Joe Biden Blasts Bomb Suspects as 'Perverted Knockoff Jihadis'

Vice president says Tsarnaev brothers are misguided apostles of "an honorable faith."
4:29 | 04/24/13

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Transcript for Joe Biden Blasts Bomb Suspects as 'Perverted Knockoff Jihadis'
I get -- like my colleagues. Almost every day. Says nine elevenths. Why. Why. Why. This terrorist phenomenon on the late twenties the -- for the beginning of the 21 century. Why. People -- to -- -- surely know. They can never defeat us. -- never overthrow us. They can never occupy us so why. Why whether it's al-Qaeda central out of the -- not. -- -- twisted perverted. Cowardly knocked off Jihad -- Here Boston. Why. Do they do what they do. I've thought about -- a lot. Because I do a little -- I've covered the conclusion. Which is not unique to me but I do what they do -- to instill fair fear. To have us. In the national -- safety and security jettison. What we value most in the world most valuable values about us. Our open society. Our system of justice to guarantees. Freedom. -- access. Of all Americans to opportunity the free flow of information. And people across this country are transparency. That's. Their target. The moment we change. The moment we look -- the moment. We get -- a crowd -- defensive that's the moment. When they win. What -- what makes me so proud. Of this great state in the city of Boston and Cambridge and all those involved. And the students on this campus. What makes me so proud of being American is that we have not yielded to art -- We have not compromised our values. We have not weaken our constitutional guarantees. We have not close. Our borders. But we have suffered. We are grieving. But we are not -- We will not yield to fear. We will not hunkered down we will not be intimidated. When the world trade towers were taken down. About a horrible day the cynics said we will never build another one. We don't want taller. An absolute defiance. -- -- -- -- -- -- those who said. Will never follow him we -- we will follow -- to the gates of hell if necessary. And we did. If the purpose of terrorism is instilled fear. You saw and not a right here in Boston. Boston you -- a powerful message. To the world. -- -- not a Bostonians. I am absolutely certain. That next year's Boston Marathon will be bigger. More spectacular. And tend to -- more people than any marathon in the history of the United States of America. Because stats. Who you -- That's the message. -- the ministry. -- this heard and every corner in cave. Those craven. Misguided perverted. Apostles of a decent and honorable face. -- --

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Vice president says Tsarnaev brothers are misguided apostles of \"an honorable faith.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19032719","title":"Joe Biden Blasts Bomb Suspects as 'Perverted Knockoff Jihadis'","url":"/US/video/joe-biden-blasts-bomb-suspects-as-perverted-knockoff-jihadis-19032719"}