Hoboken Restaurant Closed Due to Investigation, Offers Coffee and Food for First Responders

ABC News' Charli James talks to the owner of Hotel Victor Bar & Grill, a restaurant located across the street from the Hoboken train station.
11:32 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for Hoboken Restaurant Closed Due to Investigation, Offers Coffee and Food for First Responders
Any change here thanks for watching ABC news did I am on the street. I in Hoboken, New Jersey where at river and Newark's streets just a block away from. The train station where that new Jersey transit. Train accident happened earlier today just wanna give you a look at what the street looks like at this point close to. That accident we did learn some more details from the press conference. Diet governors Chris Christie and I'm Andrew Oklahoma. But. Right now. There's no traffic or any people still being allowed past these police lines. Governor Christie said that the path train which is the train that connects New Jersey. And it to downtown Manhattan and midtown Manhattan. Will be open for at the rush hour tonight however. Still no one is being allowed close to the train station and this officer here we spoke to him and he said at this point he does not have any information as to when. These lines we'll come down. You can also see on the other side of the street here more police tape and a bunch of satellite trucks that threaten us that trucks are being set up for on the networks. You saw earlier today. Before the press conference we were alive close to a lot of the stand up position the position through the media set up there's another area around the corner and take you to as well. And talk with. Business owners so while we walked to that side and you can take a look at what the street looks like. I'm not give you an update us of what the latest is that we found out about in the press conference as you can see this is a busy part of of hope book and the main downtown where a lot of restaurants a lot of bars so there are still people. Walking around walking their dogs. The business. Owners are still need to get to there. Companies and people who work there are so there is some traffic past the police lines but as of right now it's just people who live and work in that area that's being allowed. Wait did learn a little bit more information in a press conference about what happened. And how many people were hurt so there a 108 injuries I'm and one fatality now they would not the governors would not comment I'm. Who that person was we know was a one man and we know that she died. From debris falling. From the build and structurally. And not from impact on the train. But other than that they would not comment about her they also said. It's important right now to let investigators do their jobs and not speculate on the cause was. Behind this accident. As of right now we're still seeing a lot of police cars ambulances. Coming going from the scene this street here Hudson another one of the main commercial streets and Hoboken has still been cut off from. From car traffic however. There are more people down here and there's media day on here as well he sees them on the satellite trucks. Hands. We also learned in the press conference. That. They do expect this path train service to be opened so this should be. Busy again later today however the other train lines that run through there the light rail new Jersey transit they don't have an indication as to when. Those trains will be up and running again as of now there's a lot of boxes that are going to be filling and the gaps to help get people home tonight. And they also said that the main. Concern safety lies is to make sure that that building is safe for people to the end because. The train hit some beams and there's a partial roof collapse so. They really want to make sure that that's they as us you can see on the other side here. More media set up. I want you were gonna go behind this tape just to go into the hotel Victor here this is one of the businesses that has been. Shut down behind a police tape. However they then. Setting up food and coffee. For the first responders and yet here they have muffins in response of the crowd. As well as coffee and water and bottled water so they set this up this morning. To help out in any way that they can obviously affecting their business you can feel let's go in and see if we can talk with the honor. I DNN. Hi David. Charlie Sheen that I hair we're live on abcnews.com. Right now. Tell us a little event noticed all that is the food outside. When you did this but the response then. Responses been awesome the whole community has come together to help all the first responders. Just like during hurricane sandy. We all pitched in. A couple of businesses down the block came drop a full go here. Everybody's been really happy with what we've done. And hope to continue to do this for the community. And it's a lot quieter now than it was earlier today can you describe the scene not that when he got here. There was little crazy about 9 o'clock this morning it was very tough even just to get over here. But once we got everything opened people love that we had some waters juices full fees for everybody. It was very appreciative. Really. Loved you know have in the community come together and support Clinton. And obviously in this police findings this. You know it's hurting your business a little bit it's not. Very full in here have they given you any indication as to when they expect. This these police lines to come down in your customers still to come back. We haven't heard anything we do have a couple customers fragment and so we survived hurricane sandy were gonna survive this and the goal as we can. You aren't here at the time of the accident did you hear it I did not hear it but I did from my house here all the sirens. So I knew there was something known on. And came on up. Thank you so much and thanks for helping out the first responders hear it. It's a heartwarming to see the community come together as as you mentioned you know we saw from Carlos steak shop. A lot done done us a lot of places in the neighborhood coming together to bring food. And help out the first responders and any small it again thank you for speaking with us. So an also a in that sense of togetherness that. David just spoke about Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo the governor's also spoke about how their experience working together so much during hurricane Danny her canning read. These recent terrorism incidents says. Have helped today or stabs really be able to respond well. Two issues. And that they've been working together for six years so let's just come around the corner here and we can show. What the damage looks like on this side. I so we gotta go back behind them. The lion. We'll just go in show at the media looks like here now when I arrived here earlier this morning. There were a lot of fire trucks and police van set up on the street. Already many have been cleared out rate here. As the CNN has bee Yang. And some other businesses that have been helping out in the wake up this. Incidentally the car company he has been offering free rides to and from Port Authority also to the waterway to help. Passengers get back home also earlier today who burn that the car. Company. The current company was off they can't anyone who took an Bloomberg from the Hoboken terminal to get away from the accident earlier today. From two hours after the accident today have com to all of those riots. There's also business says. That have been pitching end to help. People who have been disrupt did. Five this accident as well so seeing not just the local community but also national business says stepping in to help. The Hoboken community and this is gonna have far outreach because this is such a busy. Transit area you so many. People from new York New Jersey coming through here it's one of the main hubs between the two states. And feed the workers between those two states and its deafening and have a long outreach not just affect them about him. Community but so here at Hudson street and Hudson place this is the scene here it's actually calmed down a little bit here. Right on the street but you can still see here come ambulances. Down on the streets still. So that C and that we know that they have gotten all of the heat. Bomb and that sounds out of these station. That happens pretty soon after the accident actually. They were able to get everyone out of there. However still a lot. Of damage to assassin also worries about the electrical in the building because when that roof collapsed a lot of wires were exposed. And there was water all over the place there's a lot of concern over safety of the building with electricity as well. So there's so many different types of personal in there from engineers park attacks. Officers. Emergency response team and medical team. However we are expecting as the governor said in the press conference board this past station you can actually see the entrance there if you look down from o'clock hour. There's the great build Ang. And then kind of a little green arch and that is. The entrance to the path. Train the path station. It's a little bit separate from the new Jersey transit area you can see it says new Jersey transit welcomes you to Hoboken terminal behind there are so they are a little separate that is where that's. Incident happened in new Jersey transit area so it seems that they are able to separate the two areas of the station. So that the path trains will be usable. For the rush hour. Traffic today. So at just about 3 o'clock right now it seems they'll need to open this pretty soon if they are going to have it. Available for use for rush hour so. It it's in the indications are cracked from the press conference of governors we should be seeing this. Street and this area opened soon for residents to use tonight thanks so much for watching I'm Charlie James stay with ABC news on all platforms. We will of course have continuing coverage of the accidents. They follow this. Or any investigation. Into how this occurred.

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{"duration":"11:32","description":"ABC News' Charli James talks to the owner of Hotel Victor Bar & Grill, a restaurant located across the street from the Hoboken train station.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42457319","title":"Hoboken Restaurant Closed Due to Investigation, Offers Coffee and Food for First Responders ","url":"/US/video/hoboken-restaurant-closed-due-investigation-offers-coffee-food-42457319"}