Katie Beers Found: Jan. 13, 1993

Missing Pennsylvania girl was abducted by family friend John Esposito.
1:11 | 01/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Katie Beers Found: Jan. 13, 1993
Investigators say in spite of the charges in spite of the evidence against him. John as the Zito met at some how to get a good night's sleep in jail before being rushed off to court for his arraignment this morning. He stood before the judge and blinked back tears while his attorney reminded the judge that was -- was EO himself. Who helped detectives find Katie Beers. -- -- -- -- -- -- We might not ever saw. But prosecutors insisted this is a strong case and the judge ordered him held on half a million dollars bail. It was described by detectives who were there is a dungeon Katie Beers -- changeup hidden away. In underground bunker beneath us -- he goes garage she had a television and for sixteen days -- news accounts of her own disappearance. Each night sources say as the -- of secretly delivered food while unsuspecting detectives staked out his -- What happened yesterday happen quickly as the seal broke down and was led away in handcuffs after telling detectives where they could find Katie Beers then minutes later. Katie is rushed from the house in unmarked police car. She smiled and waved -- our cameras alive and apparently well after an unimaginable ordeal.

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{"id":18220306,"title":"Katie Beers Found: Jan. 13, 1993","duration":"1:11","description":"Missing Pennsylvania girl was abducted by family friend John Esposito.","url":"/US/video/katie-beers-found-jan-13-1993-18220306","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}