Legal analyst predicts 20- to 25-year sentence for Derek Chauvin

Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd previews the upcoming sentencing of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd.
4:34 | 06/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Legal analyst predicts 20- to 25-year sentence for Derek Chauvin
And now tomorrow sentencing of former Minneapolis police officer Derek show but. Convicted of murdering George Floyd we'll hear from both sides prosecution and defense as well as those impacted by children's crimes. We could even hear from Derek showman himself but it's the judge Peter K hill will now decide children's fate ABC's outs Perez has more. Derek Shelvin now Weston 24 hours until he learns his fate how much time he'll spend behind bars after he was convicted of killing George Floyd guilty guilty. Guilty Jovan set to be sentenced Friday jurors finding him guilty of three counts under Minnesota law he'll be sentenced on the most serious charges second degree murder guidelines recommended twelve and a half years for first time offenders like Shelvin. But prosecutors are seeking a thirty year sentence which is possible after the judge determined. Aggravating factors in this case could support a stiffer sentence including acting with particular cruelty abusing his position of trust and authority. And that she opens deadly restraints of Floyd was carried out in front of children. These aggravating factors actually are very important and they really do requires stiffer sentence because someone tells an opposition strossen maturity the way he isn't a law enforcement on search is very significant that he abuse that power. Children's attorney asking for time served and that he be released under a stricter probationary sentence. As a defense for a directionally and they have asked at a minimum possible sentence that the cat they honesty that he only gets a year on probation. The likelihood of that is extremely low. This particular case in this high profile nature. Sentencing in the hands of judge Peter K hill who oversaw a show opens three week long trial Lin has been on the bench fourteen years he's worked both as a prosecutor and defense attorney and you'll also handled the trial next year of the three other former cops. Charged in Floyd's death. Our thanks Alison just heard from Rivera we're gonna bring backing in the Sean Malloy excellent rights attorney with Cochran firm in Florida for more. Thanks so much for joining us again it is Shawna and you mentioned Alex is report that it's unlikely that show when we'll get time served plus probation his lawyers seeking. So best guess on on the prison sentence it'll actually get. Typically for this sentence was someone with no prior conviction you're looking at about all and a half years the upward departure that the state has been seeking is that Chris are so I think we're probably and is in median and there on judge. 25. And walk us through what kind of testimony and arguments so we'll hear tomorrow when when both sides make their case. You're gonna hear a lot about from the state about the aggravating. Factors you're gonna hear a lot of the impact statements which are where the victims are allowed to speak and talk about how this has affected them personally. On the defense side you're gonna hear a lot about training you are a lot about the fact that he has no prior wreck perched good things that he's done within the community. And he even has the opera changes. And as you just mention he chose not to testify at his trial he can still speak in court tomorrow if he chooses to. And did would be a good idea is there anything that he could say at this point to help his case. The difference here is that he's not appealing to the juror he's appealing he's appealing to judge Kaye has so so he has something to say that he feels like admits that judge. This would be to time in which he should say. Do you think that a well. I would not be surprised if you was to say something to that. Is there any part of you had all this might be concerned that if this sentence were being too low that it could possibly sparked public our generally you're giving that range of twelve to 25 so let's say if it were lower than twelve years. I think. There would be I think that this is it Jesus being watched by the nation a lot of people felt this but bystanders felt how this was such an egregious so I do think that there is. A low threshold that if he's not give an inch a proper sentence for the crime I think that there will be public. And lastly Schoen still faces federal civil rights charges that are Stafford from his murder conviction. So does that work at the end of serving more prison time then the judge Cagle gives him. That is a possibility with his federal crimes that could see that he serves them consecutively one after the other as opposed to concurrently which could get the same time so there is a possibility that he can get additional time. OK Sean Lloyd our thanks to you.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd previews the upcoming sentencing of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78478504","title":"Legal analyst predicts 20- to 25-year sentence for Derek Chauvin","url":"/US/video/legal-analyst-predicts-20-25-year-sentence-derek-78478504"}