Joe Biden, Eric Holder Deliver Remarks on Gun Control

Vice president, attorney general urge support for the administration's proposed legislation.
3:00 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for Joe Biden, Eric Holder Deliver Remarks on Gun Control
This is a special report. From ABC news now. Good afternoon everyone down Cutler -- New York with an ABC news now special report the gun control debate on center stage in Washington today the White House wrapping up its push for strict new laws. Even flying in families from new content Newtown Connecticut to lobby congress. They met with their state senators today Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy for closed door meeting this morning. And the revisiting undecided or reluctant senators throughout the day of the White House is hoping the personal plea. From these new town relatives will jumpstart the stalled efforts with the deadline is looming and a filibuster threats. Coming from Republicans. -- just few moments. Vice president Joseph Biden and attorney general Eric Holder will be joined alongside law enforcement officials and set to take the stage there to speak about the potential benefits. To the police forces around the country of stricter gun control. -- from -- afternoon's event and the broader debate the picture that is being poised today we're joined by ABC political director Rick Klein Rick thanks for being with us this afternoon. Again family members of the sandy hook victims -- on Capitol Hill today what was their message you who were they directing it. Towards it they are directing it towards that crew of -- others that are somewhere in the middle on this today there are many of them when you get down to it there are. Plenty were saying they're gonna block any gun controls -- they're planning you're saying. They want the whole package but there's a -- in the middle a couple of moderate Republicans a good number of conservative Democrats in that group. Who are still at least publicly undecided -- open to some kind of changes in gun laws. And they are pleased faced with a president's been saying we deserve evil we -- -- -- we want to see action they've gotten emotional and it is that emotion. For the president and these families need to channel if they're going to be able to break the politics of gun control. Keep in mind and it has been two decades since any new gun control measures that passed congress -- -- -- incremental moves like extended background checks for instance. It's very tough sledding what. Has been the reaction from those families band members when -- been hearing about the possibility of a Republican filibuster. Anger outrage the idea that they won't even allow a vote look at that they're not. They're not naive about this part of that they know that there are plenty of that members of congress were never gonna support. Come on gun control and -- they always knew realistically that you need to get sixty votes in the senate for instance just to break a filibuster. But the idea that you have more than a dozen senators. Including possibly a Democrat Matt -- Max Baucus from Montana who said we're just gonna -- gonna stand in the way of any moving traffic when it comes to gun control legislation. And we will steadfastly opposing try to filibuster anything at all even before they've been votes. They consider that -- over the line and actually the president will agree with that and has been. Run up his -- -- I think there is a danger for overreach for the NRA and its allies mostly in the Republican Party on this if they're seen as just obstructing. For obstructions to get -- of course that's something that may be popular with the NRA membership with people that. Are strong supporters of Second Amendment gun rights but there's a -- a lot larger group of people in the middle in this country who won at least have the debate. Who feel like something like background checks which enjoys eighty or 90% support in this country should at least get a hearing in congress had. Is there been a negative reaction to these family members being on Capitol Hill today -- know that a reporter had asked. I Connecticut senators if -- some of these victims' family members were being used as pawns by the White House in their efforts to push for stronger gun control. That's a piece I think that is just in the shadows of the city the president has used their stories via the act. Active flying them on Air Force One singling them out during speeches calling out their names playing on that raw emotion. Look and certainly it is being seen as exploitative on the on the part of the NRA when they are reacting to this they feel like it's taking advantage of a tragedy. That they don't they don't and no one wants to see young children murdered in and shot down and gun violence -- spread including the NRA of course so. And that has been something that has been whispered throughout this but the fact of the matter is there will there will be nothing that changes the politics of this others is that then that emotion. And if the families are comfortable doing this they certainly have the right to petition their government