Linda Tripp tapes calls with Monica Lewinsky: Part 5

Monica Lewinsky revealed her relationship with Bill Clinton to Linda Tripp after she was transferred to the Pentagon and the two women became friends.
8:07 | 01/11/19

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Transcript for Linda Tripp tapes calls with Monica Lewinsky: Part 5
And the first time I ever looked into his eyes close up and was with him alone, I saw somebody totally different than I had expected to see, and that's the person I fell in love with. And he's been distant and vacant from me for the past few months. On purpose? And I don't know why. You had a young intern who was swept off her feet, who mistakenly thought that the president actually loved her. She was a very immature young woman, who was put into a very mature, high stakes situation. About four or five months after the relationship began between Monica Lewinsky and the president, his aides were growing increasingly uncomfortable. The staff knew that this is a president with a wandering eye. And from their point of view, this was trouble. This was trouble with a capital "T." Monica Lewinsky gets moved to the Pentagon in the public affairs office, and there is someone there who she meets, and her name is Linda Tripp. Monica arrived in April of '96. I had very little to do with her. She was a pest. She'd show up at my desk. She'd want a picture of Clinton. And so I thought of her as a groupie. Just an immature young lady. And I knew she was someone's pet rock. You don't get that kind of job at 22, it just -- it's not even on the radar screens, it's not going to happen. Well, Linda Tripp had worked in the white house under president George H.W. Bush. She was clearly not a fan of the new folks at the white house. She viewed them as slovenly. They were disrespecting the house that she respected so much. Had you always wanted to work in the white house? Yes, since I was a child. You know how children sometimes grow up and want to be miss America, or -- that clearly wasn't a choice. To me, the white house was the dream. I would have cleaned toilets with my tongue to work at the white house. She was kept on when bill Clinton came on in 1992, but at some point along the way, she was sent over to the Pentagon, and she was very resentful about that. And so, right from the get-go, she and Monica had this in common. Hi. How'd you know it was me? I have caller I.D. Oh, what's it say? Linda Tripp. It does? Yeah. I have an unpublished phone, the idiots. How was your dinner? I just got back from the gym. Oh my god, you good girl. You hear their chatty relationship, they're very comfortable. They both loved drama and they both loved excitement and so, they shared that in common. And it became clear very quickly that Monica had a man in her life. She said, he and I have been involved in an affair for a long time. I had to leave the white house until after the election. It was too dangerous for me to stay. All I wanted to do was to beg to him to not make me leave. I didn't want to leave. I was so scared, I was so upset, you know, and I said, because I couldn't ask you to do that in the election, and you told me you'd bring me back and I believed you. You mean, he's the one who told you you had to leave? No. Oh. He said, he says why do they have to take you away from me? I trust you so much. She begins to confide in Linda Tripp, who was more than willing to listen. He said, I promise you, you know, something like, if I win in November, I'll have you back like that. You could do anything you want. You could be anything you want. I mean, you're talking to girl who's having oral sex with the president of the united States and tells you about it in great detail. I mean, it's a hard thing to turn away from. We're getting off and I'm like, "All right, I love you, butthead." I called him butthead. You didn't. I did. I was more than happy to listen. I was fascinated. I couldn't believe, could he be that reckless? Could he be that arrogantly reckless to philander with a child? I was reeling from the horror of it all. Linda Tripp is trying to peddle a book about her life in the white house. Hello? Linda? Hi. Hi dear, how are you? Thanks for calling. Lucianne Goldberg was a literary agent. But she also dabbles in what Hillary Clinton might call the vast right-wing conspiracy, she's a political conservative. I wanted to chat with you about something that is just completely ridiculous. He has a girlfriend. And I said, he who? She said, the president has a girlfriend. Lucianne Goldberg loved it and she also saw the potential for a lucrative book deal and she also clearly saw the potential to do great damage to Bill Clinton's presidency. I have a track record that I have very carefully cultivated over the years of being a troublemaker, yes. And I bet you I've had more fun in my life than most people. She's not at all embarrassed that this is taking place, but she doesn't want him harmed. You realize the press will destroy her. You really think though that they could destroy her? Well, but -- no, the publicity might destroy her. But do you want to be the instrument of this kid, really? She was not a victim. She -- when this began, she was every bit a player. She has had affairs with married men before. So, I said, you've got to have facts. What's your main contact with her? How do you talk to her? She said, mostly by phone. And I thought, bingo. She was 21 and an intern when it started. But where do they do this? In the office. Yikes. So, over time, I've just written down dates, times, phone calls. He's heavy into phone sex. I had to recreate what had happened in the past and readdress it in a situation that would allow it to be documented. The public really did need to know how reckless this president is. And that's where the infamous Lewinsky tapes came from, was her phone calls. If you're ready to go ahead with this, you have to be ready to lose her as a friend. Oh, that -- that -- I have already made that decision. She had over 20 hours of tapes. What to do with those tapes? Well, she found something to do. It's chilling to hear her draw out of Monica Lewinsky what she, Linda Tripp, needs to advance her goal of bringing down Bill Clinton. I guess I'm just being paranoid. You are being paranoid. Because I'm never going to come forward with this. So, as far as I know -- I know that. That's not what I mean. I'm not saying you would come forward with this. I would deny, deny, deny. And so, Linda Tripp comes to Paula Jones' lawyer and says, "I have a young friend who's having an affair with the president." And they see this as gold. Ms. Tripp? Oh, hello Mr. Pyke. How are you? Well, thank you, thanks for calling. You've talked to a woman that's having a relationship with Clinton currently, is that correct? It's in the process of ending let's say. And the girl will deny it to her dying breath. I would suggest that a subpoena drop on your doorstep out of the blue. Once the Jones lawyers heard from Linda about Monica Lewinsky, they subpoenaed her. And Monica lied about it. She said, "No, I had no sexual association." So now Monica is in terrible legal jeopardy. Nobody saw anything, so nobody can know. Monica, the point is they got your name and a specific. Someone has told them something. You don't think you betrayed Monica Lewinsky? No, absolutely not. In fact, I think I probably saved her life. Monica made her choices. She has had to live with those consequences as I have had to live with mine.

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{"duration":"8:07","description":"Monica Lewinsky revealed her relationship with Bill Clinton to Linda Tripp after she was transferred to the Pentagon and the two women became friends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60300697","title":"Linda Tripp tapes calls with Monica Lewinsky: Part 5","url":"/US/video/linda-tripp-tapes-calls-monica-lewinsky-part-60300697"}