July 26, 2002: The story of Cary Stayner

Stayner murdered three tourists near Yosemite National Park in 1999.
42:57 | 01/09/19

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Transcript for July 26, 2002: The story of Cary Stayner
Okay. Okay. Barbara Walters and John Miller. One terrifying cease and at Yosemite. Found dead in the wilderness. A man who tells of his obsession. One that may have. Five months the FBI follows the wrong thing we try to suspects were behind bars. Yeah. Everybody was saying he's the grandmother. The husband and the mothers of the victim. BP. PM. In a densely overgrown area within several hundred feet number residence in another young woman brutally murdered. The question covers. Could this have been prevented. He realized she was there alone and he says it couldn't help himself police say this man can't be staying here lived out of compulsion to kill. The breathtaking view and threatening isolation. This. This is everyone's worst nightmare this is the the booking. A full. Devoted to one terrifying story. Wait to do here with the killer told 20/20 about his troubled past. Elizabeth Vargas on the quiet and it man on trial now for serial murder. The case. It is a case. Paradise lost. 20/20 begins in 62. From Times Square in New York. Barbara Walters. And John Miller. Good evening what some 22020. Last week at the opening of America trial in California prosecutors had a chilling warning for the giants and I cry out they said. The evidence is going to be how they expect you're going to remember this. For the rest you know lives and I think they will. This is the case of Harry Spain handed men who brought fear and death to Yosemite National Park. Many years ago oh boy John I remember this cancer so. Carl hooker for get a case like this 13 women a mother her teenage daughter Annie young friend went on vacation together and never came home again. Fate had put them in carry stand as pat at the time Elizabeth Vargas was the first to bring you the full story of what happened to these women. Now is staying or goes on trial for their killings we revisit the story. Including details about the crime and how authorities let a murderer slip through their fingers. Really yeah. This is every everyone's worst night. This is the bogey man. Because of the treats me. Fitting end shadow of a three. And I jumped you live and let it paddle and I looked over. Expecting to see a man calling out of the buses to get mean. This so reading tea at Yosemite National Park was shattered by the year. Shattered by the kidnapping of three women a mother and a daughter Caroline Julie's son and their young friend Selene and colosio. They vanished from a launch just outside Yosemite park and their bodies were found weeks later they had been brutally murdered. You'll are. Monsters. Exist monsters roam free. Free environment like the wilderness areas they have their way. Okay. Five months later it happened again another savage killing. The victim was a naturalist who lived in the area named Joey Armstrong. She was decapitated and left along the banks of the strain. Community was terrified. And it kingdom authorities could not stop the killing. That is until they questioned this man in late July 38 year old Carrie strainer. Quiet clean cut he worked as a handyman in the lodge where the first three victims were last seen. Agents had interviewed him twice now with the fourth victim they focused on stinger again. And finally the pieces of the grisly puzzle began to fall into place. And the FBI began to believe what had them the unthinkable. Occurred all four murders where the work of one man. We now believe there is a connection between Armstrong's murder. And emerged of Carol's son or daughter Julie son and her family friend Selena below so. Within hours of his arrest Carrie stay in a reportedly confessed to all four murders providing clues only the killer could know. Detailing how he taunted police and evaded capture for five long months. The name's Dana had been in the headlines before. K every younger brother Steven was kidnapped by at had a file and held for seven years in Yosemite. Ordinances set the first is that he looks over us when Stephen skiing or escaped and returned home he was thrust into the national spotlight. Now it was Kerry stain or who story was being told. From jail in an interview with reporter Ted Rollins Rollins says Kerry stinger laid out his chilling fantasies. Past thirty years since he was seven years old he's had urges. To kill when. And asked him specifically what he meant by that and he said. Have had just an overwhelming desire to. Kill. And track women since I was a kid. But his fantasies remained hidden point three decades. As stain or quietly blended then Carrey kind of noise in the background and there was like a threatening. Turning get the spotlight says they might march has has known strainer for almost thirty years. The two became friends when state it was growing up in Riverside California