just like anyone else does. Senate majority leader Harry Reid whose father committed suicide. With a gun he seems determined to get this bill to the floor. This is obviously a personal case for him as -- nine. It is a personal case although it it cuts in a bid at a more complicated direction. Harry Reid represents the state of Nevada very much a gun owning state -- -- loving state. He has a lifetime rating of it with the NRA nepalese in the B range now he is it's slipped somewhat there's been previous elections were he's gotten the endorsement. Of the NRA even facing opponents they didn't do so in his last run -- they have in the past so he's been very close of the gun lobby over the years. He knows his constituency but he also feels like the politics that of this are changing if there are some common sense restrictions that you can have. On gun ownership in protecting people making sure that guns don't end up in the wrong hands so he has been out of little bit on a limb from where his constituents have been in the past. He feels like that though -- -- terrain now however he is not going to be supportive of things like an assault weapons ban. Or eight or limits on high capacity magazines those already has stripped out of the senate bill. That's moving its way toward the floor so that's gotten him some blowback from a lot of that the democratic party's allies but by and large. He does want to see -- bill passed he feels very strongly about it on a personal basis and he too is talked about the emotion of a scene that the families of the children who were murdered. In Connecticut in December in in changing his thinking and feeling like -- -- reaching a tipping point. Regarding the potential of a filibuster a big -- Senator John McCain from Arizona has so that he actually wants to start debating on this immediately so with that kind of support -- behind -- -- Democrats realistically be for Republicans threatened filibuster. Here's the thing it is is something that has Democrats unified it entirely. They're 55 Democrats in in the senate and -- all of them -- on board for this you could see a scenario where you pick off enough Republicans but. This is more of a regional issue and a cultural issue even in the is a political issue. There are many Democrats I mention Max Baucus. From Montana as one another what is pat Leahy uses a pretty liberal otherwise senator from Vermont again -- as the state with a lot of gun ownership. There inflicted on gun rights they don't feel like there should be vast new restrictions their constituents certainly don't feel that way so for many folks who live in gun loving parts of the country whether you're Democrat or Republican you're not necessarily comfortable with this the idea -- universal background check to someone close to it. Is something they can get behind but they're worried about the way it's being construed that the whispers of a possible national gun registry or something like -- some kind of paperwork that would -- people to guns. It's something that scares them and the people they represented away so. They have to be careful about this which is why this one intriguing thing in this that is. That senator Pat Toomey Republican from Pennsylvania involved with Democrat Joseph Manchin of West Virginia. B rating in the NRA those -- the kind of folks they're working together now on some kind of a compromise. On background checks wouldn't be everything the president is calling for on background checks but it may be that kind of measure they can get. They do the supermajority support the U need -- to get something passed in the senate. The background checks being one of the three main issues in -- debated about what this gun control issues. Background checks limited magazine the the capacity for high power magazines and also for a ban on so called assault weapons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For pushing members of congress. It isn't the way it is easy to measure and it is in the way that we usually talk about it it's not just that they can funnel money. Toward supporters and and try to defeat opponents is that they can mobilize their membership in a real grassroots way it's not just the NRA -- a lot of smaller groups that are even. Even stronger in local pockets of this country. Put stronger messaging on get boots on the ground. The fact that they can mobilize people to call offices to write letters to members of congress to write letters local newspapers the -- of protests. That's the way that the real powers -- is not just that they are the big scary lobbying group of the NRA it is seen as all powerful. And they control the purse strings and they can make or break careers in terms of the -- support or non support is that they can mobilize their members. And so it's a much different things we have is very public lobbying campaign going on. With those -- town families today -- on there. Knocking on doors. It's a lot quieter in terms of what these guys doing Capitol Hill on the other side in a lot of ways you never see it but I'll tell you something members of congress -- -- and they see it and they know of it going