Idaho Inmates Sue Beer, Wine Companies for $1B

The inmates blame defendants' lack of warnings on alcohol for their various crimes.
1:30 | 01/03/13

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Transcript for Idaho Inmates Sue Beer, Wine Companies for $1B
People can sue for anything apparently even their own alcoholism. These five Idaho inmates want one billion dollars from eight of the largest beer wine liquor companies in the world. All say they knew nothing of the addictive -- and I'll call when they started drinking his juvenile. At the defendants had warning labels on their products one -- in his affidavit. I can conclusively state that I would not have drank the product. Five inmates -- -- for a range of crimes including manslaughter. Grand theft and drug convictions. That was not an alcoholic -- one of the inmates the shooting would never happens. I think for everyone it's axiomatic that alcohol is something that is. Addictive and it's something that -- -- -- ambitions. Boise attorney Joseph Phyllis said he said he saw no need for a warning label on beer wine or whiskey. If you ask most males for example or if you're buying a woman drinking them to drink some three drinks. You don't need someone's doing. The defendants include Anheuser-Busch Miller brewing in the makers of Jim -- None responded to the filing. If you put these guys through depositions in -- -- what do you know about alcohol I think -- -- I think it's well known to be addictive as well known to be something that causes you to reduce your inhibitions and to do things -- otherwise wouldn't. These five inmates claim to disagree. I fear of a -- released from prison one wrote. Declaring himself unsure of his ability to participate in society while also controlling his craving for --

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{"id":18122541,"title":"Idaho Inmates Sue Beer, Wine Companies for $1B","duration":"1:30","description":"The inmates blame defendants' lack of warnings on alcohol for their various crimes.","url":"/US/video/idaho-inmates-sue-beer-wine-companies-18122541","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}