Two Kidnapped Amish Girls Home Safely; Kidnapper Still on the Loose

Two girls, 6 and 12, were abducted, held for a day and then dropped off 30 miles from their home.
5:20 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for Two Kidnapped Amish Girls Home Safely; Kidnapper Still on the Loose
A kidnapping in Amish country the massive manhunt today. Authorities searching for the person who abducted. Two Amish girls from upstate new York and set them free overnight they are safe but their kidnapper or kidnappers. Still out there somewhere -- when I'm Dan Cutler and New York this story still developing the girls are sisters six and twelve they were dropped off. About thirty miles from the parents' home. ABC's -- need assistance -- a story all morning and joins us now live rich -- New York with the latest GO. Hey good morning to you dead or good afternoon I guess right. This is actually the house where the girls ended up so let me just sort of take you through this through the story they were out there. Selling some vegetables -- at the vegetable stand on Wednesday night a car pulled up they ended up. Leave disappearing really when this car left so nobody knows exactly how it happened because it happened so quickly. For 24 hours these girls were missing. Then yesterday a breakthrough because down this road over here. The girls were dropped off those. Alleged kidnappers dropping them off here it was rainy so they were cold they were wet they were barefoot. They ended up walking up to this house they knocked on that front door. The homeowner opens up the door looks at them recognizes them from news reports because even though the picture is worn out there. We have described these girls is wearing this on the should hire and they were still wearing that Amish attire. They come into the house and -- here are some new. Minutes ago before we came on the air with you apparently when they went inside the house the home -- cut up some watermelon for them. Fed them they were so hungry they said they were just grabbing that watermelon eating it and it turns out that the homeowner. Does in fact no one of the little -- because guess what. He's bought corn from over. So if he knew exactly where she lived. And they win over there and and he took them. Back to the house so apparently everyone saying that they appear. To be health. It is and that's the positive part of this story but still this is -- a very tough investigation for police right now as not. Unbelievable because they do not have any photographs the Amish don't believe. In and taking photographs so they had to sketch out a photo -- an image I -- Of the twelve year old girl. The family would not allow police to sketch out an image of the six year old girl so it was it was tough on that front. Then what we sort of knew what they were wearing based on stock photos that were released. Then they also didn't have a phone right so when this happened they had to go to a neighbor's house and use the phone to call police. So there were a slew of of problems here with this investigation. But what those kidnappers are alleged kidnappers were not counting on. Was just how to tighten at this community it's. What what about getting some reaction from the from some of those people that have been involved in this that have -- And as you point the front that is a very tight knit community from being thirty miles away from this vegetable stand. Some of these folks knowing just what at least one of these -- are saying there. But have neighbors been able to kind of corroborate or kind of offer any insight to who potentially might have been behind this. You know what when they were taking the girl's back to the -- we're told that the homeowners looked. And and they saw a car and the and that the girl's inside the car. Docked because they saw that Carney said that's the car that's the car where the guys were. And apparently. That car then followed them later the homeowners I guess did not recognize this car at all they they tried to get some sort of license plate. But just couldn't it was too dark it was -- last night here in this area. So so that's. -- -- league but we don't know exactly who these people are. We're told by law enforcement that they have numerous -- perhaps that's why they drop them off who hopes to do do we know effect if he is one person multiple people or haven't police said just as it yet. We been led to believe that it could be more than one but but we know for sure it's one person obviously but there could be more than one is what we're here. She'll last slimmest what do we know about the condition of these gross I know -- -- -- they seem to be okay. They were obviously -- they were wet from when they were dropped off. Listen did did this one of these cases where you obviously. You know mentally. It's not going to be easy for them right -- but from what we're told. Physically. They are healthy and obviously back home and safe. Aren't and that has autism and that their parents and that community very thankful for ABC news Cuban it has in Richfield New York GO thank you for that as always. Of course you can keep up with this story in real time downloading the ABC news App Store in the store for exclusive updates on -- -- For now. I'm -- cuts -- in New York.

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{"id":24997873,"title":"Two Kidnapped Amish Girls Home Safely; Kidnapper Still on the Loose","duration":"5:20","description":"Two girls, 6 and 12, were abducted, held for a day and then dropped off 30 miles from their home.","url":"/US/video/kidnapped-amish-girls-home-safely-kidnapper-loose-24997873","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}