Hurricane Florence threatens Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach's shops and restaurants are shutting down in preparation for Hurricane Florence.
5:10 | 09/13/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Florence threatens Myrtle Beach
And our own timing on it is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is again this isn't just North Carolina that's targeted by this storm and Tom. A what's it like in your area right now and how are these evacuation orders being implemented. We'll let it it's not too bad here as you can see admitted that the surface picked up a little bit where high tide right now in Myrtle Beach but the waves are still really small. It's pretty peaceful here to be. Really honest with you usually this place attracts about eighteen million visitors a year. The beaches are pretty deserted these are people who law. Live here would not evacuated speaking of evacuations. 60% of the people in this area. This is an evacuation zone have gotten out but the other 40% are sticking around and that's what concerns officials because they asked everyone. To get out but a lot of people have spoken here. It can ride this one out. There watching floors they're seen it means there watching the downgrades and even though they should be getting out. As the storm downgraded it gave them. More hot evidence if you will. More reason to stick around this is what they're telling me and someone who's sticking around series with the answer to Bayer for about six years and I think it about air. We that was out here on the beach are Myrtle Beach she's she's got what exactly is that it's Cooper right. My brother needed. Oh. Dollars. And level that it not army and air and you scoop it up Sharkey right and we'll let John you can and see you've got a couple Sharkey right there. Receiving you can get these beauties right here. Should give up surety. There's a massive hurricane gap just up the coast it's why the North Carolina South Carolina together so so why all smiles out here in the beach. I just love being out here. No word about the storm. Nag or why. Because I have watched in the wedding Chan and all the local space and it looks like we're really spinning in free. It's going to be windy at. I'm just scared and I'm in a released a building. All right your high up in one of these sort yeah rises on the killing here high prices got on the fourth floor but you you went from hurricane with union told me that that. We're scared and that was only kept were born. Right what Americans are answered answered him there comes that had a big guys dug out. Cat I don't know I'm not alone is not letting us thing in the building. But Jewish your dream Mathieu he said he did your door got. And it keeps up out. Yeah I tied it down. And why did you back. To mark exactly that is that one of the reasons not I just want to thank you got scared at all now I'm from up north sign used. Nor'easter crime county at. Say people like you should've gotten out living in evacuation zone to serious form I know that could be without power you know that tough time to get out. Of that violence and I got around like that you are talking it was a good luck finding a Sharkey up funny watching them you know. Currently thanks to Diane that that's odd sense of some of the people that are staying here they're not too worried about the storm. Most people of gotten out people should be worried this thing is a monster it could be a three day event with all the rain and flooding and that's really what. A lot of people here in the beach are worried about idol contestants you can't see it from this perspective. But there's a giant Ferris wheel all the way in the distance called the sky we all out here in Myrtle Beach to the rifts and video of it. It's been around for ten years it took off all the 42 gondolas. It's right on the ocean it's supposed to withstand hurricane force winds but the officials are worried about that record storm surge and what that power that forthcoming right from the ocean. Could you do something like that there's so many other amusement parks. Up and down the boardwalk I spoke to another guy. Who are at a secure one of the U amusement parks he tells me he thinks are going to be okay. But we'll know and in last 24 hours Diane. Demi got to see during sandy how vulnerable those that amusement parks can be. Town I note. Lucy you're talking to there is a local and it seems like most of the people in the back and he sent our locals. One of the prophet Myrtle Beach is it's a huge vacations. In many case you're talking about people who aren't familiar with this kind of weather but also aren't familiar with the area do they. Seem to be heeding evacuation warnings. Yet what you'll likely enough to where we're a little later in the summer season as you know Diane so so painfully a lot of the tourists. Aren't here you look on the beach now died could see this look it's it's it's somewhat of a ghost sodomy it's completely empty with just a few people sample of people want Indian. Entire stretch and this range it's about sixty miles so there's a lot of beach here and heated seats and peace of people have gotten out. There are people stay in our in our hotel and its people up here we and around here this balcony this is where we're staying it's mostly media. Some people out working the hotel we're staying here I haven't seen a lot of tourists there's a lot of places to eat. There's really no place to drink there's no place to buy those those lovely souvenirs. Like crazy teacher it's. All that has been shut down you literally have water to restaurants that are open and they're serving you know but don't Hudson and amenable not a Chinese but that's right he needs help it's out of one place to be it's also a dangerous place to be right now so. Basically I think auditors have gone. Aaron a little speck of good news there at time Yemen and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina thanks they say.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Myrtle Beach's shops and restaurants are shutting down in preparation for Hurricane Florence. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57800983","title":"Hurricane Florence threatens Myrtle Beach ","url":"/US/video/hurricane-florence-threatens-myrtle-beach-57800983"}