back in their districts so it seems to be at a higher volume -- anything that even the families can -- Has the -- change their approach as far as trying to sway influence immediately after the -- shootings. They had come -- with a message saying that and possibly the best way to prevent some of that from ever happening again was arming schools and essentially taken a very offensive approach to. Preventing that kind of a tragedy from happening again and since that time have they changed their message to say really the point behind me and -- -- is to protect. Americans' rights to own firearms. -- I think the message is always been twofold and they haven't softened it in any way they are not going to be supportive of a background checks they'll even if it's fairly limited that's -- leadership for the NRA. In the late ninety's they were for universal background checks -- something close to it and it had some of the promised supporters even come -- -- this kind of make sense for the NRA is organization. Is not going to go behind that what they are talking about they. They unveiled a million dollar initiatives oh week or two ago that that it had to do with expanding the access of inside schools armed guards and making sure that -- be. Guns on the other sizes they put -- -- good guy with a -- to combat the bad guy with a gun but they've always been also about protecting. Gun owners rights in the states anyone -- lawfully able to obtain a firearm they feel like the current laws are what they are they don't want them to be. Any stronger in terms of limiting the the the ability of law abiding citizens to get guns. They've always said they would -- they favor more ways to make sure that the bad guys don't get the guns but not that in any way limits the -- that's despite. The threat -- a filibuster looming somewhere on the horizon what is the likely end game here can't congress get something done on this issue that has. Certainly -- of such great importance over the past couple of months. If they get something done -- will be relatively minimal in will be something in the realm of background checks in a watered down way that that itself as I said and that's an achievement when you think. It's been twenty years since they can even really have these debates and -- -- going to question that the assault weapons ban. Was able collapsed during the bush years and -- there's no talk of -- now. Big gun industry and dignity of serving the gun lobbying industry has gotten so strong in Washington that it's hard to see -- getting pushed back in a big way. But it could be an incremental development here and it is the kind of thing where even though the White House will not love everything that they get -- -- don't get done but it will -- this is a victory if they're able to. They had any kind of expansion in in the restrictions on gun ownership. I want to ask about that has the White House been effective in getting their message Johnny get in their push towards reform effective -- to the people. You that the ultimate measure that is and members of congress and in by that measure the answer is no at this stage right now they've been. There are several members of congress who came out shortly after the shooting said you know what. I've been supportive of Don writes in the past and against Second Amendment restrictions but I happen -- softened that position. There's been -- -- -- the other option. -- -- have a president and a vice president and the attorney general I've had the privilege to serve America are as a senior and chief executive law enforcement officer. And major jurisdictions in Washington DC Virginia and Maryland. For more than 25 years. And all of these assignments. I've seen firsthand the devastation and trauma inflicted on victims. Including the long lasting and life altering effects that nonviolence. Inflicts on families friends and communities. -- witnessed the anguish of seasoned police investigators. When they recovered guns. Used in horrific crimes. By people who would not have been allowed to possess a firearm. If only background checks had been done at every point of acquisition. Requiring -- purchases to undergo a reasonably thorough background check. Which substantially reduced the opportunities. For criminals and people with identified dangerous mental illness. To gain access to firearms. And use them to commit acts of violence. -- a proper background check cannot prevent every act of violence involving a firearm. A more comprehensive system of pre purchase screenings. Can substantially improved law enforcement's ability. To identify persons who are not qualified. To safely possess firearms. And portends. A reduction in gun violence. I believe that we now have a unique opportunity to overcome this weakness -- -- system. By implementing a system a comprehensive background checks for all firearms purchases. We can lay the ground work for future -- reduce gun violence. Reduce access for criminals and the mentally ill. Today. We must walk through this door of opportunity. And take a real step forward to save lives and prevent the pain and heartbreak. That is so deeply felt in our