Hawaii Braces for Tropical Storm as Floods Strike Continental U.S.

Hawaiians keep eye on track of Tropical Storm Flossie.
8:52 | 07/29/13

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Transcript for Hawaii Braces for Tropical Storm as Floods Strike Continental U.S.
This is a special -- Report from ABC news. And -- that for a New York with the CBC news digital special report on the extreme weather. -- in the entire nation from tropical storm -- -- swirling toward Hawaii. To flooding on the East Coast BC's Karen Travers stirring things up now from Washington with more Karen. Good afternoon Dan this was some intense rain yesterday in fact I was driving through south Jersey yesterday I missed it by a couple of hours we did get the emergency warning on -- cell -- saying there would be flash flooding until 645 and they certainly got that flash flooding. If you got stuck on the roads you might have been sitting there for hours because the roads became rivers. And -- it's drier today but that heavy rain from yesterday is still causing a lot of problems. Earlier this month it was -- extreme heat. This weekend it was torrential rains that wrecked Havoc causing significant flash flooding along parts of the East Coast that it whenever I woke -- -- I don't see that happen. Of the client has not. Philadelphia got -- on Sunday more than eight inches of rain fell for a new single -- record. Roads turned into rivers -- cars submerged. Philadelphia's international airport lost power and -- We're grounded air traffic was disrupted for several hours next door in New Jersey more than half a foot of rain fell on Sunday. Cars were stranded for hours on flooded highways creating enormous backups for summer weekend travelers. In North Carolina flash flooding resulted in two deaths and ten year old at a 48 year old was swept away while swimming in -- rural creek. This woman who rescued -- -- -- in the high water I just right and so hard that did not think spike in the dancing. And it's not -- the East Coast Hawaii's -- for tropical storm -- C. The storm has weakened but it's still expected to bring strong winds and heavy rains power outages are possible and -- could be a major problem I still have about. It -- they thought well maybe it. From the other. Officials are warning residents to stock up on supplies and take boats out of the water. It's always important to have prepared for the worst definitely hope for the best read prepared for the workers. -- the worst of glossy is expected Monday morning the winds could be up to sixty miles per hour and waves could be eighteen feet high and. Yes certainly nothing to mess around with in Philadelphia really took the brunt of a lot of this storm right. They did and they're still feeling it today yesterday the power went out at the international airport there and back up generators were able to come back on. And enable some of the flights to get out there -- a lot of cancellations and a lot of delays last night the power went back on at 10 o'clock. But today they're still having power issues so it's still there advising people if you're traveling out of Philadelphia. Or into Philadelphia to check your flight especially if you're flying American Airlines there are still a lot of cancellations and -- one thing that was interesting this is such a narrow band of weather yesterday. Philadelphia got eight inches officially on record but some parts of the city didn't see anything near to that. I was talking to friends and families said it barely rain where they -- in Philadelphia and yet they were seeing all these pictures in just a couple miles away massive flooding so. Very unique storm yesterday that brought quite a lot of Havoc to the -- about. He had our really unreal and the fact is that it's been historic -- from nor than eight inches measurement putting out though not everyone. Even sneeze -- there was a storm even coming through. I know we had sunny skies driving up from the -- New Jersey straight into the Philadelphia and Delaware was finally we -- but it -- they were getting pounded. While all right Karen Travers and washing -- thank you for that. -- -- -- -- now a little bit west of -- out to Hawaii where ABC's Neal Karlinsky is on the phone with us now from Hilo -- -- of course are preparing -- for tropical storm -- -- making its way towards Hawaiian Islands and -- what -- obviously. -- not used to this kind of tropical storm warning in place -- preparations -- already been under way -- the complete. There are preparations underweight and but not a great deal you have to the percentage here do not -- with this sort of -- very often and and the attitude or coming across that most people elected. Won't -- too bad that did start to change overnight however the weather is still. Pushing off -- -- wave very very slowly so we are in -- which is the leading edge first place to get hit and it is still. Not raining at this moment and it went to not take steps severely and so I think because of that lull because it is moving or -- so slowly. Perhaps people still feel like it won't be that bad