Hottest and Most-Humid Day of the Year, With Temperatures Pushing 100

Heat wave with scorching temperatures puts the country at risk.
7:20 | 07/19/13

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Transcript for Hottest and Most-Humid Day of the Year, With Temperatures Pushing 100
This is a special report from ABC news. -- -- -- in New York this ABC news digital special report on the heat wave and what could be the hottest day of the year. For several cities on the East Coast -- Boston Philadelphia New York. The heat wave turning deadly at least eight heat related deaths are being reported. And heat advisories and warnings have been posted in 22 states. And talk about misery imagine being trapped in a hot plane on the tarmac for two hours in Phoenix. No air conditioning. That is what happened 450 passengers when -- on this Allegiant air flight yesterday inside. Temperatures reached an agonizing 100. Degrees all because of a maintenance issue. Everyone was eventually led off the plane but clearly. Not a good way to spend the afternoon here in New York won more super hot day before we hopefully get a break. The temperature about 92 at midday feeling like a 102 with humidity index in the same thing goes for Philadelphia. Joining us now from WP BI is Katherine Scott -- It is as though it couldn't get any worse is absolutely roasting -- This morning around -- may and it was in the neighborhood of 85 degrees it's climbed up the nine easily the humidity. It feels like it's in the triple digits and -- in Germantown and Philadelphia. The power went out around five a and a utility pole crashed down knocking out power for about a thousand people. Thankfully throughout the morning gradually -- power has been coming back on but they're still about thirty families without power. Because it was so hot inside Eleanor Holmes a lot of them coming coming out they figure you know one -- we're gonna sweat we might as well Delaware there's that -- Hanssen agrees that we've seen them a lot of them out here this morning and some of them have been watching the power company's progress -- Continue to make repairs another popular destination -- inside and people's cars they've turned on the ignition is cranked up the air conditioning. One recognize that you actually is that they're having a dance party in the car earlier they're trying to make -- -- and -- the a lot of people under Steve's. Porches as well but obviously very very hot here in Philadelphia -- remainder of the -- you're hoping -- the power. I'm very quickly again. Has ever any talk by any of the -- companies thereby having like rolling blackouts or any -- -- -- use -- from. Commercial -- residence. Not so much and there's rumors and a power surge might have back. -- in this morning however that hasn't been confirmed. Of course when so many people are using their air conditioning and whenever -- are doing throughout the day there would be problems however we have not heard those. Light yet here in Philadelphia. But of course today is -- young. And force it has been excuse me and now -- -- -- this six day in this -- about cooling centers and base available and stay out been. They're running -- supplies going there. Tell you that -- -- Manhattan throughout the week and then and that we entered this heat wave and they had a seat line. Where they have not only -- Staff members from that Philadelphia corporation for aging -- may also have nurses on staff so people can Colleen. And they had any medical issues they can go over that -- nurses and imports. I have a mobile team that can go out to these homes and help them zinni -- fans -- meeting in addition to that they can also refer people to. Cooling centers so people. And go and utilizes resources and they don't have air conditioning inside their home -- -- their power is out like it is in this neighborhood here I am sorry to be. -- Scott Boras. I'm Catherine thank you obviously stayed cool they -- as well so the big question is when will relief come forth went to get a break from all this. For some answers Cisco and -- -- is -- smock with a little bit more honest about every -- now the sixth day and I can tell you from up here in the north east we are Don way and it's. Yes I think I've had about enough of its self. -- an air conditioning all day you walk -- and it's almost just like it hit Cilic kind of breaks because it is so hot now. For most of the weekend hasn't been record breaking it hasn't been historical. Infected JFK yesterday was really the only person that only place that had seen record temperatures overall about five to ten degrees above seasonal average since Monday. Which isn't anything really to write home to mom about the when you add in humidity it just makes it feel ten times worse. -- that big ridge of high pressure that's been causing all of the problems here across parts of the northeast midwest it's allowing itself despite a bit further south and west. That is allowing that front to progress into. Much of the Great Lakes and into the northeast this is already bringing in some showers rumbles of thunder. But as you can see how did it nothing lots of sunshine and now we're adding -- winds out of the southwest so I think today is going to be at that is where we're really going to feel. The hottest temperatures that we've seen so far this week now if you look at your current real feel temperatures 109 in DC 804 in New York -- -- -- 101 in the Boston. Very very hot here and this is the actual just the real feels now here's what's going to be bringing in the changes this front that we've been keeping an eye on. But with this become some bad news source still dealing with the sweltering heat -- a had a -- Now we have some severe weather anywhere from Chicago to Montreal hail damaging winds I think the primary threat and -- high humidity. You can obviously expect -- even some pockets of flash flooding. This is the end. They finally were all waiting as it's going to be moving into the northeast on Saturday and then we'll really start to feel the effects of that cooler air on Sunday. But just like today now parts of the I 95 -- -- Severe storms -- we have expected at least for today torrential downpours damaging winds will definitely be a factor. I know exactly who haven't reached actual temperature highs but what about the length of time that we've spent in this at a speedway. -- it's definitely been a lengthy heat wave and that's what's very difficult for people because you're not giving yourself. That ability today to cool down because it's still been so hot and humid even into the overnight hours many places into the low eighties upper seventies which is still very warm -- overnight hours so it's not been something that we've been able that. To getting even brief relax -- from. All right -- batteries not given us a little bit of glimmer of hope to hang onto the note back that relief is on its way but certainly today for -- -- -- outside have to work outside. Really just can't come fast enough Ballard thank you for that we appreciate that before we let you go -- take a look at some of the images that we've been seen. This guy doing some serious heavy lifting getting a good work out clearly deliveries and air conditioners this was taken. In Philadelphia or. Take a look at this picture one woman said to heck with it. This is New York she has -- -- had her right under that gushing fire hydrant I think a lot of people if they could find a hydrant like that. They'd be doing the same thing anything to stay cool and a lot of folks do in this taking the day jobs go to the pool any place body of water this is new it has union New Jersey taking advantage of some local -- -- and obviously. Anyway trying to catch some relief from this oppressive heat. That we have now been suffering through for a sixth day but. -- there is a little bit of a break on the way. It's been an ABC news -- special report on Dan Butler -- This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":19717118,"title":"Hottest and Most-Humid Day of the Year, With Temperatures Pushing 100","duration":"7:20","description":"Heat wave with scorching temperatures puts the country at risk.","url":"/US/video/hottest-humid-day-year-temperatures-pushing-100-19717118","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}