Jay-Z and NFL commissioner talk entertainment and activism

The music mogul and Roger Goodell discussed how the NFL will consult with Jay-Z's label on music and social change in light of Colin Kaepernick's "take a knee" protests.
4:48 | 08/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jay-Z and NFL commissioner talk entertainment and activism
Are still talking about the partnership that no one expected between the NFL in Jay z.'s roc nation. A partnership that will give roc nation the power to choose performers for live events and work on social justice issues that have plagued the league ever since Colin Capp predicts that the niece so here's daisy. An NFL commissioner at their media session yesterday take a listen. I think. We take you back I think that we we forget that Collins whole thing was to bring attention to so to. And justice correct so. And that in that case right this is a success where it is is that the next being back who missed two pots of protests that. Got sunny protest and then the company on individual say I hate you. But we've listened to reports. We understood what reporters who sent. And we created a platform which to help drive change and communities that Colin has raised and of the players of race. And this is that this is this partnership in addition to the entertainment aspect to bring football music together. He's going to help us make even greater change. Our rights I want to bring in Jason reed who's a senior NFL writer for ESPN is undefeated. Thank you for being with us because I want to continue this conversation. You wrote when this happened that this is exactly what the NFL needed and you called it a Nixon goes to China moment can you explain what you mean by that. Well for miracles prospective partner with someone Jay-Z is just so happens that gift. You're talking about someone who has enormous credibility within the black community and you know as you talked about a minute ago you know those who played with problems with. With people not being happy with them with artist not Warrington perform at the Super Bowl so green someone like Jay-Z. To lead your endeavors in music and entertainment just makes a ton of sense of the NFL because Jay-Z has the type of credibility with an NFL needs to try to win over black folk again. Yes but it it I think it's confusing and it's it's hard for people to believe that he would partner. Without having Colin Capra nick as part of the deal so how does that work well cook. Things about that. Roger Goodell would be NFL commissioner can't mandate the medical team has to employ Colin cabinet. And I think from Jay's perspective. He was looking yet okay I have the potential content I have the possibility of potentially opening millions of people with this partnership. All right and which will be a big part around social justice. Do I do that we're USA because one person doesn't have a job right now that I'm not gonna do that and he said that at the press conference that was part of his rationale. And also talked about the fact about people evolving situations involving the protests initially were not about Colin Capra had not having a job the protests were about. Shania let improve police brutality systemic oppression so from Jay's perspective look at that phase is over now or that pays at least as at least. Completed from the standpoint where do we go next in for. Yeah I guess I guess it's just difficult because him kneeling him not having a job is based on the social justice issues so it's like people can't really put those two together but I want to ask you because. From the history of Jay-Z and beyonce in the way that they roll out campaigns and roll out music in everything that they do. Do you believe that maybe we don't have the full story that maybe something will be coming later. Oh absolutely because. You Jay-Z is playing chess where everybody else is not him playing checkers right so I don't know what's gonna happen here which is why I'm taking the long view. I'm not gonna judge this until 345 years down the road. Because I don't know when James plan is but I know based on what he's done throughout his career and how we surprises and how he doesn't tell you initially. The whole thing. I'm a wait and see what he does. Yet because the thing is is as this has been going on Colin Capp critic has also been putting out some videos and he he just put another video out yesterday showing. That he's been in the anniversary of when he first started protesting so I think we have a quick look at that if wheat we can show it. This band wasn't for me. This is because I'm seeing things happen to people they don't have rewarded when he took a knee. It's of the need for much more at risk for backing out instead stay in international at the last few expect and want us. A test case. I just adjacent what you're telling me is that you think there may be more here. Than what we actually see right now. Oh there's definitely here because Jason hasn't explained all of us play and he definitely out of things we do but again knowing what he's done throughout his career and knowing that he has not. Told everybody to showed everybody right off the bat was indeed there's nothing more to come. All right well we're definitely gonna have our eyes on it we're going to be looking out for your next article because I'm they're going to be writing about it. Yes irate Jason reed from undefeated thank you so much for being with us.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"The music mogul and Roger Goodell discussed how the NFL will consult with Jay-Z's label on music and social change in light of Colin Kaepernick's \"take a knee\" protests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64996224","title":"Jay-Z and NFL commissioner talk entertainment and activism","url":"/US/video/jay-nfl-commissioner-talk-entertainment-activism-64996224"}