fifteen miles from Yosemite. Then Kerry seem to be just to shy quiet young man he was voted most artistic in high school. March shows says he never noticed anything particularly in usual about his friend. Until one day in 1995. The two were working together at this glass factory in were sad when mark chest says Kerry seemed to snap. That's when they'd stated that he felt like. Jumping in the truck. Directors shop into their office wall and Kellan. The boss. And kill on everybody in the office and then torturing them. And that's when Ayatollah meaning to negotiate doctor Terry. Sustain her did go to the local hospital for help but when he was referred to group counseling. Are Chaz says Gainer refused to attend. In a phone call to twenty to when he carry staying at provided insight into was troubled past. While refusing to talk about the charges against him he explained. Probably all of this happened because I suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder my entire life. Stain or went on to say the disorder caused him to pull out his own hair. That really kind of destroyed majoring high school he said especially my self esteem my self image. Senior said that in the 1980s he took medication to treat the disorder but stopped after a couple of months because quote I couldn't dream. And the big dreamer since Gainer I enjoy my dreams. When asking dreams had been to live in the outdoors so he drifted around for several years. Allegedly nursing his private fantasies of killing. Eventually stain was drawn to look perfect place for alone are looking to hide in plain sight. And that's beauty and isolation. Of your son. At the same time high schools. Sweethearts yens and Carol's son were drawn to Yosemite as well after they were married in 1977. They honeymoon in the heart. My happiness my. Their first child Julie was born in 1983. They. She anything. These were days and joy from Caroline hands over the years they adopted three more children and often returned a vacation in the senate. Foreign news and they had a great time it was only knew Sonny's ice rink that Julie was learning just he just a few years earlier. I expect better she was a typical teenager outgoing a cheerleader an adventure run Carole Carrington is. Her grandmother he just wins ready and to try anything and whining to. Do things sent me and be part of everything and a husband remembers a wife and daughter who are very much alike that look the same. And they acted the same and it was frightening much Chile was like Carol both of them enjoy life a lot. And and. Lotteries remember Julian her her love of little kids. And I wrote her a letter not too long ago and told her that I thought she'd be. A wonderful moment. That winter the sun family had a special guest. Fifteen year old Slovenian Carlos the daughter of an Argentinian friend not count colosio. Carolyn Appel had years ago in Argentina. They had remained close over the years and her daughters Julian Philippine and grew up together. Selena had decided to travel from Argentina to spend her winter break in California. Becoming closer with June. He'll be you know what is the more serious acne can sunlight and quieter inching higher Carole sun wanted to make sure that Selena had the perfect three month stay here in northern California. It visited Disneyland in San Francisco but Selena wanted to see more so cal got busy and organize one final trip. Jens would take filled into the Grand Canyon but first Carol Julie and Phil been it would spend a couple of days together. In Yosemite. A meticulous planner Carol used a computer program to map about the route the three women would take to the park. First they flew from their hometown of your Rica to San Francisco. Baird Carol rented a car and drove to the University of the Pacific in Stockton where Julie participated in a cheerleading competition. That's Julie in the front during practice. From there Carol Julie and Celine and made the two hour drive to Yosemite. Carol usually stayed inside the park but on this trip she made a fateful decision. She booked a room just. Outside at a popular tourist stopover called the senior launch it for the past two years the lodge had a night handyman. Cary stain. He was neat he was orderly he presented himself well Gerald Fisher is general manager of the seat of line which always on time very punctual. Quick too quick to step up to the to the task at hand them if you had a problem he'd be right there. In his spare time Stater like to hang out at the local swimming hole you Elliott naked and went nuts and minds on them. Her name is sunshine she often went skinny dipping and members said river with Kerry stanger. I knew him. For years. I knew him I saw him at the bar a hung up the river which can. Sometimes alone a lot of times alone. But she sustained her seemed perfectly harmless he never hit on me and I know we never done any of my friends never got uncomfortable. Come on never anything like that. And even a hint of it. Sunday