Koepka, DeChambeau lead the pack as The Masters Tournament heads into day two

Tiger Woods is four strokes behind as the Masters enters second round.
3:14 | 04/12/19

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Transcript for Koepka, DeChambeau lead the pack as The Masters Tournament heads into day two
Our guys than yesterday it was around one of the Masters Tournament right so I want to bring an ESPN's Tom Renault the I did in the Tom you're gonna be so proud of me OK I get a little bit of restarts not much but enough to have this conversation. And I know that Bryson and Brooks were tied heading into today's round so are those the top two contenders right now. They are Kimberly on behalf of the entire viewing public tourist watching you right now were all very proud of you for that preparation. Our Amtrak. The two leaders they shot. Six under 66 is an and in each case both very young talents under thirty Brooks kept go. We're trying to do something which is astounding in the game win his fourth major out of the last seven. Which have been contested he has had a sparkling record in major championships as of late. When it comes to Bryson. BB DD sham ball he's widely perceived Kimberly as. The brainy act if you will on four of physics major in college. He uses analytics beyond any other of his peers on tore. And even said that when he nearly Joseph art a shot on the eighteenth hole simply the ball was traveling was called too much terminal velocity. To have dropped in it will be fascinating to see how they fare in the second round. I read I'm thinking I'm glad you said those last names there because I wasn't going to try but I do want to talk about Phil Mickelson though because he had an amazing shot on the sixteenth hole but he didn't quite get it in so where is he stands. Just shy of fifty years old Phil is vying for his fourth green jacket here Kimberly. And what is remarkable about him not only is longevity not only fact that he won earlier on toward this year. But the fact that Mickelson is hitting it as far as he ever hats. His strategy off the tee box where driving is really important news gave it a gust the national is quote. To swing as hard as I can. And it's remarkable to see given his advanced stage just how competitive he is he generates an enormous buzz in these crowds only second to Tiger Woods. And he's just one shot back after an opening 67. Irate and you just mentioned tiger and of course you know that was though one name that I knew so house to house tiger dealing with the fact. Where does he stand. Wolf of the for the first time in his last nine opening rounds in a major championship woods happened. To break par he shot a two under seventy also for the first time to do gotten in opening round. Since 2013. Woods played for a wall missed a series of short putts Kimberly. On the first nine on the second nine was able. To build a charge gave one back with a bogey but in good position we'll have to see what happens the weather has been difficult rained heavily here. Possible thunderstorms forecast for later in the day it's made this golf course. Very wet which means it's receptive to shots on the greens but to see just what the weather holds in store for some of the late starters like tiger. Who's out a little bit later this afternoon. All right Tom or not the thank you so much here that bad. Just appreciate it. RA guys and as you know you can watch the masters today the second round on ESPN at 3 PM eastern time.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Tiger Woods is four strokes behind as the Masters enters second round.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62360604","title":"Koepka, DeChambeau lead the pack as The Masters Tournament heads into day two","url":"/US/video/koepka-dechambeau-lead-pack-masters-tournament-heads-day-62360604"}