however the alerts are up throughout. -- evacuation centers are open in various parts of the island and they are certainly bracing for this to be potentially damaging. So -- has obviously we commit the same time though still no less threatening them -- concern for people there what about emergency preparedness as far as -- first responders are men are they concerned about the fact that maybe people are taking this as seriously as what they should be aiming. As you've been putting -- our preparations going under -- but the same time. If this is an event that -- not necessarily used to you might not necessarily know how to prepare. But we you know they're putting out all the usual warning and urging people prepare there's no concern at this point because because it's -- and an indication that there'll be your problem you. People being ready. For its -- someone on the street outsiders -- you know we're paying attention if we hear the siren go off for certain you can. -- for high ground. You know -- there -- this storm surge so. Think people are certainly aware that there could be problems I -- ten to twelve inches of rain and high winds the storm -- That's no joke and they know what they're not necessarily doing a great -- at this moment to get ready for. Heavy had a chance to go to and they grocery stores soaring and home improvement stores to see if they've been running out of supplies as people -- -- stocking up. People have been stocking up -- -- report that we haven't been that in Hilo specifically but. In other part the Allen read other going on and certainly you know Oahu Honolulu or multiple -- with. Great vacation destination they're not gonna get -- that bad that they are going to get a lot of rain and people are concerned and certainly getting ready you're there. RH ABC's Neal Karlinsky in Hilo Hawaii for its -- thank you for that I want to go to AccuWeather where -- Yost has been tracking the storm flock C and -- how fast is flossing that we at this point because I know that it's been downgraded its somewhat. That's right Dennis is moving too fast right now mostly to the west northwest at around sixteen miles per hour. Still about a 155. Miles to the north and east. -- so -- in about ten hours or so that'll put it just north of Hilo. Approaching now we now this system is expected to remain a tropical storm as it does make landfall although it is still conceivable that the system weekends. Before actually moving -- -- although it is certainly important to stress here that the impacts would still remain the same still looking at the potential for. A lot of rainfall five to ten inches across the islands locally perhaps up to a foot of rainfall. And although the system is going to trigger some gusty winds the rain is certainly going to be the biggest impact we're looking at wind gusts. On the order forty to fifty miles per hour but again that tropical storm warnings warnings in effect for cloudy and hot all of the -- I should say and also some flash flood watches -- As -- also flooding dampers a big issue here along with the rough surf especially along northeastern favorite facing shores. Where those ways to reach up to twenty feet so by the certainly although perhaps not re -- and -- certainly something to. For residents to make sure that they are saying up to the minute with -- watches and warnings issued for their area Jan. And -- -- salesman talking about the fact that they've been making preparations and and and getting things ready for the year the approach of -- Hawaii hasn't been hit by a storm. Since 92. So how devastating effect Kenneth stormy if you're talking like you're talking -- at twenty feet. -- you're right Nikki was -- last land falling storm to hit Hawaii that was in 1992 but one thing that's important to note here. -- is going to be weakening its movie -- area just to the east of islands where the waters are cooler. Whereas let's say a system like -- -- Agrees it just to the south of the -- and then clipped back around where water temperatures are warm march and conditions are more favorable so important to note here that we're not looking at in the -- repeat again that system. I've produced nearly two billion dollars in damage this is certainly a storm that is on the way and that is going to -- and pacs although again it won't necessarily be -- -- Nikki Reed keeps. OK and of course you guys and accurate Jamie very busy over the next several hours as you've been tracking tropical storm bossy viola thank you so much -- that. Of course have a complete report on abcnews.com on extreme weather not -- flooding here in the northeast but also tropical storm flossing making its way. To the Hawaiian Islands and Dan Butler New York with the CBC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19804880,"title":"Hawaii Braces for Tropical Storm as Floods Strike Continental U.S.","duration":"8:52","description":"Hawaiians keep eye on track of Tropical Storm Flossie.","url":"/US/video/hurricane-season-2013-hawaii-braces-tropical-storm-flossie-19804880","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}