Learn to Make Giant Egg Rolls at Washington, D.C.'s 'Pow Pow'

ABC News' Lana Zak tours the new restaurant and helps make an "egg roll the size of your arm."
20:01 | 10/14/16

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Transcript for Learn to Make Giant Egg Rolls at Washington, D.C.'s 'Pow Pow'
I there ABC I'm Lana Zack and we here in Washington DC levered the very first time in history. The city has been awarded those coveted Michelin stars. Which are really thing I think the fire of what we all act. Washington. Here on the street cord or wit. It's still homes at places like old school barber shops arcade. Tattoo parlors but it's also an emerging. Culinary scene. I say some of these restaurants that. Live next auto body shop. And while it may not be kind of places that are being looked after Michelin stars they are delicious though and say what my very favorite. Help out restaurant here in Washington at an open for a short period of time. What reasons why I was attracted to this place is what you see on this sign right here egg roll. This sign is. And your arms. Note that the reason to get inside that restaurant and what it. I'm going to take because this is my excuse to get behind the owner of the kitchen and actually get to try and see what does it Pollard speaker. My new friend track is one of the owners there is gonna take it back. Up. RTE. Street and I. Think. They're angry. That this quarter's. Without speak. It that you. Being outside after. Almost like that train stations products out there. That doing the subway tiles in the back in the using. Subway signs and stuff like that some kind of to go in and with that I got my buddy keep consulates it is Euro area. And we talk. Joie here we do. Some punk rock bands black flag and that Marines had a biblical pace behind it. And behind sprayed with coffee to make it look old in the college scratched him up stuff and and this is your time. It's fantastic but the real star eye injury. I just point out some of the things that are out. This spring immediately watermelon bill greatly in eagle over. Signature green. With broken fortune cookies which we the Pittsburgh public and he replies the new pat. That's brutal lesson. About cicadas wrestling to jump on top room. It's well certainly. There. I can be used into the. Not yet definitely like the bootleggers do it's it's kind of like oh my that we tank plant a clinic dance of the other big hit some bangers. The midnight rider is one of on this company rules. Sticking cheese night but it's. The midnight riders record was a Tribe Called Quest workers lose their records yet. Life dogged died just recently some kind of name April after them. Seriously. How cool is that play. It's wait let me think which of those for the giant egg well. Car. Just in Kenya at night and only think let me say. On the vegetarians that this could stick with my fear which is not chicken and an applicant she that we put in it. Through it again. Deference to me. We're going with me yeah. In the name or honor it is the night around with. I think there and I do it that. This warehouse packed church. Seriously the little bit of rice in there. It is the most delicious right I don't know what they put in it besides crack cocaine that makes it taste so good I think there's also a little bit of Coke. The so eerie coming back. All right coming down the microphone for a second and wants me it. History is. Its stake. Cabbage. On this here's our tattered jeans this is up people carrots and the sorry wrong. It is our IE. Tell me. I. Larry it. Yeah. Mary. We do retire it. It. That's and its name. Have a massive. As reasons. This thing I share your math. The burritos and a girl so that works out very nicely. I think is already season with. Yeah I think that you won't have all that. Is that if you are right now would like I didn't I didn't have a right does what it more that's where. We're and it's really well after you get here. The statement. Now the state it looks like it's already collapsed yet they eat some of the state just right now actually. Done. It with my left hand mind. It. Oh yeah in the. It's. It's. You know some reasonable hour that we definitely. Mary Barry Sears we possibly. Eyewitness News we have Apple's case here later. And I wanted to do something that was ridiculous this is I don't know. It ridiculous idea. I think all would be let me. With the check. Right in my mom that ever athletic. The main cabin settlement that's but. There she McDonald creek. Pretty tight here I have been around. An elegant speak up fabric here delicious. Things that you're doing the things aren't you yeah. Paragon Nicklas. Act it's time when. Now let them what is fit them seasoning that. Degrees. Out. And she. The pineapple confused with us at that. And I put in some of these carrots and tactical equipment he's not infinite it. Elephant. So everything is already cooked seasoned it yet. That Kendall. All right that was made me. He's very compact you know it's all right. The way of romance. These are extra large raptors. I really. Even open. Five months. Via activist. Six months barred doors. And we were talking in introduction about DC being awarded Michelin starred for the first time ever. Many activists yeah when you got as many architects got out and they realize of course that. Yeah I think. And apples and it's. Like many I got I got very lucky actually I out. We've been restoration. Months ago my partners are now and he absolutely. Unit. Yeah we're. Here but we'll eight lost it within minutes. Ingredient yeah. Like them. Lines tight. Client little girl here and now he told me. We aren't allowed to us we need to actually break away for a that is flu this secret stuff going on etiquette. And explain to the folks at home want because we're committed to investigative journalism signing of the trip. But it's actually think. Like that there's. This was so my partner Steve. His family it's 87. Did you have for years so would first have yet hero like we're gonna get this department probably has no experience what we know exactly storm. But none of that stuff matters meaning it silences lots. Variables and if she is quite active on this things from this point. Eventually her that there's there are other restaurants that that are trying to do what you. Yes. Are that we're gonna we're in the breakaway let him do his man yet. But it was a chance to talk to some folks who are actually doing. Actually I see Steve. Is the partner that Sharkey was just talking about who grew up actually in a Chinese restaurants. Safety. And good so we just actually Sharkey was just talking about how you grew up with it's. Moving back abatement and back up at. Are you grew up in the tiny dress drive. Not unlike myself like. Learning how to raffia. Have your parents tried her girls here. Yeah definitely we're first opened acumen and tried vandals tried all the food and they think eighty valuable he backer critical. And it's it's weird because their old school and you know