February 14. Three women checked into the cedar lines. They were given a secluded room at the far end of the parking lot. I'm room that could be seen containers small apartment above the motel restaurant. Early the next morning the three women visited Yosemite you took these photographs. They show a day of innocent fun and fight scene a mother and two teenaged girls. Then evening they were among just twenty people staying in the motel room they had dinner in the motel restaurant. Return to their round and happily settled in for a night in front of the television watching a video. It was 7:30 PM. Carroll called home. And when you spoke to her that night funds he realized how did she sound what is she telling her have a good time. And the photos so that to last photos that we when you look at those photos but he's saying let's check can meant to them. An unsuspecting. That would be the last time fans would talk to his wife. Carol Celine NG. I don't know unwanted visitor. The final nine. In a moment a knock at the door. And a terrifying account of what happened. That February night. It. Paradise lost king continues. And John. Carol's son her teenage daughter Julie any young friend were enjoying a vacation in the wilderness at Yosemite National Park. Unaware that these hours would be the last of their lives. Elizabeth Vargas picks up the story as a quiet evening in front of the television became a night. Of absolute terror. According to the FBI and other sources this is how the crime unfolded. Sometime after 10:30 PM there was a knock on the door of room final nine at the seat of launch. It was Carey senior. We did close tour he told Carroll's son he needed to fix something in the bathroom. Carol hesitated that stinger insisted. After several tense minute Carol reluctantly opened the door. Sources say stayed or went into the bathroom and moments later and merge with the gun. Screener allegedly told the women this was just a robbery and that he would not harm them if they cooperated. So the women allowed staying learn to tie the moment duct tape. Porter Ted Rollins says state are described it this way. He said he did it quietly and they also said that all three women cooperated with him. Obeying every single order he gave them throughout the entire ordeal. Inside room five nine sources say Gainer but the two teenage girls Julie and still being that in the bathroom and shut the door. Sources say that Boehner then strangled Carole sun and put her body in the trunk of her rental car which was part just outside. Senior then returned to them. Strangled Salinas sources say and put her in the trunk. Hours later stinger loaded the women's luggage into the rental car left wet towels on the bathroom floor to make it here the women had showered. And ran Julie and he can't tell lankans. Then after doing that he took Julie signed alive. In the car and trolls to Vista point. The drive was an hour and a half north through the dark winter night with the terrified fifteen year old alongside him. It was at this scenic reservoir investigators say they stay or took Julie from the car and slashed her throat. According to sources Gainer told police Julie did not die immediately and that she motioned to him to kill her with his gun. Sources say Gainer told police he stood over Julie and told her the gun was never loaded. Source to face Dana that'd that'd flashing her throat a second time and leaving Julie's body he year on a remote hillside. Has said. What we feeling after you. Had killed these three women. And he said did he was. Scared. Dawn was breaking in this year hills as Dana resumed his drive north. Authorities say he finally pulled over into this dense forest off the main road he struggled to push the rental car is far out of sight as possible. He then heights two miles to this pay phone and called a cash. All right by there every day and I may be able outdoor thing. Jenny Paul drove the taxi all the way back to Yosemite park he was a 125. Dollar fare. She sustained her seemed tired she assumed he'd been hiking camping. They've been out doors doing something. And when he got in the car agents found back in the sea and has. That's being and lined them. By the time carry stayed returned to the cedar lodge that night the three women had been missing for 24 hours. Carol's son hadn't laid back in Stockton. When she didn't show up her family began to worry nobody had heard from here and that's not. Mike care at all she would call up if he was going to be fifteen minutes well she was meticulous. Yes. Carroll's father. Francis Carrington and her husband yens and set up for Yosemite. We're scared we thought that they were crashed somewhere there was snow up there there's ice roads we spent the next two days driving up and down roads sometimes three and four times looking over the added he thought it was an accident. Yeah I thought it was Mac from. Within days the family speer had turned to panic. Scores of searchers scoured the hundreds of miles