Kenosha shooting timeline: Tracking Kyle Rittenhouse

Using videos verified by ABC News, we tracked Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions the night of Aug. 25, two nights after Jacob Blake’s shooting sparked protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
4:15 | 08/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kenosha shooting timeline: Tracking Kyle Rittenhouse
Sunday August when he heard she did Blake was shot multiple times in the back. And police officer in Kenosha Wisconsin after officers responded to a call about a domestic disputes. According to the Wisconsin department news. Within hours protests began in city. On the nineteenth of August we think it's protesters in groups of armed men who said they were there to protect businesses in the battered and you know. Three among the armed men and seventeen year old Kyle break we don't have not only. Using multiple videos obtained compared hydrate ABC news as well as the criminal complaint against Britain's house filed an artist when he started. Put together a detailed timeline of the shootings that happened in downtown theater is half unconscious when he two days after its shock and this report contains graphic disturbing images. 1004 PM the video shows a group of armed men protecting a car shopping at the corner of 59 and Sharon and one young man and a green T shirt. And backwards based AdSense. A little over an hour later protesters gathered at an ultimate gas station at sixty Sheridan. C a man who appears we just the president when the shooting comes clashed with armed men also averaged. The car shop at fifteen shared the same young man who appears to be Kyra Britain's house can be seen asking long was it. And officers can be heard speaking at the they've had 1148. A man who police identified as Britain house runs across the parking lot of the auto service shop. Followed by a shirtless man who was later identified as Justin. Moments later shots ring. And the shirtless man falls to the ground. The figure who appears even house continues running. Seconds later comes to eat and pricing has arrived to help him. Written house can be seen standing by the body making a phone call. As more people are right he runs away our freedom and someone seems to be heard saying I. At 1149. Multiple videos show written house burning down the street as a singer tries to hit him. Britain hence is being chased and several people when he appears to stumble and balls to brown. While our immigrant BC fires at least four shots striking few people. Anthony Huber shots. Motionless in the streets. Games gross groups if shot in the arm and appears to be holding a handgun according to the critical. Written house gets up and runs down the street as police arrived at the scene. People in the crowd can be heard yelling. Written house raises his hand while his rightful hands around his torso. And a number of police vehicles right past. She walks towards a squad car which is parked near the First United Methodist Church. This is the last time we see him on video at ABC news obtained. Written house was not arrested that night in Kenosha. Blessed lent his seventeen year old individual. A boy. Was involved in the news release issued an arrest warrant for him the next day and Kyle Orton house hurt himself and Antioch Illinois. He was arrested on multiple charges. Including first degree intentional homicide. According to police ring house and he was in Kenosha to resolve what ever conflict that was in place. In an earlier interview Britain house said he was there to protect businesses and help people. Britain has his lawyer release a three page statement arguing his client feared for his life was acting in self to. The shooting left two people dead and another it.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Using videos verified by ABC News, we tracked Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions the night of Aug. 25, two nights after Jacob Blake’s shooting sparked protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72737520","title":"Kenosha shooting timeline: Tracking Kyle Rittenhouse","url":"/US/video/kenosha-shooting-timeline-tracking-kyle-rittenhouse-72737520"}