country and in our communities. But to many of our fellow citizens whose lives. Have been -- haven't changed. Because of senseless gun violence. Please join me now in welcoming. The attorney general of the United States attorney general Eric H holder -- -- Thank you sheriff -- thank -- -- for -- being here with us today. It's a pleasure to join with my favorite vice president Joseph Biden. -- welcoming this distinguished group to the White House it is also privileged to stand with so many dedicated law enforcement leaders. As we advance our national conversation about how we can't. And why we must take action to combat the gun violence -- devastating to many lives and communities every day you know. I'm grateful for your willingness to lend your voices and you are diverse perspectives to this critical discussion. I appreciate the work that you're leading -- organizations like the national law enforcement partnership to prevent gun violence. In big cities and in in small towns across America. And I think -- not only for your advocacy but for your service every day. On the front lines of our struggle against gun gang and drug fueled violence. -- last year's horrific events in Aurora Colorado. In Oak Creek Wisconsin. And in Newtown Connecticut. Were shocking reminders of the gun violence that afflicts communities throughout our great nation. On a daily basis these unspeakable tragedies are compounded by countless individual tragedies that take place and our city streets. -- that too often go unnoticed. And it too frequently take the lives of our most vulnerable citizens how children. For me. And for my colleagues across the Justice Department. Responding to this senseless violence and preventing future tragedies constitutes a top priority. And that's why earlier this year I was honored to join with Vice President Biden. And a number of my fellow cabinet members to -- Comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence -- make or neighborhoods in our schools more secure. Now contrary to what if you have said. This plan which President Obama announced in January is consistent with the Second Amendment. And when not infringed in any way when the rights of gun owners. This plan includes a range of legislative proposals that we've called upon congress to pass without delay. Along with V series between three executive actions many of which the Justice Department has made significant progress in implement. For instance. The department recently announced that it will invest more than twenty million dollars this fiscal year to strengthen the firearm background check system that -- just mentioned by. Improving states' abilities to share information with the knicks. This grant funding is intended to enhance reporting of prohibiting mental health information. Felony convictions mr. -- convictions of domestic violence. An active felony and misdemeanor -- In addition. Just last month -- issued guidance to all federal agencies that will require. Federal law enforcement to Trace all guns recovered and investigations. And the Justice Department is continuing to review gun safety technology innovations as -- in the process of undertaking. A review -- receivers know. Beyond this work I'm pleased that the the senate will soon consider a number of gun violence reduction proposals. This afternoon I'm proud to join me vice president -- urging both houses of congress. To give each and every one of these measures these timely individual consideration that they deserve. -- let me say it more clearly and that. Each of these measures deserves a vote. The American people deserve these votes in spite of the pressure. That the special interest and the lobbyists are exerting in back rooms when our elected representatives. And confident. That with the support of countless ordinary citizens and the expertise in the assistance of the leaders in this room. We can take that common sense steps that we need to prevent gun violence and keep deadly weapons from falling into the wrong hands now. I recognize -- -- But there's no single prescription for addressing these challenges confronting. Their underlying causes. But it also know that those whose lives have been impacted by gun violence victims and the survivors are depending on us. In December. Just days after the tragedy sandy hook elementary school I traveled Newtown. In what were without question the worst moments of my career I walk the halls where these unspeakable acts took place. I saw the draw up dried blood. I saw the horrific crime scene photos. I met with the first responders. And the crime scene search officers who arrived at the school just after the full first calls came in. And when these brave men and women asked me was broken hearts and with tears streamed faces to do whatever right could. To prevent such a thing from happening again. I told him that I would not rest until we have secured the common sense changes that our nation needs a promise that. As I have promised survivors who creek to Laura to Tucson that I would never forget. -- -- you'll will not forget. In this afternoon I ask you to help us keep our promise to these communities