Latest on shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, police release body camera footage from the shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.
5:07 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for Latest on shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Ohio
Welcome back yesterday afternoon as they guilty verdict for former officer Derek showman was announced. A black teenager was shot dead by police in Columbus, Ohio. Police say sixteen year amok higher Bryant was attempting to stab someone when the officer fired. Our Trevor alt is joining us live now from Columbus where the mayor and police officials. Just how the press conference good afternoon Trevor so what is the latest there. Well Terry V police department and the mayor just played some more extended body camera footage from this deadly incident that happened yesterday afternoon as that. Derek children verdict was unfolding and it give us a much more clear picture. Of how that event actually happened we cannot. Play it for you in its entirety because it's very graphic and we FT edited so it's okay for broadcast but I can tell you that we saw the officer who fired the shot he's now named officer Nicholas Riordan had arrived in a vehicle by himself and watched as a much higher Bryant in police words attempted to stab those two people sort of very quickly after he got outside of the vehicle accident in the opening fire with seconds after he got out of his vehicle and after that we saw as much higher Bryant sell down bleeding into that vehicle. Some of the citizens surrounding that officer. A costing him asking him why you have had opened fire and he briefly defended himself to them saying that she had. Gone at another woman of with a nice we also resolve some of the body camera footage from two the other officers were responding Terry one of them applying immediate first date along with officer Riordan who fired the shots another. It was then pulling aside some of the witnesses. After those shots have been fired having said that beyond those body camera footage. Those clips that have been released fairly early on in detectives. I incredibly early on. Police have not been able to provide a lot of dancers and that's because right now the bureau of criminal investigations as handle in this decide whether or not this officer. Acted criminally whether or not he was following police department protocols but. Either way I asked the mayor of Columbus who has been calling for a lot of police reform who has declared this a tragedy because a sixteen year old girl's life was taken. I asked him whether he would push for reform. And changes to prevent something like this happening regardless of whether or not the officer acted appropriately and this is what he told. The fact we had a sixteen year old girl. Armed involved with physical violence but other folks in that community. That's something for awesome look in the me years to say what are we doing or not doing how can we better serve young people. Who are facing one of the greatest spikes in violence in this city and cities across America what else can we be doing. Now the mayor continued to tout the need for transparency and specifically with body cameras which he says he's champion and he's pushing. For even more of them for the police department. He is continuing to stress that needed for incidents like this to have that footage because as we know Terry this shooting happening. Right as we she's receive the verdict in the Derek shoving case. These police involved shootings are a long way from uncommon in the united. States of America Terry. That is for sure and then this officer who says and and the body camera video as far as we can see it it appears to show that he was trying to protect another person from. Being stabbed so what does that condition mean for use of force there and what are activists want police reform saying about that else. So according to Ohio law according to police policy when deadly force is present in the circumstance whether it's someone. Trying to apply deadly force at a police officer or add another person that officer has the right to deployed deadly force themselves and there is in step by step process of navy firing at taser first it's as soon as deadly force is present the officer is within their right. To use deadly force themselves and so there are a lot of people who are reacting to this video who are saying. It appears. This officer tragically. Had to use deadly force in order to save another person. Having said that. A lot of activists are using this as another rallying cry for why there needs to be further police reform because they're saying. In the George Floyd death which we now know. Was a murder at the hands of Derrick Shelby and do you even heard from the prosecution that they said this was one person committing an act of murder a lot of activists are saying. If in these circumstances in that presence of the sixteen year old girl swinging a knife an officer can shoot and kill her. Then that could just be considered state sanctioned. Murder and they are saying that is another reason. Why we need to see police reform we saw a lot of people who were out protesting Columbus it's possible we could see more pro testing tonight it is very clear. That despite the the release of these videos and the fact that they do provide a lot of transparency. It is not necessarily. Putting everyone at ease as to whether or not this shooting was necessary. Tragic end in difficult. Trevor all in Columbus, Ohio thanks for that report.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Columbus, Ohio, police release body camera footage from the shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77224857","title":"Latest on shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Ohio ","url":"/US/video/latest-shooting-makhia-bryant-ohio-77224857"}