Kevin Jonas on Disney's Day of Giving: 'Anything anyone can do is important'

Music star Kevin Jonas participates in the phone bank on "Good Morning America" to benefit the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.
2:41 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for Kevin Jonas on Disney's Day of Giving: 'Anything anyone can do is important'
I'm gonna get to a musical sandwich here Kevin's got an area. For being here absolutely is up with my daughter a couple of days against non that this is happening to act on that moment you part of me about it again thank you so much and and humid to being a daddy I mean how important is not just pictured here but conveying this message to your kids. It's important to get it's important to help others. My daughter actually asking grounds on this morning accident that needs. Help you know we're gonna go raise money that he only saw that we're all all underwater and she goes okay you know and she was. She too sentencing together so early but at the same time she'd like I think it's important it's children. And it is an. The giving back part and a very blessed my life at the same time. You know Texas and learn to us you know with our second home at a out there for very long time anchor up there six years and so. Dress you know this is this it's a little close to home and so it's just everything he can deal. And I don't want to get too much in your personal and backward you can confront this your father fighting cancer you guys just recently received it really ever again he was and luckily he's innings cancer freeze any guy. And yet not so they so it was a little bit of Iraq right for a little while. But you know God's grace and Skadden you know he's done he's a better. And just like that at overcoming spirit what would be your message that people who were in Houston many of whom have. Left their homes with just the clothes on their backs carrying yourself I can only imagine like scenes images and seeing the like the families you know and. The babies like Justin that we now after driving an arm you're talking about him. What would he do that we have you know after an actor old and nanny nine at ten month old and it's like what would I do like. News her like her for diapers for just than the stuff you. You bet your take for granted Rainsy are watching these families and it is making it happen and you know. Anything anyone confused and pardon I think that's like today's of so cool and you know just. Relatives of some of this month you know how much can really help us think well if a million people give a you know ten dollars each ten million dollars. You know it's more than that it's so much more its compounds so you know obviously you're getting a college costs are acting let me do that I think he's an attack. That lately they don't is stopped him for being on the phone but we're gonna actually listen in let's listen in. I'm good where he's from. Name giving back. This thing. He's okay. Now it. How could we not. In the area.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Music star Kevin Jonas participates in the phone bank on \"Good Morning America\" to benefit the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49534869","title":"Kevin Jonas on Disney's Day of Giving: 'Anything anyone can do is important'","url":"/US/video/kevin-jonas-disneys-day-giving-important-49534869"}