of jagged hills and dense river valleys around Yosemite. They found nothing because they were searching the area where the women were last seen. Far from where investigators say spader had actually hidden their bodies. And where he returned days later to set fire to the rental car. From there Sina reportedly drove fifteen miles to Modesto and planted a deep Kuwait. Dropping part of Carol sons wallet on the street. All the while the search for the missing women was growing more desperate. A massive Eric growers are tired cold and at the creation has stalled we're hammering out posters we're doing everything possible. Francis Carrington offered a 250000. Dollar reward. And selena's mother Raquel traveled from Argentina to join family members in their pleas. They are made in America. The FBI joined the investigation starting in the most obvious place the cedar lodge. Kerry state or the helpful handyman even assisted agents. They remember him opening up motel rooms for them to search for clues. And chillingly when Francis Carrington visited the cedar lodge during his search. He says he distinctly remembers an encounter with Kerry's. Older he was apparently came out of me arching. I just came in uneasy feeling. FBI agents interviewed skiing or twice along with other motel employees but because saner heads no criminal history he did not arouse suspicion. Says former US attorney bill Puerto nova. Kerry stammer looks like the every man would have been. From the baseball cap to the denim jacket to the chiseled build in the handsome features. He's the kind of man that would not provoke fear in anyone. Finally four days after Carroll signed vanished police got what they believed was their first break. Her wallet insert was found at a busy intersection in Modesto. Right where stinger allegedly planted it. FBI lead agent James manic for examining the possibility. It could have been lost in Yosemite or some other place in and eventually discarded in Modesto. Modesto was a perfect place to plant the wallet a seemingly ordinary town in central California. It also happens to be home to a notorious bandit convicted sex offenders. And methamphetamine dealers. Suddenly career criminals and parole violators were swept off Modesto streets. Men like Michael Lar wet arrested in March after he ran a stop light shot a police officer and fled. Mr. LaRoche is. Charged with assault on that officer as well as some other crimes Tim bizarre as Michael Lar ex lawyer the local. Newspapers. As well as some of the local television channel started to speculate. That. This man. Might be involved in some way would be kidnapping of these women in Yosemite also arrested it was Laura looks half brother 32 year old Eugene Rufus dykes on a parole violation. Dyson spent more than half his adult life in prison for a variety of violent crime is Lar wiccan dikes seem to fit the profile of possible killers. And most critically sources tell when he twenty that while in jail dikes actually confessed. To killing Carol Sunday in Yosemite. In addition microscopic fibers taken from dykes is truck matched those from the pink hotel blanket in which Julie was wrapped. Boehner later talked with reporter Ted Rollins. I asked him as a war we feeling at that time. When you realize that the FBI was looking in a different direction and he said he was dumbfounded. With the focus now safely away from the cedar lodge carry skater drove three hours to a familiar place. The Laguna del sol. Nudist colony he said that the police had been dollar down can you send me and they had questioned him. And that there was this please crawling all over the place and he had to get out of there. But while Kerry stain it was out of the spotlight increasingly anguished family members were seeking out the media to publicize their search. Is somebody has had to see some of those something's gone on they can't just disappear. This is my first born. My wife have been married for 21 years and you know it's just imagine what it's like. Love. After nearly two weeks passed with no word of the women. The FBI's James manic sat the family down he told me that it's very unlikely that we'll find anybody alive. What was it like him it's pretty shocking. Can you allow yourself to contemplate that there's always that fear there. The war we never gave up hope. At all until. The car was found. I desperately needed break in a month long search well about two hours north of the original search area the car was the first real break. Jim powers was hunting when he stumbled upon it. I'd put my hand on a child to bend down pick up the license plate. The other and you can look who's the backseat was burned out an agency read activist is too big hump of. Ashe's we have recovered two bodies. From the trunk of the vehicle. No identification has been made. I know that they began in that. My catalyst to. And yes. Just felt. A week later -- help polo says intuition was confirmed. It was her daughter still V neck in the trunk and Carol