Life-threatening storm

Tropical Storm Barry gaining strength, poised to make landfall in Louisiana.
1:54 | 07/13/19

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Transcript for Life-threatening storm
Along Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans the wind and the waves are rough but that's not what's making people so nervous as the rain that's on the way and it's taking its time coming. But worse it'll take an awful long time to leave it could stay for two days and not much rain has a lot of people nervous. Green doesn't stop urban street at least not usually. But a forecast for d.s of rain is slowing the usually constant stroll of tourists here and when America's best known party bloc lost. Howard this afternoon. It's threatened to shut down until Barry moved out the closet door is sorry. Seven shut down I had an insulator power restored. This about solar party rule bond and told seconds later power went. And that's how would is here fits and starts digs and Zack says this meandering storm creeps up on this city. Giving people who call it home plenty of time to get really nervous about all the rain on the way possibly more than fifteen inches. I think there's about the war all the water spraying them rising up in that he can't get rid of it she asked him pain. It is yes it is. The Mississippi River is historically high the mayor asking residents to stay inside starting tonight. Most comedians full of cars seeking even a few inches of protection as New Orleans looks for a way. Anyway. To wait this out and one. Each member used the rain here in New Orleans this is rash usually you know set up at that this but this is like being at that notion others that. New Orleans has ponds to get rid of all of that Rainwater they can handle somewhere between not happen to any full inch of rain water every hour. But it when they pump they pump out into the lake and into the river and both of those historically high at this point it'll be an anxious night. In New Orleans on Ted over you're watching ABC news law.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"Tropical Storm Barry gaining strength, poised to make landfall in Louisiana.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64308282","title":"Life-threatening storm","url":"/US/video/life-threatening-storm-64308282"}