and to the American people. And pursue reforms to improve our nation's security protect the men and women who briefly served in law enforcement. And make safe -- children's futures. This time it is my privilege to introduce a remarkable leader who has been at the forefront of this administration's efforts to do just that. Public servant extraordinary passion a dear friend the vice president of the United States Joseph bite. General thank you very much and we are good friends been good friends for. A long time and aired means when he says he says he made a promise. To all those folks. Ladies and gentlemen sheriff. You know. Your colleagues -- better than any group of Americans. The -- devastation. That occurs to social fabric. When we. We go through -- These horrific tragedies can -- -- the fabric. And one item plan saying this but I went up later the American the president to you to. And I got to meet with the troopers. Who -- the guys you're with me. Who went he came back again and down. -- -- -- -- Tough Smart words -- call -- view. And -- To -- this a long long time. -- -- I've seen a lot of fruit trees -- you've known me I've been your ally from my entire career you've been my ally. I've never seen. Look I saw on the faces of those troopers. -- -- -- Like -- and seeing what they have seen something and they will never ever ever hear from you forget. There -- be be able to forget their whole lives. And -- You know I thank you all for being here today. And thank you for every single -- you do -- you do your -- message say the front lines it's an overused phrase that you really are. And our cities and our towns. Through the first ones to deal. With the violence and what I don't think the public understands this. It's not just your. Physical safety. That is at stake when you -- out there protecting us but. You guys and you women deceased things that. Would be enough to. Really. -- an American average Americans. Off kilter and wonder whether or not. Much of this make sense. Com my breakfast this morning. My home. With thirteen of the families from a permanent members from -- time. Like here can the president and I literally have become friends. I mean I've spent hours. With the fruitless and I just wish that. I wish -- everybody in America could of these -- in the area. From -- -- more precise. I wish the members of congress. Have been able to eavesdrop. On the discussion in my home Tuesday. We sat from 9 o'clock two little after -- -- Security meeting with the president he understood why. And I listened to these these families. And family soliciting individual members. Talk about him. -- what the total. -- -- One remarkable woman who has a background in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Com. Said you know. How. How do they explain. Not doing anything. My little girl. -- debuts hide in the bathroom. It she got shot through the heart. -- -- -- She got shot. Through the heart. -- Haven't lost -- child. Post spouse me. I just. It was just such a. -- -- Way of asserting. Don't they understand. Talking about filibustering -- -- what are they doing. -- You know one of the fathers said to -- -- not intend to find him. You've been going no containers because I don't think it's appropriate -- one of the dad said to me. As we walked out as a beautiful day. And so my staff members members sure we're there who were not at the table in -- house. For -- you know what a great Davis. This is as I walked out the front door and walked amount of whom many bus for two months -- house. Looked on that front longer finesse two soccer balls. And only god should have picked those balls. I knew I should've gotten the night before. Design new and you'll. Exactly what -- beautiful day the most beautiful day. Since that December -- -- experienced. The walk out. You know soccer balls in the front yard my grandkids. Kick it around the dog chases. One of the pictures. -- pictures -- -- for every one of those kids. As well as the teachers and mr. -- handsome little boy -- soccer uniform. You guys nobody should tell when it's. He -- that to have Hussein this is not a beautiful day. This just -- expect every single. -- -- -- I felt that moment. When -- -- soccer balls. You know worth. When I. Familiar cut them on the books. I thought to myself from. Why don't people -- understanding. -- -- -- What has to have. And to break through the consciousness. From people often you know. The public is so. Far beyond. With the current crisis. So far. Ahead. Who were either -- They don't understand. They really don't understand these -- accomplished. In this -- mothers and fathers. And husband one of lost his wife. -- and they don't understand it. How we can even be at this point. Debate in this. The truth news. They don't see how 100 bright women admitted. Don't get it. They know. Just a simple proposition two things be better. If we kept -- -- not a bad folks think its. Resolve complicated notion. They know we better off. If we kept guns out of the hands of people who. Have demonstrated. The use those guns to do -- bad things. Including to their kids and other kids. They know things -- lot better. Maybe