like being owned the first generation here. From China they got very. It's deceiving views. Chinese through. And our pop powers not exactly you know traditional Chinese. Not exactly crack head rolls you know show for themselves so there's definitely kind of critical but also helpful. Went and your mom. But super eating for a world. Definitely counties are these are a little crazy. You know little two got a box for but you know that's the kind of the direction that we're trying to go way. Kind of mixing fusion of different cuisines and try to do something more interest in taking traditional classics but also putting in new spin on them. And try to get some. It's a good. People intrusive and it. Now that didn't and someone that the in cities and troops you know expect not just Washington revitalization happening here. You're currently but also with tapping on each street that there is sorted it taking from. The past and and city and then also infusing into it. Creating a is this agent that's occur unadulterated in vanity but but delicious and there. That there's quite a few Arafat's on the street that kind of starter any street in this of the unique and that's how we're going for. Doing something unique and interesting but also not forgetting you know where we came from. And where the streaking from me you know like incorporating. The development of the street into the restaurant corporate food from traditional plastics such. So there's a lot of a lot of different things going on and you know we're excited to be part of it. And right. Right up to your restaurant they're sort of the streetcar stops and that was very controversial in Washington and none inlet and the boondoggles financially I ask you forever before it opened not even. Here you know how. How long it was delayed. Ousted initial opening. Had to be at least five years yes initial like. Thinking of when it was an open so now at a time of it have you noticed a difference in your restaurant but traffic here receiving care. Yes it's deathly. Lot of people were skeptical about it you know like who's attractions from short but you know being inside watching it you see a lot of traffic. From. Trolley and it goes up and down and it's really bringing kind of a different element to the street and along with all rights isn't news it apartments. This area. You know it's really changing all peachtree. And for that matter. Having it there they are now taken with the dealer actually enjoying the food you don't mind and I think I. Tell me tell me what you're eating I'll start with you go around the Iowa finish with a that this your first time here. Just them on this must think I'm here actually Anderson I gotta think things through negative that it. Most of those replies Tucker that's. I hope workable bill rescinding them. Apple opens itself. That it. I'm Lindsay. I've been here many times have I am I have that. That people's republic of these days and like they're take and it is there's Allen hunt for regulate. There's the cape earth. And then the drafting relevant. And shake it like him. Sort of like aids and check it happened right out yeah. That rarely. North with so good you know actually the best thing on the menu tonight on the menu at the I think they're gonna put it on XT it's called the yoga dragging end so it's not again. Black beans. Let peanut sauce in a yogurt sauce systems throughout like spicy it's her team really needed now are you. Are you vegetarian or B get enough lately that no it's just that. I'm right and I'm gonna come around here. This this is the crown jewel I think of out. The giants off. But I'm Mario Mario so this has been a member. To take on this vacancies at steak cheddar. Spicy kimchi and Indian supplement with me a huge Geneva I didn't meet with fund now. It now it. And witnessed by the fact that incredible I'll look at. But I'm about to go eat out yet. One of them. And those Fries are hard to stripping was going on emblem. This is the. The trolley chips Ritz that house that prize. Got pulled pork varieties spices and the. The rupture may it's it's I think MG I met this guy. It's but the angels and even have you. And here previously. Well different. Think about wanting to weary we're here. Talking about how have a we're also just talking about more generally Washington DC in its food scene how it's changed and it surprised that the people who think like. The fried chicken bar where some of them are. This regular staples of Washington but that problem they didn't ride ticket I think it was just. A state like steak and cheese scenarios you know fracture in his support but alas like a solid but it is people last like. You know 510 years in the city of things and kind of blowing up each individual neighborhoods like these pools and restaurants takes on old ingredients different kind of likely to support. It's just great and I try different things drop city now. Op Ed that you get you back to your fifty here and I'm wondering if mine is ready IC. Sharkey is is actually touching an egg roll right out with it may be coming out. The few I get to actually eat some of that. Hot. All right Whitney forty do anything more than I was promising broadly. I haven't journalistic obligation. To imagine. Merit it he. It it's a definite. They win. Actually. That's being honest about who wanted bigger than. We have. All right. I'm glad that the camera was actually RV agro right now because I was literally licking my. That smells so good. And what it is magic sauce from right to be eating. There's mixed. Nice round. Now it looks like it's extremely hot and I gonna be a pity me. You once again yeah. And I write we irate the wealthy and anyway committee. When he got to get it now. Our way. Camera shy people here out now. You know. Yes. I think and let pot put the put them. Just did not hot but. Especially those onions. Oh my goodness so good. The online against government. Which would be content I was deal actually. Eight we'll. I'm trying to just get myself. Re composed. After eating that the list is that it's right ankle or you provide. Allen also that that this one other thing that we haven't mentioned on the menu. You're desert which is also an egg roll but it's a button at the right banana. Telling Enron. Is insanity. So for all of EO who are wondering about the deep sea food scene urban revitalization is really pressing questions. That that. Up in the a lot and well I'm glad to have right I think on the I think he's so much for watching. And hopefully it's your right down here in Washington and check out how. It. Again.

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{"id":42814318,"title":"Learn to Make Giant Egg Rolls at Washington, D.C.'s 'Pow Pow'","duration":"20:01","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak tours the new restaurant and helps make an \"egg roll the size of your arm.\"","url":"/US/video/learn-make-giant-egg-rolls-washington-dcs-pow-42814318","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}