Joe Biden Joins Obama in Scranton, PA, after Son's Hospitalization

Biden makes first appearance following son Beau's medical visit for weakness.
17:59 | 08/23/13

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Transcript for Joe Biden Joins Obama in Scranton, PA, after Son's Hospitalization
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello I'm tired Hernandez in new York and this is an ABC news digital special report you -- taking a look there at Joseph Biden the vice president. On the road at lackawanna college in Scranton Pennsylvania he's introducing the president and his first -- -- -- to -- since his son. A Houston hospital with a health -- listen in vice president Joseph Biden followed by the press. Conviction. That if you give ordinary folks a fighting chance. They can do do extraordinary things well. Absolute conviction. -- -- -- -- Raised about twenty blocks -- -- my absolute conviction. That the middle class. Is -- made this country today what built this country and what binds together -- my certain knowledge. That people grow up -- neighborhood like this would want Hydro parents -- Pet dreams just as bait. Just an expensive and just as a comfortable. As any place in the world. As I said Mr. President. Blocks from the -- we -- today and I can tell you. There wasn't a mom -- dad might never heard great grades up library we're not a single. Not a single want to believe their trial. Grow up to date any thing they wanted -- me not a doubt in their minds. As they struggle but no doubt. If they were willing to work hard we could do whatever we wanted to do and guess -- there are absolutely right. You know Mr. President. Some might think this -- been announced. I'll tell my part talking about Bobby talking about my. My native town like I am. And by the way. -- by the way there's only three women who were that I know -- close to perfect. One was perfect to blesses us together was my mother and the other is -- months. -- -- -- A lot of -- ask why -- -- Scranton. And -- Kidd. -- went to saint Paul's London north -- want to ask grant was simple hi three and a half blocks from the case. And I knew it only -- was going to be able motivated -- going to be me. I had to get out of you know the cases would dominate the look. You know it's not yet -- believing this about my native town. It's there's a large new study there's been don't -- a group. For economists at Harvard and University of California Berkeley and here's. What their study concluded and this is just about a month ago. And I'm quoting from the study Scranton. Still stands out as one of America's cities or poor people have among the best odds and climbing to the middle class. Andrew -- Mr. President. Hair and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The value. That it made -- -- possible America still matter here. Community. -- poor personal responsibility. Today. Family. But most at all. The value event is held most dear by this community that was -- most nearby my mom and dad as they're raising me here. And is still held dear by everyone is opportunity. That's the reason simple opportunity that's -- value that sets America apart from the rest of the world. Opportunity. It's about making sure the folks have the opportunity to reach their god given potential not -- mistake. My hometown is one of those places where that dream is still working. And that's why. That's why this is a perfect place to talk about education. You know Mr. President I have. Have a bunch of economists. Workforce -- a brilliant. -- like to tell us that the middle class give us a number that's in the middle classes 4987051. Classes. You've been listening to vice president Joseph -- hometown boy there in Scranton Pennsylvania drumming up support. From the crowd for President Obama was speaking shortly but we wanted to take this time to bring it is news political director Rick Klein. Let's talk a little bit about Joseph Biden and the question that's on a lot of minds right now he which has a son -- -- -- -- attorney general of Delaware who was recently admitted to the hospital and health scare we don't know much about it. But we know that these rain may have -- involved in the may have been involved so well let's start with that this is his first appearance -- -- her. Right and a quick mention of his son now mentioning that he's doing well integrity and get back to work there's been no. MD Anderson. The hospital cancer center in Houston. A lot of speculation surrounding -- about what what exactly could be he had stroke like symptoms we know we suffer from a stroke a couple years back. But there has been no details release in -- other than to say that he is on again underwent the procedure -- -- -- testing procedure that's the presumption. And that he is headed back to -- so yes the vice president had a few political events on the calendar earlier in the week he cancel -- but he's back. In time to -- to his hometown of Scranton Pennsylvania right now. Yeah -- and it's pretty clear at least. Before this audience his popularity is is pretty high there. Actually three in his country you know he's he's introducing the president of the United States. What relationship like with some place like Scranton -- the support our president. Do you think this is. Exactly -- Joseph