one -- children would be alive. If we did have a policy you walk in you can bike clipped by a magazine that house thirty rounds. We're rural thunder runs. Two B rocket science to figure this out -- -- figured out. The cops came in two and a half minutes -- sandy hook. And only had ten rounds of the -- -- to have to change that route that magazine another three times. Somebody be alive. I don't get. How really Smart people don't get that. I mean I really don't get it. One mom said to me. How. Is it they don't understand. What should I say to them. Are all grown up in this bill. Because she was was a legitimate question like you know as if they're going to speak to some agent -- tax or you know. Somebody speaks a different language like. What do I say to them. Mr. vice president -- you spent time up there. I think of that. They -- -- question what do I say Tibetan. For the past 113 days since sandy hook. 3300. People have died at the end of a gun and you've witnessed it are you witnessed the aftermath of -- -- the cream of the crop for the -- law enforcement in this. Rome today. You -- site for me what's happened in your jurisdictions. The last 113 days 3000. 300. Get. Lot's changed 113 days. First of all. All the preliminary work has been done about how to respond. Prices laid out the proposal that he. The mechanism the senate have gone to work and they've -- that reported out. What they think we should do and now it's time for every man and woman in the senate to stand up and say. Yea or day. I'm for -- -- against. It's time for them to say what they think should or should not be done. To diminish the possibility. Of another sandy hook. Or reduce the number of dead over the next 113 days. Below. 3300. But it appears. That dollars some of the senators not willing to stand and be counted -- are prepared to stop anybody. From being able to be counted. I mean it's almost mind Bob. I service -- -- for 36 years. They got thirteen senators including -- minority leader senate I will filibuster proceeding. I'm dealing. With this national tragedy. -- -- -- Maybe. Between the time advocates in the floor they -- -- my mother would say -- have seen the light. Maybe that would change. What -- bursting thing to say. Imagine. What they're saying generally these and other capitals around the world today -- I mean seriously. -- -- -- -- The rest of the world follows everything we do. The travel almost 700000 miles around the world like problem issue just the last four years. I promise you. And sophisticated capitals were less sophisticated captains. They -- reported on sandy hook. You know reported an Aurora -- all. What do you think -- said today. In those capitals about us. At least as of now. You got leading senators. The most of -- body in the world legislative body in a world. This and we're not -- talk about this. The tragedy to traumatize the nation and caught the attention the entire world and after all. The thinking news debate and discussion with overwhelming majorities the American people thinking that the proposal the president -- forward make apps and -- The climax of this tragedy could be we're not even going to get. I'll vote. Imagine how this makes us look. I can't believe the senate will actually do it. I know I keep being told west after gonna do it and -- this -- -- I can't believe it -- at the end of the day I can't believe. Federal actually. Happen. That they'll follow -- -- -- them -- minority leader and a thirteen or whatever the number of people in this. I know too many people on that side of the -- I just can't I just don't believe this. The good -- happening this discussion about where they're gonna filibuster this. Is the people the American people overwhelmingly. Respond. They overwhelmingly responded -- heard me say it fifty times a met with two. 128. Interest groups in America. From the NRA. To the Brady group. The law enforcement and governors and mayor I mean everybody psychiatrist. School officials. There's hardly any difference in where all the groups -- with -- notable exception. We should land. They understand the issue I understand what's at stake. By a majority in every category. Gun owners -- gun owners hunters not a owners. They all think by an absolute majority. That each of the things were proposing should be enacted into law. And we can do it. As -- -- and you guys nobody really group of people. Without violating one scintilla of them right anyone hasn't in the Second Amendment. Not even -- little bit. One of the issues as being filibuster today so strenuously opposed by the extent it is expanding background checks. Look. I thought we reached a consensus on. On. That convicted felons. That people with serious mental illness adjudicated -- sites that. That that -- fugitives that that wife beaters they shouldn't be able. -- -- -- If I'm not mistaken because I did this last time in 84. Everybody including the NRA. Talk background checks made sense remember that we -- those good old -- It makes sense. Keep guns out of the hands of those folks. So for the life should be. I don't understand the logic of those Tuesday. I don't want to extend background checks to people. And by the up to 40% of the gun purchases. Are purchased without a background check. I don't agree -- sent to them but. I think the system makes sense. Ha ha how can -- be. How could -- be. How can -- make sense to have the background -- to suit system we have today. Knowing that 40% of the people who purchase a gun. Don't go through a back -- There's no constitutional argument. There's not even really an inconvenience argument there are 58000. Federally licensed gun dealers the United States of America. 