Key moments from Day 12 of the Derek Chauvin trial

Derek Chauvin's lawyers began presenting their case in the second week of the trial.
3:00 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Key moments from Day 12 of the Derek Chauvin trial
When that certainly. He woke up thinking influence. The police here is about bill wasn't real. Yeah same venue. Police so he looked and we look to the right. Thought he looked day indeed I think he's seen them and the man good when and we look back to a this. And please please don't kill me please please don't assume assume we're just so where you please don't do. He doesn't appear to be threatening anyway at that time is. Doesn't appear to be agitator upset anyway that's. So right there sitting inside Iraq. He's pretty peaceful yes. I'm can you define what an officer should do if they encounter a suspect faces act. Is suffering. I definitely get more resources to start and it might mean more resources and units but. And then also ahead EMS station. At a safe distance away act until those situations under control. And obviously. Attempt to control subjects per. Through physical restraint. Yes. It's fair to say that once a person is in handcuffs. Under U turn delirium. You train officers to. But that system in the recovery position greeted her. I felt that Derek showed men who was justified. It was acting with objective reasonableness. Following Minneapolis police department policy. And current standards of law enforcement his interactions with mr. Floyd. So if an officer and justifying. Using approach control and now the suspect is on the ground in approach control. The maintaining of the problem cruel to me is use of force. Why isn't not in use of force that's in control technique with it doesn't hurt. And you put the suspect in a position where it's safe for you the officer safer than the suspect. And you using minimal effort to keep them on the ground. Now if it did in fact inflict pain upon mr. sway would that changer. Only if they're positioning. The body or if the officers were manipulating mr. Floyd's is that ways that. Would create pain and yes I would say peace force. Soon my question is yes yes mr. Floyd actually experienced hand. Would that change your opinion wouldn't be in any use of force teams actually inflicted upon mr. Floyd. But hey it was inflicted threw the ball control and yes I was I was use of force.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Derek Chauvin's lawyers began presenting their case in the second week of the trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77051842","title":"Key moments from Day 12 of the Derek Chauvin trial","url":"/US/video/key-moments-day-12-derek-chauvin-trial-77051842"}