Kanye West qualifies for presidential ballot in Colorado

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein discusses what’s behind West’s push to get on the ballot in key swing states and whether it will affect Trump or Biden more.
2:40 | 08/07/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kanye West qualifies for presidential ballot in Colorado
Rapper Kanye West is quietly getting on the ballot in some key swing states but tonight questions over who's helping him expand the map and what implications it might have on the election. Joining us now as political director Rick Klein rate Conde got on the balloting Colorado just last night he's filed in recent days in nine states but. It's just important to point out that the rapper has actually miss too many ballot deadlines actually have a realistic chance to win the election so. YC continuing a file and and whose hub helping him to do so. Some people around. I'd say he's serious about this in that he actually is running for president even though he has no mathematical chance that. So functionally win enough electoral votes a lot of people Rodham also say maybe it's about 20/20 four but here's where it gets interest in Lindsey is that we've been tracking through these filings we thought at least a half a dozen examples of Republican operatives. Poor associated with the effort either through legal filings are citing a petitions. Signing up to it soon to say that they would be elect doors for Kanye West these are some fairly prominent Republican names some of them. Are you one of them even as it is a delegate to the national convention the trunk is going to be nominated that in a couple of weeks. So it does raise questions about the motivations if not of Conde in his circle certainly some people around around this effort that are trying to boost it. Is this possible in an effort by the GOP to siphon black voters away from Joseph by and it also kinda isn't known trump supporters so isn't it possible that this could actually. Her trot more than Biden. So this could definitely be a dirty trick that that some Republicans are trying to play on the campaign but it could be won it backfires I think you're right no one really knows what Kanye West's political supporter looks like it's easy to say well he's got an African American fan bases and African American entertainer so black voters may find an option there but you know what a lot of people who might be disaffected with all this all together black white or anything else. They might say Kanye West that's a kind of a protest vote or follow me I like his music and I want to I want us and that statement I don't like either of these other candidates. You could see people parking their vote there that that they might have otherwise voted for Biden might have otherwise voted for trop. Now the 2016 election was of course decided by a razor thin margin. In Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania Kanye has filed to be on the ballot in Wisconsin and wouldn't think to many voters actually have an impact is that possibly what's going on here. That's just it you don't actually have to win to stay. To be asked boiler to having a huge impact look at Ross Perot obviously was a huge factor in his two campaigns. It only takes a couple 101000 votes really to potentially swing the vote in in one of these battleground state so that's what has a lot of people wondering what this is really about and we are you questioning Kanye West motivations here the people that seem to be gravitating toward the efforts to to help him get on the ballot. They meet might have their motivations question daytime. Rick Klein thanks so much for your insight we appreciate it. Thanks Leslie.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"ABC News Political Director Rick Klein discusses what’s behind West’s push to get on the ballot in key swing states and whether it will affect Trump or Biden more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72225083","title":"Kanye West qualifies for presidential ballot in Colorado","url":"/US/video/kanye-west-qualifies-presidential-ballot-colorado-72225083"}