58000. And they can easily. As exists now access the knicks. To see who should be prohibited. From glory to god. They've already done that since the system has been in place. You -- -- -- sensible criminals won't go to -- true Marion papal. I've -- to -- god got through a background check advantage rejected. Because they're felons. Because they have a serious mental problem. Because they fall -- the category. I'm an abuser. They're competent -- weapon. You tell me that 40% of the people who -- either gone so -- Don't need a background check when this other 60% -- That none of these people to 40% are felons. Wife beaters mentally competent. Makes no sense. It makes no sense. The American people get it. That's why a Wal-Mart target of public like this only issue I can pick -- or 90%. Of the American people. Agree. 90%. Now the NRA. Is engaging in the campaign -- -- not accustomed to -- information. To try to scare people. They read some of the things they're saying about background checks they -- quote -- the federal government. Want to put every -- private firearms transaction. Right under the thumb of the federal government. And keep all those names and a massive federal register. Kind of scared me it. Black helicopter crowd really is upset. -- -- -- They want to say that universal background checks are quote an unworkable universal. Federal nightmare. Bureaucracy. That law abiding citizens don't want. They say even if we get a true universal background check it will never keep criminals from buying guns. Non of this is true. Let me explain once of -- the background check works not for you guys you know extended your head. You walk in and you walk into Dick's sporting governor of place and they did -- four. They had to form. They said you gotta fill this event -- your name. Where you live. Where you're born. You're gender an air race. And if you wanted to make it even quicker to get this done your Social Security number which you do not have to give. And -- the gun dealer who picks up -- phone calls the FBI is the number they have there. Or gets at his computer puts -- information that goes directly to the system. 92%. Of the time. Within less than three -- The gun dealer. Pops up on his screener told by an agent. That in fact. -- Or go forward. It doesn't say deny. Because the guy's wife beater it doesn't say did not examine adjudicated mentally competent it doesn't say did not. Because they want to buy certain weapon it doesn't say -- not. Because their -- just says to not. -- -- -- Calls. The FBI. Or goes online. He doesn't even say what kind of gone deep prospective purchaser wants to -- There is no record. -- -- -- Not being told. That you can sell that got. The FBI must destroy. The information. -- -- -- The address. Country of birth that -- it must be destroyed. There is no record kept. In some big database. No information. About the perspective they don't even know what -- actually purchased the gun. The issue may go up and say this is the -- -- want to buy what you're decks. And as you do your background check your wife -- a -- we can't afford that. You know by -- so they don't even know what you're actually purchased it. All -- senses. To this person wants to buy. Firearms sold in your story you're allowed to sell to. Period. You know Obama. The fact is that. Even if it's approved. Again. No workers -- and -- workers kept your quest. There's never been any record -- what weapon. What can you bought. There's no central registry. If the gun is approved to purchase. The dealer -- lets the information about the gun. And keeps afford this were caught -- -- a file. In -- -- They got to keep it for twenty years. Remember 58000. Of these gun -- And if we make -- universal. -- probably -- 150000. Places where this has to be kept. Scattered. All over the nation. No central registry for anything. No away. And Uncle Sam could go find out. Where there you own -- -- Because we're about to really take away all your rights and you're gonna -- -- able to defend yourself we're gonna swooped down -- special forces folks in gather up every gun in America. It's bizarre. The -- be sold out there. All -- suggestion is re able to. Add to the existing system no information. I think -- -- and I need -- anymore information that is. But we say that everybody who wants to buy a gun. Ought to give the -- -- security knowing they're not -- -- some crazy guy. For felon. In the community ought to know. It's not been sold. To a or -- Today those background checks only -- 60% of the gun purchases. The other 40% -- bought online flea markets gun shows private transactions. There's no