silent but the father. The feel terrible. I'm both the it. Yeah. Give me. Near the abandoned car police found that -- filled with pictures of the last days of the women's lines. Now the family had just one faint hope that just maybe Julie was still alive. But that hopes soon faded the FBI received an anonymous handwritten letter on a sheet of notebook paper. Point one is learned it contained a single ponting RA is and a map that led authorities to this reservoir. And Julie's body earlier this afternoon. Investigators discovered the body of a homicide victim days later the families made a painful journey. That was one of the hardest parts was going up to where her body was found. Was a beautiful spot. There and just to thank you are being alone a week from from her mom and Selena. And wondering what happened in its. Karen. Several parolees connected to a man of great have been dubbed. Potential suspects threw well whispering their continue to be reports in the media that the prime suspects were part of that band of criminals from Modesto. And authorities assure the public the suspects were in custody. But three months after the women's disappearance charges had yet to be filed. We thought the suspects were behind bars. And period that he was safe. With the Yosemite tourists season now approaching Kerry Gainer was back at work and the cedar lines. Skinny dipping once again in them are said Ritter. I figured it like one of us. Trying to beat the heat. And maybe he lived. Watching that I don't know. Yeah. It wasn't typical July evening in Yosemite park. When authorities say Carrie stay here and captured a young woman named Joey Armstrong. She was beautiful a teacher a romantic. Eager to create a life amid uses remedies magnificent granite peaks. We are. Senators by himself walking when Joey Armstrong. Appeared in front of it engaged during conversation. He realized she was there alone. And he says he couldn't help himself. When we come back that young woman fights for her life. And has struggled becomes the turning point in this stumbling murder investigation. Stay with us. There are guys who must continue. Once again. We really turned out to Yosemite national talk. And the story of the kidnapping and murder three women to Wear vacationing there. As Elizabeth Vargas continues police and the families of the victims believe that the suspects us safely behind bars. Until. Another young woman comes face to face. The victim. It seems like an idyllic setting this isolated cabin in the heart of Yosemite National Park. Over the past few weeks have been a peaceful home to Gillian Armstrong yeah. Let nothing could have prepared her for what happened on July 21 to. The attack came quickly and brutally say investigators. And things would not go as the killer planned real. Gillian Armstrong he said and I was very combative she put up a fight. Julie Armstrong had always been a fighter says her mother Leslie I hit only his marvel. At. How courageous he was and how strong she was and how brave she was done at the age of 26 Jolie was gaining strength and knowledge in Yosemite park. She left teaching children everything she knew about the environment. For Chile there was more to living here than appreciating nature and she wanted to master engine. And recently she climbed an ice covered mountains and scaled Yosemite imposing granite peak L cabbie ten. In July she pushed herself once more taking an emergency first aid class from on the way home to Yosemite when she passed a bad accident. And called her mother. Than mom. I just signed an accident. And it didn't stop. You think god will forgive me this. Case. Yes he will. And that was my last conversation with their. Sources say this is what unfolded here and Gillian Armstrong's cabinet hot July afternoon and she lived with the boyfriend but he was away and Joey was alone. Entertainer pulled out a knife and Jolie Armstrong bought back so furiously and that she cut staying or leaving a trail of evidence. But after a few minutes and Joey was overpowered. Staying are bound and gagged her and forced her into this trap. This vehicle now moving somehow amazingly. Joey managed to throw herself out the window and still down she began to run for her life through the investigators say state or stopped his truck and chase Julie down and it was then that stay her in just his night to slash jellies throat so violently. She was. We discovered her body in about 1 PM on Thursday July 22. In a densely overgrown area within several hundred feet cover residence. You know in your own personal life you have said many times before. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child. You don't believe it to you don't believe it's her. You can't keep going no no. Still the FBI made no connection to the murders five months earlier of Caroline Julie Sunday and still being a polo so. This time as authorities fanned out in search of the killer they had clues including tire tracks matching those from stingers truck which was seen. In the area. One day after Jolie Armstrong's murder officers encountered a man sitting naked by the percent river it was carry stain her. Officers confiscated his knapsack they had yet to find Julie's head and feared it might be inside. Instead they found a book called black lightning and best selling paperback about a series of gruesome slashing murders. Dana was questioned twice that day but once again with allowed to go free. There's still wasn't enough evidence to detain him. But by the next day authorities were growing more suspicious and would carry stained or didn't show up for work for the first time in a year and a half. They put out a be on the lookout alert. As he had months earlier and carry staying or sought refuge in and the Laguna del sol nudist resort. Thanks so things are not so out now I decide to pack up my stuff that fact and I'm headed north. The next morning July 24 resident Jan Ronnie was up early the first thing I saw at 7 o'clock. Where's his name on the television. I immediately picked up the phone called FBI and told them that I would this person lives. We have detained in individual for questioning. In connection with the murder stain was accused of Jolie Armstrong's murder. But within hours he confessed to all four killings shocking the FBI and everyone else. We do not believe that there is anyone else. Out there. In connection. With these murders. It was a stunning twist instead of that Motley band of criminals behind bars in Modesto complete with an alleged confession and fiber evidence. It was now the Specter of one serial killer. He was the handyman with no criminal record looking quietly in the background all along. When Carrie stairs confessed I was pretty surprised because. We thought that three or four people. In custody where that people in pennant. Within hours there were stinging charges the FBI had botched the case that Stater had cleverly manipulated authorities for five months. And even more disturbing that the murder of Joey Armstrong could have been prevented. I've asked myself whether we could have done anything differently that might have prevented the murder of Joey Armstrong. A struggle with that issue for the last 24 hours and continue to do so. I think the FBI is gonna have to take a look how they went about this investigation. And I would hope that one of the things that they would tell their agents is locked. Criminals aren't necessarily a group of people who look a particular way. People who commit murders. Don't necessarily look like. Murderers. But how for five months did carry skater managed to elude one of the largest manhunts in California history. 22 when he is learned some details for example sources say that stinger got the idea for writing a letter full of false clues. Leading the FBI at a Julie's body by watching a documentary about the unabomber. And sources say that stain or had someone else provide him with a saliva sample that he later used to seal the envelope and affix the stamps. Creating a trail of false DNA evidence. Reporter Ted Ron says that Boehner told him if it hadn't been for Joey Armstrong. The killing would have continued. To. I asked him if he would have kept killing if he wasn't Carney said definitely no I would've killed until I was either caught or killed myself. There may be no simple answer why Kerry stain her became an alleged serial killer but there are clues. He felt as though laden. Look lot of ways he was a victim like it was a tortured existence. Then he was fighting these feelings and doing the best he could to fight these feelings. In his phone call to 20/20 Cary senior would not talk specifically about his case but he did provide these details. When he was growing up he said he wasn't beaten north psychologically abused but he did say that is compulsions had quote then with me since I was a small child. And there was one final episode in carries dangerous past that could explain why he was different why he may have wanted to stand alone in this spot. Life. Can we stay in her own brother had been there himself. Stephens Dana had been kidnapped at age seven by sexual predator and imprisoned in all places the Yosemite area. When Stephen escaped after seven years of captivity his triumphant return home in 1980 was a mixed blessing for carrying all they. It's and went through his brother when he came back. And carry out probably had. Jealousy there where. You know I am I'm right here you know I'm here sent to what about me this thing. Skinner told 20/20 that after his brother came home Stephens head kind of swelled slightly and Kerry was pushed into the background. At this news conference just days after Stevens returned carry watches his brother bask in the glow of the media's attention. Finally Kerry just walks away. Over the years no one seemed to notice that in the shadows of the spotlight. A shy young man with a troubled past might be on the verge of acting out a deadly fantasy. I see him on TV gets out the