Biden is valuable to present in the moment which is -- a bridge to working class Democrats the lunch pale blue collar Democrats that -- that's where Joseph Biden's popularity lies. And there's no place more emblematic of that some things -- notwithstanding a zest and -- first nations with Jason Sudeikis -- on on Scranton is -- -- -- vice president. Vice President Biden loves sprint with sprint loves Vice President Biden and it is that working class appeal for the president is trying to channel now and drumming up support those programs I've. We have the president he is about. From the podium Rex -- -- That is because could be. -- -- First daughter might take a seat you know I'm. -- -- -- -- I'm happy to be back in -- What is number one. Is the first time -- came -- Scranton. I was invited true. A saint Patrick's. -- -- hosting them. I -- Gotta say Michelle got a little jealous because they were. You know -- I was. Kisses and -- I came home and had all this lipstick on my collar. It's also what's going on there. -- -- this campaign. What makes me like Scranton. A second reason. That I -- rent. Is because. On August 43 2008. I announced. In Springfield will -- in my home state. The Joseph Biden is going to be my running -- -- decision. That I ever made politically. Because. I love this guy. And he's got heart and he cares about the. -- -- -- But -- doesn't talk about where he comes from. They don't talk about all of you. And he understands why he got into public service. Because he carries Wear them the values that you're wrong. And the friendships that he made. And and and so I just want all of you know that. I am lucky to have Joseph not just -- -- But more importantly as a friend and we loved his family and I'm so blessed to be here and thank you Joseph for saying yes five years ago. Thirdly it -- I love. Stranded because the there are a lot of -- around here. Majority intent to -- Bob -- mom who is gorgeous and wonderful. And even watching President Obama proceeded by vice president Joseph Biden they -- at lackawanna college president has been on a road trip to promote. A plan that she has to help states. Finance. College education around there and want to -- anything from his. Director Rick -- Rick it's an interesting time for the president to embark on this road trip there a lot of international issues that are certainly making headlines. That a lot stronger than the issue of education but -- is out promoting this deal is actually waited two years schools. So let's talk a little bit about the president's plan and how -- went to your -- figure into the president's proposal. He wasn't create kind of a new ranking system for colleges and universities that would take into account -- performance that they. That they get in terms of grades in terms of job placements kind of the efficiency of education not just the fact of education. And so big that in major factor in the kind of federally that you get. He's pointed out that this school posse -- higher education costs have grown. Much faster than the cost of inflation and an average family comes over the last couple of decades. And that people are burdened with tens of thousands of dollars in debt upon graduating. He wants to make sure that the money is being funneled to schools universities -- colleges technical colleges while programs. That are more efficient that are looking to actually graduate people in place him in the workforce and to make sure you're getting your money's worth use some of those federal dollars as leverage to. And -- and reform in higher education. Now the plan is relatively new he's been talking about it for a few days but there's -- any controversy obviously from people who would like to apply financial whichever school they choose and also from the schools themselves. Which would be rated in a very different way that they've been up until now. That's right they're not used to this and there have been some Republican critics although there's some bipartisan -- his proposals to some Republican critics who say. This is exactly the federal government shouldn't be doing which is imposing standards on colleges and universities you take away a lot of -- innovation. And that's in the criticism of some of his proposals that that is at the lower the secondary elementary levels as well and colleges and universities yes they're very hesitant. To embrace any kind of national standards and rankings and that would affect the way that they conduct their business in the classroom. -- -- there's some things that the president do administratively most of the things the big things he's talking about in terms of redirecting financially are gonna have to happen. With the approval of congress so this is actually it is -- proposal it cuts. In integrate into the homes of many Americans and people -- a struggling hoping to be -- paper college and the president every time he's been talking about it he's talking about it from personal experience he likes to point out that. He and Michelle. We're still paying off their college loans as recently as nine years ago well into the time the you'd think they'd be saving for their own children's education they're still paying off their own educations. You know it's interesting because he's talking. You know your room and he's -- -- he's