A Look Inside the World's Only Fire Research Center

ABC News' Geneva Sands gets a look at how the ATF plays with fire to learn more about arson.
16:50 | 01/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Look Inside the World's Only Fire Research Center
Geneva fans here at ABC digital and that that AT apps. Fire research laboratory we are watching here controlled burn her part of their training scenario and I am here with mark. Right here he. Higher returns and here. But about what we're seeing here. It's so important and is we've got any and closure class it is the capstone. Projects. Training opportunities for big chip certified rescues. It's we have two years. Training program. Which they. Classes they. 100 persons or write them off they'll get reviewed by. Other agents experienced. Play here room. Really taps. Tree. Inclusion fires six. Training pool. Show everyone that we'll. Kennedy served years. And again animal. Started the fire rain. Right hand side when. Wiring air may have heard the Iron Lady here. They're recreating. They ask me. Take long for. Fire gets going. And on the face of it actually quite math. Years. It's. Cameron manner intended. Eric Kim and up from all corners. Yeah and then. God I. Numbers. Texas. Some of that. No I can hear back from the smoke is very. Nothing. Where. That we know now and their son Knight can see the metal pipe CNN news that are two met here. Think you're having out at levels of carbon monoxide in. Then they'll continue. It's time. And this is. Test landing. Building structure. Portion of the story. Look at different variables involved. Founder thereafter. Yes. About if they accepted to and you now neither he. Pretty plain. Parietti. When very. Crafting. Battered town Sunday that. We expected to crab well Alan you'll. Mount. Yassin. Maybe it was them. We've taken them back here. Winner. The mother of fat and replace close to listed building here. Now the smoke really carrying coffins. I didn't see you. Industry. Okay. Introduction. Do you. Here side. Going we're inside the facility here you can even. All the way to everything that happened zoning anymore and place I am here. Anything that. Have this. Sharon and analyze. They're big. Part of me you know. The looting are there waiting for the fire out up. They did. At least amount of it's. Good third start kind of live landed just pick up from that moment plus. Few minutes here. Sort of. Fire. Water needs to retire. You can feel the heat now. Good thing you need office. You'll. Jones. And that it was Coleman here. There from the mountainside home. Here's patents. And now this leaving. Last time. Fully involved. And how did they determine when. Put up iron. They're standing by Paul. Journalists obstructions. Drivers talking. Minutes. Yeah around that preliminary. Several weeks. Night evening the fire out. End. Let Winnipeg. I'm. The comedy. Thank you for joining us. Here man my thank you walk blaming them fast and that. ATF fire research laboratory. She Davis and ABC news. Did you know.

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{"id":36601068,"title":"A Look Inside the World's Only Fire Research Center","duration":"16:50","description":"ABC News' Geneva Sands gets a look at how the ATF plays with fire to learn more about arson. ","url":"/US/video/inside-worlds-fire-research-center-36601068","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}