June 9, 1999: George and Barbara Bush remember their daughter Robin

Robin Bush died of leukemia when she was 3 years old.
4:35 | 12/03/18

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Transcript for June 9, 1999: George and Barbara Bush remember their daughter Robin
He wrote so movingly of your daughter. And the book. Is is this about hurt and yes. Of course. That is our little bit. But I think Diane knows personal. Memories experiences. A responsible for a lot of people. Fishing in now and trying to do something about this disease. And that things have changed a lot. In the last thirty or forty years thank heavens. My childhood leukemia front lines aren't everybody alive today. If it can kid came down with foot arch hands that kid would. Think it would. You know eighty to 90% chance of living a very happy. Their daughter little Robin who died of leukemia at the age of three. At the time the bushes had never even heard of the disease but tried a series of painful treatments that didn't work. Looking back to him how to think it yes. We did yesterday issues pretty strong sentiment if have crimes from her milk with someone. Else did so I couldn't. The hope that's not true but he was very close very honest there she adored him. It wasn't really until afterwards that you felt the full impact we can. Well because she needed me. I mean nothing can bucket. Things to get their sect called the time for George would get on the plane to come moment I would immediately be sick when Robin got sick. An armed robberies. And never got sick again has never been six cents. I mean when you've been you're needed you can do a lot of things. King sanctioning noon. Confidence in now the great thing my (%expletive) no she never she Jefferson when I get grow up I'm going good session in things. But when she died mrs. bush says the physical pain the anger descended and so did the two years. In her autobiography she is written how her husband held her in his arms. And let her weak herself to sleep. What was it. That pulled you back up on your feet afterward. He was very very strong and it is wonderful. Some didn't let me. Now they say okay this. Handling loses a child they drift apart. Red it's true or is there are occasions where. We're you know here and we lot of friends helping. It's wonderful pastor out there Matthew lay in. 2000 years ago I remember him openness. If neither rhyme and rhythm from the Persian profane you with Cisco and in the morning to prayer. And he would just show up silently. That's. And we should change the subject back to MD Anderson. For Robin happiness was one of the pictures on her hospital bed of her hero her older brother George. Who is now governor of Texas. He didn't know a thing. George was six with a time. However graphic that way but how can six year old stand that burden. He must offense that was something in the ten news I'm sure we'd be rationing and faces. I'm sure he felt very let down and he did tell me later that he didn't know why we couldn't talent. A structural can't get that. But what a six year old could do was bring a child's innocent bravery. To all the adult friends who were afraid even to mention robbins' name. George came home once from. Football game than George. He was with a bunch of men friends and George. And George says Haas has Robin. An orb amends stiffened up like men. George not George senate. If saying that he said the notion is a better suit than we. And one day his mother overheard something from her back to life the lenders were some of her defense and come up the play. And George that I can't have got to put I put my mother and that's a good wake up call from. Very Catholic school and and I both have two boys who really. Needed me. A third of their broken tail between.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Robin Bush died of leukemia when she was 3 years old.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59578361","title":"June 9, 1999: George and Barbara Bush remember their daughter Robin","url":"/US/video/june-1999-george-barbara-bush-remember-daughter-robin-59578361"}