be outside her book tour events and signing people up sort of the grassroots campaign essentially and rookie. Rick how much from this book and also the interviews that we have now. Are we most likely to see replay during a potential campaign by the Clinton camp -- her opponents. We talked about this out some people calling the first -- of the campaign talking about her finances and the struggles that will be back. Also big -- we've seen some fierce reaction from Republicans on Capitol Hill today Rand Paul -- -- -- their the -- likely to run for president as a Republican. -- Hillary Clinton clearly failed to 3 AM AM moment talking about Howard's explanations and Ghazi just aren't adequate. And saying that she should have recognized the threat they are a lot sooner I think that's going to be in the mix for for quite some time. She also made some headlines in response the Monica Lewinsky and we've -- -- for some Republicans they plan to bring that up all over again although I don't think that's essential to a a likely or possible campaign. For Hillary Clinton as -- time -- secretary of state and leading. The the foreign policy during the first Obama administration and of course in the tragedy and -- -- ABC news political director Rick Klein thank you and Liz -- it's on the Hillary Clinton -- today thanks so much thank you. And also -- Gonzales this has been an ABC news digital special report keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news that and star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24076449,"title":"Hillary Clinton Launches Book Signing Tour ","duration":"9:43","description":"The former Secretary of State's book \"Hard Choices\" may indicate her start to a presidential campaign.","url":"/US/video/hillary-clinton-secretary-states-book-hard-choices-start-24076449","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}