first thing you did was like what for the camera. When he popped out that it felt like looking. They may answer this test. Somebody looking for attention. Here's a guy who live busy invisible man for almost four decades and he burst on the scene with the media savvy of a highly paid political consultant. Stealing the headlines from emily's from Ireland. From Serbia from the president. None of it mattered because the world was paying attention to carry standard. Finally paying attention furious. When we come back the surprising conclusion. The lost innocence and the aftermath of the Yosemite murders stay with us. Moon. As we told you earlier shortly after Carey stander was arrested. Police say he confessed to the murders of Yosemite naturalist Joey Armstrong. Later in a deal with prosecutors he pled guilty to avoid the death penalty and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. In the end however he may not be able to escape execution. Because last week he went on trial in California for the killings of Carroll and Julie sun and still be in a poll also. Here is Elizabeth Vargas. This time staying here is pleading not guilty and is claiming insanity. His lawyer admitted to jurors that stayed her killed three women but said his brain was so when paired he did know right from wrong. The victims' families are at the trial. I was wondering how you could live with himself and how it hurt and didn't look people in the eye and say. You know. I want complete justice but I want insanity plea I wanna live. I want this I want that. Well what Carol my one and lose. Our children to grow up. Live out there at all. In his phone call to 2020s Gainer said he misses Yosemite. Especially swimming sunbathing at the river. But for those people who call this place home and two new carries Gainer there is still the trail and. Fear. We had asked safe place here we had a good place there. I never had any cause Larry and now that I'm the town and terrified Galen. That makes me really angry. In Argentina rack held polo so still visits her daughter's grave. This year so Reno would have turned twenty what is it that you missed most about your daughter. The physical test for us and feeling. Touching in. Well I have been big us. Leslie Armstrong finds comfort knowing that her daughter was living the life she won it in Yosemite. But the pain of losing jelly remains the damage was done. Permanence. Of this crime. Or maverick Norway. As for yen's sons he has three children still to raise without Carol his wife of 21 years. This fall their daughter Julie would have turned nineteen. Jens is anger has still not faded I don't think. Any punishment but be too severe for care textainer. If he's found guilty and seen carries Gainer faces death by lethal injection the trial is expected to last three months. Whatever the results Boehner told 20/20 he knows he will probably never see Yosemite park again. That's the way it goes he said quote I have good memories. I can just laid back close my nice. And I can eat there again. Of the Savannah. You know act carries staying the did not. Say that he was insane in the first trial he pled guilty so why is he now pleading not guilty. And pleading insanity in the first trial it was in the federal jurisdiction Joey Armstrong was murdered inside Yosemite park at that point the death penalty wasn't likely. Prosecutors offered a plea bargain of guilty. No death penalty this time state prosecutors aren't that going after the death penalty. CNN have a hard time. Somehow trying to establish that he is insane now it was an insane that. Most legal experts think he will because there's so much evidence showing that he took great care to cover up the crime and therefore that he knew the difference between right and wrong he. Left to wet towels on the bathroom Florida's to simulate the women having showered and just left the hotel on the round he dumped the car miles away took a taxi to cover his tracks. And finally planted Carol sons wallet in Modesto California to throw police office track. In the last three years accountants had set up this. This fun memorial fund but the purpose of you're offering money to help the families of victims who were missing two off from money for information to find those people. They also offering counseling to those families they became very close to Chandra Levy's family for examined during barrel ordeal so they've really become quite active. Can try to turn their tragedy into something good for others. I have on you could have been an outlet that had so far as we said the trial of terrorist thing now is just beginning thank you residents. We'll be right back. That's our program for tonight if you'd like to find out more about the Yosemite story visit our website at abcnews.com. Thank you for watching I'm John Nolan and I Barbara Walters and I'll see you next week here. And doesn't do in all of us attorney trying to. During the weekend.

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