Investigators reveal new details about El Paso shooter

President Trump is scheduled to visit El Paso in the coming days while the community continues to recover from the tragedy.
4:13 | 08/06/19

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Transcript for Investigators reveal new details about El Paso shooter
There is too much gun violence in this country to process or name in Chicago alone 47 people were shot this past weekend so many people that the hospitals were stretched to the limit and that we know in this same weekend at two deadly mass shootings. In two different American cities. Heartbreak and pain in Dayton Ohio with nine people losing their life. And El Paso, Texas where the death told reached 2222. People. Dead and we continue our coverage and I want to bring in Marcus Moore who is right there on the ground in El Paso, Texas with the latest. Mark is whether we know now. While Kimberly we know that investigators are still in the process of trying to recreate. As Saturday's massacre the area around local Wal-Mart where this happened you can see just behind me it is still. Closed off as investigators continue trying to piece this together and better understand how all of this played out and and we also now know. From investigators that they believe the suspect 21 year old alleged gunman. Actually cased the store. Before opening fire are on all of those people they said that. He drove from Allen Texas which is about 600 miles away but took eleven hours to get here. And I he apparently at one point got lost of the neighborhood. And and came here to Wal-Mart according to authorities and whips it into the store because he was hungry. They said that he went in first though he was not armed. And that there's some indication that he was casing the place and then at one point he came back inside the store. Of course aren't armed police say what that rifle. And opening fire as you mentioned Kimberly at least 22 people were killed at the injuries more than 26. And right now there are still many people who are still recovering not in hospitals up from there injuries. And our David Muir as well as up my colleague will car they have been speaking two people in the hospital will describe just really chilling. Accounts of coming face to face with the alleged gunman. Who won one victim said he didn't say anything. And the look on the alleged gunman's face was one that indicated his intent he said. And there was another a man whose father sadly passed away. On Monday as a result of the shooting. And he said that. Many people here still like they were what were hunted. Here at this Wal-Mart all on Saturday morning. Of course a Kimberly again the investigation continues there's still a lot of questions. About the though the alleged motive in this case right now authorities are saying that all indications are. That this may have been part of a hate crime. And that the alleged gunman in this case told investigators. That he came here. To kill as many Mexicans as he could. Yes. Unbelievably devastating in markets I just want to ask if you've heard anything on the ground about. I'm the president's visit tomorrow. I'm Kimberly the only thing that we know at this point is that the the president is expected to to come to El Paso. A we don't yet know of any of the details of of a where he will go up whom he will visit with. We know that be our mayor did that yesterday say that. They will be they hope to meet with BO what the president. To talk with them about perhaps a solutions. And hoping to prevent this from ever happening again. And also being able to leverage or have access to all of the federal resources. Both. Financially. And also in terms of of tangible resources to help them recover from this because as you know. They declared a state of emergency hear it in El Paso because of the damage inside of the store that remains close what also Kimberly be the psychological damage that has been done. For not only the survivors. But this community that was thrusts in two sorrow and disbelief. By this mass. All right mark is more right there in El Paso with the latest thank you so much for the update.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"President Trump is scheduled to visit El Paso in the coming days while the community continues to recover from the tragedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64807406","title":"Investigators reveal new details about El Paso shooter","url":"/US/video/investigators-reveal-details-el-paso-shooter-64807406"}