in is part of the United States for unemployment is well above the national average. And people may have more pressing issues -- Even college education namely just putting food on the table how popular is the president three. This is not Obama country it would it is as Biden country though this is an area of -- lunch pail Democrats blue collar Democrats. Eight and and a lot of Reagan Democrats people that are inclined to vote Republican this is not your typical Obama base that's one reason he's there and is part of that is part of countries and upstate New York. Earlier in this -- in and wrapping things up and Joseph Biden's hometown of Scranton. But you're right -- -- this is this is not. Known as an area that's that is inclined to support the president the economy has been lagging this is a couple of part of Pennsylvania that this is not recovering like other parts this fetus as a -- in the -- has -- -- that by the national indicators in this region. In worse shape than others. -- you know he's certainly trying we've -- picture after picture of the president on this road trip doing everything from shaking hands. Handing out Friday. Playing soccer with some high school students listening to people. Now this -- it -- part of the job that some presidents relish more than others ask us mr. Obama on this. It's never been a natural fit for him. It you know then again you you drawback to the contrast with Biden who is the classic. -- in ethnic -- -- loves to tell the stories get in there and set and take to gripping grin hug and shake hands. That's not be natural for President Obama that said from all accounts. He enjoys it he likes to get the -- its energy from -- he is emboldened in power from and he loves getting outside of Washington he loves to say that. Any president does really but there -- does seem to be different spring -- -- -- when he does that he is a he is of course there are renowned public speaker not as great in the the personal one on one settings although they are comfortable forum and and something that he typically enjoys. I -- you know. He's not. Held in the highest regard by many Republicans but his old friend Tom Coburn. Surprise a lot of people yesterday I would have -- clips from his town hall. You have to establish the criteria. That would qualify. For proceedings. Against -- president. And that's called impeachment. But to back. I don't have the legal background -- know if that rises to high crimes and misdemeanors. But I think they're getting parent parallel -- close. -- -- terms of eight additional let me share with you you -- -- you -- the USC highest -- -- -- people -- -- background investigation on immigration. -- So we're obviously changing scenery here very quickly going from the warm and Fuzzy Obama as scripted events two this. The statement from Tom Coburn. -- this come about its. Members of congress are only town halls across the country and they are -- asked as often happens because that takes. All manner of folks can show up -- and events any conspiracy theories they wanted any political ideology they want -- asked about whether. It might be appropriate for congress to think about impeaching the president of the United States that again gets -- all the time -- -- -- -- and Coburn. Is one of at least three members of congress to have this kind of response. It's not being dismissed out of hand now let's let's be clear the president will not be impeached that's not what's going on here. But what is going on is that even Republican members of congress are channeling some of the anger that's out there in the grassroots of the Republican Party and its it is fierce anger. We've seen it and benefits -- many different ways over the years now it's manifesting itself. In what's kind of a little bit of a growing movement that says that the president should be removed from office now. That does not mean again that he's going to be in -- or anything close to that we got a long way to go for then. But what it does mean is that all the talk about maybe -- using this congressional recess to rally support for the president's proposals. That seems to be out the window if your constituents are talking about wanting tips convict the president for high crimes and misdemeanors. Good luck trying to work with them on the budget to avoid a government shutdown or even -- something like immigration of. All right so there we had a picture of what's happening across the country Republican town hall meetings and President Obama on his road trip. Trying to garner support for his plan for higher education recliner -- thank you so much for joining us have a great weekend and thanks for bringing us your perspective. Thank you you've been watching ABC news digital special report President Obama and his vice president Joseph Biden on the road. In Scranton Pennsylvania on this event will continue. On For now -- Hernandez in New York. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":20052844,"title":"Joe Biden Joins Obama in Scranton, PA, after Son's Hospitalization","duration":"17:59","description":"Biden makes first appearance following son Beau's medical visit for weakness. ","url":"/US/video/joe-biden-joins-obama-scranton-pa-sons-hospitalization-20052844","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}