The impact of Trump's racist comments on American politics

A professor of political science says Trump needs to find a "new level of decorum."
5:23 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for The impact of Trump's racist comments on American politics
I want to continue this conversation and bring in doctor Nadia brown I'm an assistant professor of political science and African American studies at Purdue University. And also an author of an upcoming book sisters in the state house. Black women in legislative making so. Doctor Nadia very excited that you're with us today. You study identity politics and American before we start our conversation. I just want to listen to this sounded that's from rally one more time. EO I'm Omar. So I'm doctor brown do you hear that. How does rhetoric like it go back and send her back appeal TVs to trump voters. Well they're obviously mean it is planes and what's missing from this larger conversation more wet and and I think I'm great ale to speak at this minute go back. Now it'll only they're two people color and immigrant and then. Anglos act and in the unites beats aren't sure what I'm sure American an all American. So this is really disturbing. And claims that its meat you know I. A very specific beast spectrum cat. One that's wrapped around white ran. And in what impact do you think that. These racists attacks will have on these lawmakers. Especially in the way that they you know. Move forward amend the public opinion of them. Lacking the first Adam major entity intent about it STE. The squat. We know that trumps rhetoric it's not jest I'm words but only the people's actions and anti massacre fresh church and it into Arab. I'm Charlottesville and other places where people pack. Use trans words ethnic Karen mint in our own band eat your towards people color and immigrant. Not to be in my points or in the first concern is 68. And aaron's that trump is watching these concerns again. Then the second thing. Is second. Or needs could be a new level of corn in American politics are little or American politics. Where the party ban people end up in some things are just not acceptable to east edge in the pulpit at it and look how it's dealing. Is wrong it's degrading Americans and it's creating. I'm congress people people like you works and it's really eroding its shin the presidency and the congress and bad alarm. Yet it's it's some it's an interesting conversation because obviously a democracy. Is built on the idea that people can criticize and worked to improve the government so. How is it that presidents from can make any of their remarks that he chooses but these women cannot. Wright. Is black it ain't the founding fathers and a I'm making it an Asian haven't missed. So if framers really want to ensure that there will treatments each but it units each to criticize the government rate. An effort Shantee uses it and president. To be able to make claims against fellow citizen in Italy other lawmakers eroding democratic institution. I'm just saying norms of decency and been breached but that the institutions aren't Carol and that is something that all Americans are the party should care. That is not the framers had in mind. So it was a one thing that one of our producers was saying earlier is and it's a very good point this president he. Reprimands all of us so how do you go about your campaign win. You're clearly attacking minorities how do you go to a minority community like say Detroit or Chicago that's example she used. And thousands say that you were present every one. Rape I think traditionally caught in this election mindset. So easily aching about his base those that voted him not entire country. But back the first house where do you wind whipped it percent of the vote or more or re your job is to represent the entire country. While you might make specific policy I'm recommendations for some. There are asked the US and we uniting the entire country and the rhetoric is not doing. Importing he was strong economy or trying to point interest expertise in an overseas and group American international's. Really climate that this really vitriolic rhetoric and saying it's dividing the country that he's not representing mall. I think he and new strategy and I'm. I'll try Stratton humorous fattening and it's a strategy like that Republicans can't spots in their post mortem actor Adam. 2004 election. And witness hurt Republicans canceled as they can't and to reach out minority voters and particularly to women. And China is saying I don't have to didn't have enough people will vote Freeney and using this kind of rhetoric. I'm right I'll eat our really. Recent beast and a better not doing a service and majority minority immigrant in the United States. Our right doctor Nadia brown we appreciate you being with us today thank you so months.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"A professor of political science says Trump needs to find a \"new level of decorum.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64418052","title":"The impact of Trump's racist comments on American politics","url":"/US/video/impact-trumps-racist-comments-american-politics-64418052"}