check. Nor do you yourself it's. Look the reason -- -- -- this it doesn't violate anyone's constitutional right. It doesn't have any impact on your Second Amendment right. It just doesn't. Do anything that's not already being done. Nothing. -- -- So what makes sense from Rita walk into Dick's Sporting Goods store. In Wilmington Delaware. And have to fill -- form. Before I can -- my shock and doesn't make sense for me if I'm gonna walk across the field on the other side of the Concord pike where there's a gun show going on. -- do the same city. What's different. What is a difference. What is the logic. Why should I be able to go online. And by the same gun. That have to get a background check for to barred from any of the 58000 licensed dealers. Where's the logic in that. Folks this week congress will have a chance to vote on common sense measures that will make our cities and states neighbors. More safe -- there Tuesday. That will diminish the prospect. That our loved ones will be the victims of gun violence. Senator boxer has an underlying bill that says that about school safety it passed out overwhelmingly out of the committee. Senator Leahy as -- gun trafficking the attorney general rotor. Helped him with that says we're gonna be able to identify those people or folks selling illegal guns in the straw purchase. Senator Schumer. Has a background check bill. That says she got to get a background check is essentially universal was no reason why these things should be economy in addition. Senator Feinstein has an amendment to prohibit -- weapons of war being sold on the streets should be able resold there's no question the constitutionality by the way of her commitment. Even just escalated as a brilliant conservative mind in the court pointed out the government has the right to prohibit the sale of certain types of weapons. Is constitutionally. Permitted. Senator Feinstein as an amendment to keep those weapons of war off the streets. -- -- -- -- -- All of these are basic common sense things they -- deserve a vote. There's so much more we can talk about which I'm not going to but. But now I have today but it's time to stand up it's time for these guys to stand up and be counted stand up so they can not only -- the NRA India. People say what -- -- -- -- say the NRA. I ask questions port what -- -- seems most parents. Look them in the off. -- -- you concluded there's not. -- you can do. -- obligation to try. We know if we do the things we're talking about we will save lives. You've all seen the urgency of this issue. And you know what we have to do. That's why we need your voices again in this week's tell the congress didn't act. -- -- time. I'm so convinced that. Those folks who -- trying to stop any action. Are in a time work. Just like. You know immigration has moved beyond where people were twenty years ago the issue. Just like other things move beyond this gun issues move beyond. Where was five. -- Even three years ago. You are most. Our most valuable lessons. You're the most respected people in the community. You all are the ones that. I think the members of congress -- want to look at me. He noticed whenever they run health talk about how -- level and I love you. They want to be seen with you. Because your credibility. So I thank you for being here. And I urge you. To welcome me. -- -- -- And Aniston. Tell me why. Tell me whose rights are being violated. By any of the things we've talked about. You know the statistics we know in places where there is universal background checks in states. The number domestic violence murders is down the number of incidents of gun violence is down. -- works. Doesn't solve all the problems but it marks. -- always been there with us and everyone is tough issues. I promise you we are going to win this -- We are going to win this. This is not going away. This is not one of these votes if they block a vote that somehow we're gonna go away. The American public will not stand for. -- will not stand for. So please make your voices heard like you always do and again. Thank you and may god protect you all in the line of duty. You are incredible group of people thank you for. Speaking before members of the law enforcement they're making the push for stricter gun legislation including background checks on gun sales -- Time magazine capacity. Last night. -- President Obama was in Connecticut not far from the sandy hook elementary school making his own voice heard and flying relatives of those killed in that massacre to Washington aboard Air Force One. And this morning. Those family members met with their state senators just as congress is preparing for possible vote on this legislation. Republicans. They are turning to prevent a vote at all calling for a filibuster. Although influential Republicans Senator John McCain -- senator Lindsey Graham to the filibuster. Would be a big mistake on the issue. We have a full report on -- gun control is front and center in Washington. For now this has been an ABC news special report. I'm -- Cutler in New York. Assistant special with the from in the ABC news now.

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